Monday, September 28, 2015

                                             August 31, 2015                     

 This week on Monday we went to go try this referral we received. Then we saw some people moving so we went and asked if we could help, and the guy was like "oh the Mormon girls" hahaha but in  an excited voice!  He had a million questions and asked us for a Book of Mormon. So that was cool in two ways.
1. No one ever lets us help them, but they let us help them move!
2. He asked us for a Book of Mormon and to teach him.
However, he was English speaking so bummer for us.

Then we had some guy come up and talk to us and try to teach us about his new religion called "The Core" haha he was like, "I am doing exactly what you guys are doing." (haha hum not really). So that was weird, we surely  aren't going to help him spread his new gospel.

Then on Tuesday, we got rain and thunder and lightening and black skies and 70 degrees. Then of course within the hour sunshine and 100 degree weather.. so that was weird.

Wednesday we did  service with the Houston food bank!  One of the ladies that we always serve with came to our church on Sunday too! so that's bomb.. 
We had some fun conversations with testigos de jehovah.. uhh jehovah witnesses hahaha ... they are crazy. legit. so weird.. but hey its whatever. 
 We had an awesome lesson with a less active that we found. Well, he found us!  then he came to church on Sunday. It was his first time to church since may 2008. He was so happy to be back.         He said it felt weird but he was glad to be back. So that's good.
 Also, our investigator Angel, We had a good lesson with him  about temples.  He asked us all these insane questions... yup. that was a hard lesson.

I hit my year mark on Thursday!  Ate some waffles and burned a dress.. haha

We also got to help a less active pack up and move, so that was fun.

We spent a solid amount of time in Home Depot researching roach stuff. Because we have super bad cockroaches. So that's fun. We have so many its so  nasty.

my week

love, ya girl
Hermana Widdison

One year for me!

cockroaches going down!

Gift cards from home so I don't starve.

                                                                                                   August 24,2015

Rain and Thunder                                              

What up?
It's your girl :)
 A lot of you probably missed my email last week... yeah, I just didn't feel like having anything to say. Don't worry, I am still dying of heat here in Texas.. hahaha but its okay because I am here now and you can now jump for joy that you got your email from your favorite hermana ;) hehe (humble much jaja)

SO THIS WEEK.. We had lots of rain, thunder and lightening, so that meant waiting out the rain because we can't bike in lightening. So one day we decided to just go out and try and go teach people in the bad weather and boom Hermana Whitehead got a flat tire! haha oh my gosh. so we learned our lesson. It'ss better to be safe and wait out the rain then to just go biking in it. It's hard be trapped inside. We would get all ready to leave and then the holy ghost is like, NO! so we go back and learn patience. It's like a roller coaster. TEXAS WEATHER IS AWFUL! This week every day is around 105.. haha Texas make up your mind!!

A night of a bike falling off the back of a car, then biking home with no brakes! PRAY FOR HERMANA WHITEHEAD PLEASE, her poor bike.

Biking home at night here is like MOUNTAIN BIKING IN THE DARK. Don't do it.

awful, sketchy, peligroso.

This week we saw a lot of miracles!! (like always) 
we are now helping the cutest little lady from Colombia learn English. It is so humbling because she just looks at us and cries and tells us how bad she wants to learn English and we just sit there and tell her exactly how we feel, because its been so hard to learn Spanish. So we do know how she feels. However, the gift of tongues is real, and she is working so hard! It's a miracle we found her, she moved here from Florida and she was meeting with the missionaries there, so she already knows so much! It was such a miracle!! pray for my girl.. SHIRLEY :)
Then we have ANGEL! this cool guy ( believes in aliens and 4th dimension stuff.. like what?) haha He is probably one of the coolest guys I have met. He loves the Holy Ghost and that's just what he wants  He kind of has some weird beliefs right now and all he wants to do is come to church. HE IS SO COOL, he just wants the light of Christ, and we have it. So that's cool right ;)  ITS COOL! I think  he's going get baptized  when he gets work off. So pray for him. 

Then I would love to share a biking miracle with yall :) 
This happened about 3 weeks ago and I just keep forgetting about it!
So we bike up and down this one road and there are these cement blocks ( like the ones for parking lots.. ya know? )  So there was one of these on the sidewalk. I saw it and within a split second my timing was off, and my pedal was gonna hit it!  I saw that happening  so I closed my eyes, got ready to fall,  tucked my arm in and then a second later I was still on my bike! I opened my eyes  and realized that I  didn't fall.  It was amazing!  When we got to the stop light I looked at Hermana Whitehead and she said,  "how did you not fall?"  I know we have angels with us who are watching over us and protecting us with every step we take, every pedal we bike.. it's amazing. 

The mission is crazy.
Houston... oh, Houston....

This week its going be hot.
When we bike down the roads,  the only way to describe it like, IT'S LIKE BIKING WITH THE HEAT OF A CAMPFIRE CONSTANTLY.   that's all

pray for ya girl :) 
PS. Your girl has been on her mission for a year and my Spanish is still bad. I will keep working on it though.

                                       getting ready to go.. left. had to come back.. so sad.