Monday, October 26, 2015

                           October 26, 2015

Wind, Rain, Biking 


 Seems like everyone at home is hearing more about this hurricane than I am.. hahahah
We didn't know there was a hurricane until last night.. hahah shows how much we are in the loop!
We were getting a lot of flash flood warnings, but that was it! 
lots of rain.. lots.. lots of rain!!
Let me tell you about this amazing week we had :):)
On Monday we of course had to have more cakes smashed into our faces. An elder from our ward was getting transferred so they smashed the cake, and we all got a little bit of it :) haha

OH MY GOSH Hermana Sanchez cut her foot open. We were clear at the edge of our area, visiting some people and her foot got sliced open, so that made for quite an adventure in the Walgreens bathroom trying to figure out that situation.

We also had quite the adventure on the freeway feeder.. hahahaha This story will be saved til I get home MOM :) hehe

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to Hermanitas wedding, Eight years in the making and they finally got married :) she has been one of the people here in this area who I have been so blessed with to get such a close friendship with, I was so excited when she got married :) she is of course an eternagator, but I am so happy for her. :)  

This weekend was hard for us because of all the rain we got. The roads were just flooded, so biking was hard, and so we walked and walked and jumped in some puddles but made fun out of the time we had :):)

Oh and another adventure we had.. The power was out in church on Sunday due to the storm, so everyone was saying how it was like the catholic church, haha no lights.. so that was funny.. 


MAIRA CAME TO CHURCH! ahhhhhhh :) she brought her daughters,
she is so amazing, and I love teaching them. They have such an amazing desire and love for this gospel they are learning about.. and they LOVED LOVED LOVED CHURCH :) 
so blessed //
so grateful :):) 
We are just seriously having so much fun with these souls we are working with!!
Please continue to pray for our investigators. keep Angel in your prayers.

Also we have NORMA, who is the cutest lady and we teach her, and she is just like a sponge. I am so grateful for how Heavenly Father is preparing souls here for us in our little vineyard. NORMA is truly prepared. please pray for her. 

pray for Maira, and her daughters. :) 

We are also working with one our favorite less actives. His name is Melvin, and he is just our best friend! We had a really powerful lesson with him about repentance, and the spirit we had was so powerful and amazing!! I love teaching people about repentance and the atonement. The spirit of the people just changes and its just hope. Its amazing, so continue to pray for Melvin please. :) 

Hey and another miracle - Only one skirt was ripped this week.  Hermana Sanchez ran into a pole.. hahaha

LOVE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK, and a safe Halloween :):)

PRAY FOR ME :) I am praying for y'all ;) 

Hermana Widdison :)

Monday, October 19, 2015

                                                                                        October 19, 2015

Murder in Madison Park

Looks like I love y'all so much, so many pictures this week :) you're blessed!! I will explain :)

Oh wait first,
Looks like your homegirl HERMANA WIDDISON IS STAYING AGAIN!! 
haha This is transfer number four in this area... I am so used to moving everywhere in the mission, so now I am finally staying somewhere!
I guess Heavenly Father thinks it's really good to have me biking around houston :) 
Oh my heck, I love that girl hahaha we have so much fun, these past six weeks went by so fast. WOW!
So same address.. hehe letters are good, letters are GREAT. :)

so.. onto this week :)
We had quite a busy week.. like holy cow!!
On Tuesday I was so blessed to be able to spend some time in a dental office.. WHAT WHAT :) 
It was a federal dental office in downtown and we did some service there! They had about 200 second graders come in and get sealant put on their molars (correct my spelling dad) but we got to help out as a zone with this project! It was so fun!! Alot of scared 2nd graders.. haha they told them they were going on a field trip.. then bused them to the dental office.. mean teachers if you ask me! hahaha (pictures in red safety vests.. )

then what else..
We were able to go to the TEMPLE,:) it was such a blessing! We were able to get taught by the temple president and his wife, then President and Sister Hall,it was so neat to be able to learn so much. The temple is so neat, I was able to truly learn so much, especially about my self worth in the eyes of God. Then of course we had a photo shoot outside :) hehe the blessings of the temple are amazing. (temple pictures)

We were also able to do more service.. hahah (this week we had 29 hrs of service... dang) We went and helped out with a 5k race! It was called the Brent Event!! It was a race for a man who passed away from cancer a few years ago! and of course President Hall ran in it.  (He is amazing, he runs iron mans. He is the coolest president ever, don't worry he didn't wear his spandex hahah) (and Sister Hall ran also ) (THEY ARE AWESOME) We got blessed to help with the kid carnival! It was so fun! plus it was neat, there were a lot of missionaries there! What a great and fun service we got to do :) (helping hands service shirts)

As for our gators..
We had a lot of break ups this week with our investigators.
It was awful.. literally awful.

