Monday, December 14, 2015

                                                        December 14, 2015

Wrapping paper and BINGO!

first let me say..
I love my companion, SISTER SORENSEN, she is so funny! she just.. well.. her quote of her life is  " this would happen to me"
 haha she poured water on the phone, then all over her books.. then got our Christmas lights stuck in our ceiling fan.. hahha she just jokes all the time how she just has hourly trials and wants some grace in her life, but she always has me laughing :) I love this girl! We had a great week together :) 
she has me laughing right now people haha..

Last Monday we had a super fun family home evening with the Wright family, and it was crazy, they are from Canada, They just moved to Texas after living in Mexico for 6 years. ( I got to use some of my Spanish, so that was fun :) 
We also thought it would be a good idea to hop a fence that night too... wasn't too good of an idea, I will tell you that, well, not in a skirt.  Sister Sorensen got stuck.. hahahhahahahhaha oh man.. then we ran home to be in by nine, So fun! :) We were laughing and dying!

Oh my goodness we also had an adventure.. we wrapped a wall.. with wrapping paper.. twice.. haha we helped one of our members decorate her Christmas tree, but she then wanted her wall wrapped.. haha but we ran out of paper.. twice. haha so we had to wrap it.. it was awful. dont ever wrap a wall! but it was fun.. :)

WE also started doing some weekly service here at the retirement center.. so... WE PLAY BINGO!!  and it was probably the most boring game of bingo I have ever played, but its so fun! We get to help wheel them down to the room and then help them with their chips and make sure they don't cheat!  HOW FUNNY! I got two bingo's and I stood up and was loud and they all thought it was so funny! BINGO! they are fun old people :) and we get to help every Friday. :) 

We had a cute funny moment with one of our less actives.. she is kind of old, and kind of losing it. After the prayer.. " amen.." she just started laughing and was like.. "1 man.." hahha "2 men" HAHHAHAH we just started up busting laughing with her! but it was cute :)

We also had a fun ward party. and yup your girl went up and sang.. well I participated..:)
I went up front and helped sing the 12 days of Christmas  with a little dancing motion :) 

It was a fun week!! We work so much with members, and the young women!  One thing I have started is my personal progress :)
(YUP MOM BE PROUD) I never did it in high school, but now as a missionary we help the young women four times a week with their personal progress, so I decided to start mine :)  I have it planned where I will finish and get my medallion before the end of my mission :) I am excited!
 It's so fun, and the young women love helping me with it!! It has really helped me out! I challenge my sisters to get theirs done at the same time as mine!! lets make it a goal for February :) 

Oh my goodnes,s we had a lesson with EDU... just pray for him,
as well as our other investigator DAVID... they need some prayers!

I love you all :)
Enjoy the holidays :)
Sister Widdison :)
My new companion Sister Sorensen

Look at our wrapped wall in the back!

Christmas is coming

Our cute little tree.

Riding with our investigator
Singing and dancing at the ward party

Our awesome front door!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

                                                                                                                         December 7 2015

English or Spanish...?

Hello everyone :)
Another fabulous fast week here in Texas... but really.. so fast..
I cant believe how fast time has gone, it scares me.
Drum roll please.... :)

Area number seven... haha 
and y'all can now call me SISTER WIDDISON! I am in the only sister English biking area in the mission. haha 
I have once again been blessed with an amazing companion! Her name is Sister Sorensen  she is from good ol UTAH :) She hunts and fishes and likes to run!! AHHH :) and has curly hair. so cool :)
She is such an amazing disciple of Christ. I am so excited to work with her, except she goes home in three weeks, so I have three weeks to learn this area take it over :) but the lord will help!
Its kind of cool, the area I am in is actually the English version of my very first area of my mission, so all of it is very familiar and the church building is the same one! SMALL WORLD RIGHT?!

All the pictures are of me saying adios in Houston, so enjoy them! 

saying goodbye

I will miss these friends!

I guess you know where my face is going!