It was a sad week... 
when we dropped ___ I felt so sad, I have never felt so sad about not being able to teach anyone before, but he just couldn't get rid of his doubts.
bummer for him, Because this church is true and he just wont accept it. 
 WE WERE BLESSED WITH LOTS OF MIRACLES:) We had an amazing lesson with MAIRA, she loves the plan of salvation, she freaked out again when she heard the plan of salvation! haha and also she invited us to her dads birthday, but unfortunately we didn't get to go. It started at 11. Then she slept in and missed church. bummer, hahaha Oh those party people!

Then Norma, our investigator came to church and loved it. I've never had someone love church so much, it was a blessing! She brought her super catholic husband and he really felt the spirit. #thankyouHeavenlyFather

We went and were able to teach them, and they were all reading in the Book of Mormon as a family. They were asking all about Lehi and Nephi... oh my gosh, so cool!!

We were able to see alot of miracles this week, I am so grateful for it!!
Cant wait to be biking for another 6 weeks... hopefully it starts to cool down soon!!

Oh my heck, this story is to scare my Mom! haha 
On Saturday night around ten, we were getting ready for bed and we heard "fireworks" and I told Hermana Sanchez they were straight up gunshots. She was like, "no no fireworks". So we just thought whatever and went to bed. The next day we had some people tell us there was a murder across the stress from our complex, some guy was shot 10 times.... OH MY HEAVENS. Houston is sketchy! but it's okay we cant be outside past 9:30. So don't worry!!  Hence the title "Murder in Madison Park".. (LOVE YOU MOM)


love your girl,

Hermana Widdison :)

P.S. My mission has a Facebook page... I think its called Texas Houston South Mission.. I'm not sure??  Lots of pictures there if you wanna see my cute face some more. :)

Monday, October 12, 2015

                                                                                                            October 12, 2015
Biking on the Freeway

Hello fam bam :)
Another amazing email from your favorite girl :)

Holy cow can I just say.. BUSY...hahah this week was so busy I don't even know where to start.

First, let me tell you.
She is seriously such an amazing companion. I am so grateful for her and her example she sets for me, and we just have so much fun together. I am so blessed with her, she is awesome. We are just working so hard, and seeing so many miracles and having so much fun :) 

this week was so fun :) 

We are working with a lot of investigators right now :)

ANGEL CAME TO CHURCH, He is obsessed with the LDS gospel library app! haha He still hasn't accepted a baptismal date but he has all these cool dreams with Hermana Sanchez and I and we just tell him God is giving him all these signs!! hahah but he is stubborn!

We are working with MAIRA :)
She is this cute lady we are teaching English too.  We felt prompted to teach her the restoration..
so we were teaching, and after the first vision, she starts rubbing her arms, and freaking out, because the spirit was so strong. It was amazing, it was really really cool :)
then RUDY :)
he is just Rudy.. pray for him haha 

Also, we had 2 exchanges this week...  
Some crazy things that happened on exchanges!

MOM I BIKED ON THE FREEWAY! like the legit freeway..
then while I was on exchange, we were teaching a less active, and we asked him at the end of the lesson if we could do anything for him  and he asked us to check the color of his toes.
HAHAHHAHA you bet I was busting up haha but we checked, and its okay people his toes were normal color, but the toenails are a different story.
people ask missionaries everything..

this definitely isn't all..
PICTURES... We were downtown doing service.... and BOOM check it out :)

your favorite girl :)

Monday, October 5, 2015

                                                                                                       October 5, 2015
Sike, we don't say "howdy" in this city!
anyways, well this week went by fast..
biking.. preaching.. sweating.. freezing!! 
all the fun things of Texas :)
first off, what a wonderful conference weekend it was,
except the fact President Monson is looking OLD. dang. 
but it was a good weekend :) 
We were blessed that our investigator MIGUEL ANGEL got to come and listen to the prophet! It was such a neat experience.
 (but you best believe I watched conference in English hahhaha)
It is such a blessing to invite others to listen to hear the prophet. :) It was cool to see my first mission president sit up there on the stand, you bet we were all freaking out when he was sustained 
(hahah it was cool :) President Ashton is a good man.
 I loved all the talks that were given, it's just cool how every six months we have the chance to listen to the leaders of this church, what a blessing.  This church is true!!