My favorite investigator, Angel

My last time teaching English class

My first night here in SILVER LAKE was amazing!! We went and visited the cutest family and they just had such a strong spirit and love in their home, it was overwhelming and something I haven't felt in a home for 6 months.. such love.. it was a home. It was powerful and then we get to go to Young Womens every Wednesday and help with the youth! so we went, and I was bulldozed with hugs, all the young women and the leaders and the young men and the leaders just swarmed to great me and welcome me to the ward... oh my goodness.. I feel so loved here. I am so grateful! It was so fun, we got to help them make care packages for the missionaries in their ward (hey, Christmas is coming up soon... care packages.. ;) ;) hint hint.. hehehe ) but it was so fun!!
We work a lot with members, just helping them and truly being in their homes! We went and helped the relief society with a cookie exchange, and we helped Sister Wilson makes some enchiladas. 
hahha its been so fun :)  After making the enchiladas we shared a message about missionary work, and her son Bruce, 15, shared his testimony and a story about how he prayed to have a missionary experience and how the following week someone asked him all about Mormons. His testimony was so neat,  so we invited him to share it during fast and testimony meeting.. AND OH MY GOODNESS HE DID :) IT WAS SOOO COOL!! he is going to be a great missionary :) 

We also get to work a lot with a recently baptized family, the Steeles,  we went and helped them just try and work in unity, and I am so grateful I get to be their missionary and help them.  Please keep this family in your prayers!!
Also, the Kent family. They are a family where the parents are less actives, but the kids are active. The parents drop their kids off at the church for Young Women and for church and seminary, but they just don't go to church.. interesting? yeah.. haha but on Friday night we had such a spiritual experience with them, where brother Kent shared his testimony and a very personal story about his brothers passing. I have never felt the spirit so strong from someones testimony before, it was amazing to hear this mans testimonies of his trials, but yet he just won't come to church. I am grateful for Gods plan.. because this brothers testimony strengthened mine, and I know one day he will come back to church! 

We were biking and we saw this dad who was with his kids, and they looked like they were going to be racing.. so duh I was like.. y'all are racing? let me count down... hahaha... running is my life... so they raced and obviously the sons won but the dad was so interesting in our "reflectors.." hahah He said we just had something that we carried and he wanted to know what it was, so we told him who we were and then an hour later, he was just so excited to learn more and come to church. his name is EDU, that's short for Edwardo! He is from Mexico, so I got to use my Spanish :) he was a miracle, he is going through such a hard time right now, but he knew we were placed in his path. (plus he works at Costco, and I love Costco.. haha)  he came to the Christmas devotional last night, and loved it. he loves Mo-tab now... hahaha so that's a plus right :)! 
Please everyone pray for EDU, because he needs this gospel to help him in his life in order to forgive and move on... pray for my man!! haha 


I have an amazing companion! 
an amazing ward!
I am also in culture shock... hahha

now and til I die...

oh and Christmas cards from family and friends can be sent to:
(Kaylee's mom here, and you thought I would really put her 
address here, You're funny, you can call me for it though. I will
however give you the mission home address.
Texas Houston South Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, Texas  77478

Now this is a Christmas tree!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

                                                                                         December 1 2015



you lucky folk :)

let me just start off by saying..
1st thanksgiving without turkey,  I guess it had to happen sometime right.. how sad. 
oh well!! 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving though :)
On thanksgiving Hermana Sanchez and I tried to make a list of everything we were grateful for. We went through the alphabet and had a minute for each letter... haha I would have to say we got really creative.. :)
We had fun, but it was weird! but hey 2 of 2 Thanksgivings down.. none to go :)

On Monday we helped do some service with the Houston Food Bank. We were handing out turkeys and some canned foods for the thanksgiving break :) it was so fun!  It is a blessing to help them.
We had a fun/weird thanksgiving haha.. no turkey for me! 
We helped decorate ourselves as Christmas trees.. haha we went over to our ward mission leaders house to help them decorate their tree, but instead we decorated ourselves and they thought it was the funniest thing ever hahahaha so we had fun with that :)

I had a super fun exchange with a sister who is from temple square on her outbound here, and she is from PANAMA  and she is crazy!  but we had a fun time :) biking in the pouring rain... 52 degrees... absolutely soaking wet and frozen.. haha but hey thats the lords work! and she is an amazing teacher! We went and taught one of our members, and a new investigator we found named ____, and he accepted baptism.. so that was cool :) pray for him!!! he is cool! I am grateful I get to work with the sisters and how we get to go on exchanges weekly to learn new things :)
 Also,  we were biking around on Saturday night  and our brakes don't work.. and we were frozen... and it was pouring rain.. yes this is dangerous.. hahaha but we were blessed :) 
We are working with one of our less actives named_____, and she has two little girls who want to be baptized so bad, so we taught them and it was such a miracle lesson.. their mom said they could be baptized, so grateful for the Holy Ghost and his ability to soften hearts :) but the little girls names are _____ and _____:) they are so cute. It was worth biking in the freezing rain. When we got to their apartment, they gave us towels to sit on.. hahahah we had a lot of cold frozen clothes on.