fun fact.. you can ride a bike .. well, I can ride a bike and drink hot chocolate! So on Saturday morning it was cold, so we wanted hot chocolate.. but we had to bike to the church for conference, (1 hour bike ride for those who were wondering) So we got hot chocolate and drank it as we rode to the church. We are some pretty talented hermanas :) jaja

As for gator talk!
We have a handful of some souls :)
Miguel Angel still just wont accept a baptismal date. He's killing me, but he loves the church and the Book of Mormon!!
We are teaching a family right now, Gina, Melanie, and Geraldine, and they are planning to get baptized on November 7th. It is so neat how Heavenly Father prepares souls!
We have had some really powerful lessons with Leonel this week, as well as Franz. (a cool kid from Bolivia) His friend called us from New York and told us to go teach him, so FRANZ is getting baptized November 7th. cool :)
We haven't been able to see Reyna, so pray for my girl!

I think that's all..
oh wait.. Joy to the World!!
In English class this week we taught about CHRISTMAS :)
and the cute students all stood around the piano and sang, Joy to the World :)
Cute little Hispanics :)
well, holla at your girl if you need anything :)
please send mail!
missionaries love mail ;)
hint hint for everyone hahaha

love ya girl,

 no pictures.. bummer
next week :)
                                                                                                       September 28,2015       ASTROS

Hello beautiful people :)
Just your favorite humble missionary here :)
coming to you from the hottest place ever..
yup that's right, Texas is still hot!
but hey, it's in the 90's..
kind of chilly...
 I don't know how I am gonna feel with the cold while biking my booty off..
hahaha but whatever the Lords wants, I will get with it :) hehe
Well, it's been like 4 days and I just wanted to THANK EVERYBODY FOR THEIR PRAYERS!!!
Our investigator ANGELO CAME TO CHURCH. praise the lord. haha
oh my gosh I was so excited,  it was the biggest miracle ever.
I don't think I have ever been so excited to have someone at church. He came and LOVED IT!!!! he calls us every night to read the Book of Mormon with us.
this guy.. haha
 This week went by quick. I went to an Astros game last Wednesday, it was kind of weird, super "worldly" so I am glad to have a normal pday today,  but hey, the pictures are legit hahahah
Just doing the lords work here in Texas, biking and talking to everyone and their mom.
We have this super cute lady we are teaching English too.  Her name is MAIRA, pray for her, she wants to know why the heck we leave home to bike around.. duh, because we have to gospel, that's why we do it :) hahah

It's a great opportunity to spread the gospel while biking, because people just think we are  crazy because we are biking in skirts :) we get asked lots of questions :)
We are working with a lot of investigators right now :)
Pray for RUDY! he is so funny, he is so curious, and loves learning! pray he will accept a date.. come on Rudy! haha
Then Simon.. oh man we had a lesson with him last night.. (he's from Africa and speaks Spanish and he said," I was baptized when I was three and the pope has the priesthood".. haha hmmm... no.. so pray he can understand, but it was a good bold lesson.. "no the Pope doesn't have the priesthood.." that kind of made him confused.. Silly Pope.. hahah

Oh, General Womens Conference, it was good.
but you know I am pumped for general conference.  I like to hear the priesthood holders talk. 
(the ladies are kind of.. boring.. that's okay.. they are all good :) 

Make sure you take a specific question into conference, and be thinking of it. Heavenly Father will answer it. It is awesome!
who will the next 3 apostles be?!
hmmm :)
Invite someone to watch conference :)
Spread the gospel people!
Save your brothers and sisters :)

                                             September 23, 2015
DA ME 5 :)

another week..
oh wait, why is Hermana Widdison emailing on Wednesday?... BECAUSE YA GIRL IS GOING TO AN ASTROS BASEBALL GAME TODAY!! cool :)

We saw so many miracles this week, and we are just having so much fun doing it :) 

haha some fun moments this week!!
We are working with this bomb less active right now, and how are we working with him you might ask?  WELL SOCCER. obviously hahaha so we have been playing soccer this week :) and BOOM MIRACLE, HE CAME TO CHURCH!  what what.! hahah so cool! playing soccer is an amazing missionary opportunity here, hahaha funny, but it works :)
then oh my heck, I WENT WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! hahahahahha with Hermanita!! and then  we were matching at church.. (don't worry pictures will be attached, like always) 