 Sunday I said goodbyes to a lot of the people, and gave my little friends some choose the right rings :) (thanks Aunt Kaye)
Oh yes, I am getting transferred,  its been six months here in this area. I find out on Wednesday where I will be going!
I am grateful for Hermana Sanchez!! she has been amazing!! she is so fun!!  she will see so many miracles in Houston but the lord needs me else where.. who knows where I will go?

Enjoy the pictures!
Some of service, us as trees, decorating Christmas trees, biking in the freezing rain, Hermana Rivas and I, hermanita and my cute little friends at church with our rings!!

love you all :)

have a good week :)
welcome December!
pray I stay in a biking area.

hermana widdison :)

S :)‏

                                                        November 16 2015

 life.. partner?‏ 


hahaha this week..

Well, me and Hermana Sanchez made this bet, we came up with 35 questions we had to ask people in the streets, so we had 10 days to ask all these question.. like "do you believe in god?" "do you know how to pray?" just simple question, and we got alot of interesting responses and honesty and new investigators :) 
 Last night we had about an hour left and had 6 questions more to ask, and if we didn't get our goal we had to take cold showers for 5 days.. hahaha so we had to ask all these questions. So we were walking and we just ask this guy.. "do you know how to pray?" and he says of course,  then we talk and he ends up being from Jerusalem, and he is a Muslim, but as the conversation goes on, he just ends up asking me to be his GIRLFRIEND. hahahahah he just simple asks up if we can date, because he is looking for a LIFE PARTNER hahahahah... we told him we could pray for him that he could find someone, and we can't date.. hahahaha and we walked away quite fast! hahahahaha but we opened our mouths :) so funny.. "Can you be..ummm.. my life partner?  "like my girlfriend sister wittingson?" hahah (because no one knows how to say my name) BAHAHA

 It has been fun asking people questions, and we achieved our goal.. NO COLD SHOWERS :) 

This week NORMA told us we couldn't go and see her, because she had so many doctor appointments, so that was sad for us. We hope she is doing good! but we get to see her tomorrow :) 

We were able to help the red cross do service for a benefit thing they were doing! HELPING HANDS :) 

As for gators,
well... besides the fact there was a 800 pounds gator found in a parking lot here.. hahaha
our investigators.. are just.. well..  you know how the work goes.
We are opening our mouths, and we have been able to find a lot of new people to teach :)
which is a blessing! 

We were able to help our investigator RUSHINNE decorate her Christmas tree. She left for Guatemala yesterday for a month. :(
We have been able to really learn how to see if people are interested or not, and if they truly understand. It is sad to teach people and they say no.. because they just don't understand the blessings they could receive from having this gospel in their lives. We are doing all we can to help teach them.

Have a good week :)
Enjoy the snow and cold!
Hermana Widdison :)
Sometimes the tall missionary sits in the back with the kids. :)

Helping get ready for Christmas

Helping Hands service

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

                                                                                                   November 9, 2015

30 miles

Howdy :)
We had a good week!!
It is finally cooling down here in Texas.
Well kind of, one day hot, the next day freezing!!

We are definitely biking a lot, as in over 30 miles one day!  hahaha that day was miserable!!
 We broke up with _____ , so that was sad, but when people don't progress, you break up!

We  have been able to find a lot of new investigators :) 
(more to come next week)

We had a fun OYM this week. This guy named FIDEL!
We were walking, and I told him, "buenas noches" and  just kept walking.
 It felt like a movie because I took about ten steps and the Holy Ghost told
me to turn around and talk to this guy. It seemed like slow motion. I turned my head around and yelled at him and told him we needed to talk about God. It was totally the Holy Ghost, because he has met with missionaries in El Salvador before. It was neat,  an experience that I will never forget!

I was able to see some familiar  faces from my  Kemah area.
THIS IS LUIS!! I was so excited to see him!
Well, short and sweet-
Hermana Widdison

Monday, November 2, 2015

                                                            November 2, 2015



Well, its finally, kind of, cooling down here in good ol Texas..
hahah thank goodness :)
NORMA, She is amazing, We had such a powerful lesson with her about family history, and she was so excited to be able to do the temple work for her daughter. She told us she received her answer that this church is the true church, and she is so excited to be baptized. We took some members with us, and she bore testimony to the members of this gospel. IT WAS SO POWERFUL! It was amazing! We were able to teach her a lot this week, and she just writes down all her questions, she has lots, and so it's amazing.  She is actually studying and progressing!

Also, we went and saw our girl MAIRA at work, and she was seriously so excited. We haven't been able to see her this week because of her work, so we went to her!  It was a little blessing for us to see her :) pray for her.. please ;) 

We had the privilege on Thursday to have a zone conference with a member of the Seventy, Elder Corbridge. He came and boy oh boy did I learn a lot!! It was really neat, just the things he taught us, and just what the Holy Ghost taught me. It was really neat and powerful! One thing I have learned is to really try and apply all the things I learn from our big conferences. I have really been trying to listen to how the Holy Ghost speaks to me, which is hard sometimes, but it's something I know I can work on!! 

Also we were able to help out at the federal doctors office and do some service! 
This time it was for kids to get glasses!! haha it was so fun! So there was about 200 kids, grades kindergarten to senior year, and they come in and are able to get free glasses! It was neat! Throughout that week they had over 1,000 kids.. CRAZY!! but cool :) 

We of course had a Trunk or Treat!!  Hermana Sanchez and I were the Cheetah Girls..
haha Cheetah Sisters :)

Fun, fast people in Guatemala don't carve pumpkins. haha so we carved pumpkins with Wilson, and and his daughter Allison, his cousin Melvin!! and it was fun! It was their first time.. haha they just think Americans are so weird.. haha they just didn't understand!! haha

Remember my old investigator ANA/?! aka Houdini.. haha SHE CALLED US! oh my goodness.. she called Thursday and I freaked out,  and now she won't respond,  but she called :)

and of course.. biking on the wet sidewalks and Hermana Sanchez should've crashed.. but of course we had angels with us, so I truly have a testimony of angels with us when we are pedaling.
and that was my week.. haha 


LOVE YOU ALL :) Hermana Widdison :)

Carving Pumkins

Cheetah Sisters and Princess'

Trunk or Treat

Thanks for the socks Mom

Happy  Halloween!

Monday, October 26, 2015

                           October 26, 2015

Wind, Rain, Biking 


 Seems like everyone at home is hearing more about this hurricane than I am.. hahahah
We didn't know there was a hurricane until last night.. hahah shows how much we are in the loop!
We were getting a lot of flash flood warnings, but that was it! 
lots of rain.. lots.. lots of rain!!
Let me tell you about this amazing week we had :):)
On Monday we of course had to have more cakes smashed into our faces. An elder from our ward was getting transferred so they smashed the cake, and we all got a little bit of it :) haha

OH MY GOSH Hermana Sanchez cut her foot open. We were clear at the edge of our area, visiting some people and her foot got sliced open, so that made for quite an adventure in the Walgreens bathroom trying to figure out that situation.

We also had quite the adventure on the freeway feeder.. hahahaha This story will be saved til I get home MOM :) hehe

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to Hermanitas wedding, Eight years in the making and they finally got married :) she has been one of the people here in this area who I have been so blessed with to get such a close friendship with, I was so excited when she got married :) she is of course an eternagator, but I am so happy for her. :)  

This weekend was hard for us because of all the rain we got. The roads were just flooded, so biking was hard, and so we walked and walked and jumped in some puddles but made fun out of the time we had :):)

Oh and another adventure we had.. The power was out in church on Sunday due to the storm, so everyone was saying how it was like the catholic church, haha no lights.. so that was funny.. 


MAIRA CAME TO CHURCH! ahhhhhhh :) she brought her daughters,
she is so amazing, and I love teaching them. They have such an amazing desire and love for this gospel they are learning about.. and they LOVED LOVED LOVED CHURCH :) 
so blessed //
so grateful :):) 
We are just seriously having so much fun with these souls we are working with!!
Please continue to pray for our investigators. keep Angel in your prayers.

Also we have NORMA, who is the cutest lady and we teach her, and she is just like a sponge. I am so grateful for how Heavenly Father is preparing souls here for us in our little vineyard. NORMA is truly prepared. please pray for her. 

pray for Maira, and her daughters. :) 

We are also working with one our favorite less actives. His name is Melvin, and he is just our best friend! We had a really powerful lesson with him about repentance, and the spirit we had was so powerful and amazing!! I love teaching people about repentance and the atonement. The spirit of the people just changes and its just hope. Its amazing, so continue to pray for Melvin please. :) 

Hey and another miracle - Only one skirt was ripped this week.  Hermana Sanchez ran into a pole.. hahaha

LOVE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK, and a safe Halloween :):)

PRAY FOR ME :) I am praying for y'all ;) 

Hermana Widdison :)