Hermana Sanchez and I are just talking to everyone.. EVERYONE.      
 We have been so blessed and have found some way cool new investigators :)

We of course are working with MIGUEL ANGELO.. or angel.. miguel..
legit, I don't even know what to call him, but, he is amazing!! He freaks out with the spirit and loves, loves, loves the lessons.
He just wont accept a baptismal date.. SO PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE!
It's so neat, he calls us every night to read the Book of Mormon with us over the phone, so cool!

Then we have a homeboy named RUDY.
ahw he is seriously the coolest cat I have ever met. 
 He just has such a desire to learn so much.

Then we have REYNA.
 She accepted a baptismal date for the 18th of October. It's crazy, she already has all this faith. Yesterday she told us how one of her friends told her she didn't want to be her friend anymore because she was learning about our church, so she basically just ended the friendship, because she knows this church is true... WHAT WHAT!! 

THEN this is crazy..
So we had this guy we got as a referral.. SIMON..
and we went and knocked on his door..
so that was a weird surprise. hahahah

 We just want to do so much, and just teach the world, but we have so little time!! We just are so busy, biking our booties off and preaching the gospel!!
It's so much fun!!
and hey, the weather is kind of..(not really) cooling down :) so grateful for that!!!!

It's such a blessing to be a missionary. 
I feel like I just got to my mission.
It is hard, but its been good :)
Love you all!!
love ya girl,
Hermana Widdison :)
Missionary work comes in all forms!

Wedding dress shopping with Maria

September 11, 2105

Sister Kaylee N. Widdison
Houston North Zone

Dear Sister Widdison:

I am pleased to have extended an assignment to you to serve as s Sister Trainer Leader in the Texas Houston South Mission. As I mentioned to you when the assignment was extended to you, I know that this new responsibility comes to you from the Lord. There is much that He expects from you as you become a core part of the leadership of this wonderful mission.

This new assignment comes with great responsibilities.  It is essential that you do your best to be an example of exact obedience, faithful service, and being spiritually led by the Lord.
The way you serve will have a great impact on the whole of the mission and its success. Never forget that everything you do or don't do will have an impact on the work, as the missionaries will look to you to set the standard for missionary service. Accordingly, strive that your area will be the strongest in the zone.

It is also essential that you remember that such a position of authority does not indicate that you are any better than your fellow missionaries. To the contrary, as the Lord taught, "and whosoever of you will be the chiefest, shall be servant of all." In order to fulfill this sacred assignment, you must see yourself beneath all rules, requirements and standards of excellence. You will succeed in being a great leader by being a humble example and the first to do what is right.

Please do everything you can to be worthy to be guided by the Spirit in teaching and leading the work with the sister missionaries under your direction. Remember that you represent your mission president, and more importantly the Lord, in every exchange and conversation you have with the sister missionaries under your direction. After an experience with you, the sisters should feel like they have been with a true and humble servant of the Lord. Seek to know the Lord's direction through prayer and revelation, and become more and more a woman of God as you fulfill your responsibilities.

Remember that a key part of what you do is to build up and train the sisters for whom you have responsibility. Make this a focus of your work. Look for opportunities to bless and inspire them. 

On a personal note, I very much look forward to working closely with you in this new assignment. Please know of my love for you and my confidence in you. I know you will do a wonderful job in fulfilling these new responsibilities and have a lasting impact on the missionaries you will serve.

Aaron T. Hall

Sunday, October 4, 2015

                                                                                               September 14, 2015

Hello my beautiful people :)
another week here in good ol Texas.. hahaha

I have an amazing new companion. Her name is HERMANA SANCHEZ and we have so much fun together! We have so much fun, like to much fun, it's just fun!  Because we are just talking to everyone and we have already seen so many miracles! We are going to be so busy, it's really neat! :) 

As you can see from the millions of pictures below, she is obviously Hispanic. So hopefully my Spanish gets better.  :)
It was really neat, me and Hermana Sanchez just clicked and got right to work!!
We have some really neat investigators right now :)
We are working with a guy named Angelo, who is crazy (like kind of crazy) but he is so interested. He told us he is just so tired of trying to find the truth, and he is just ready to have it. Then we are like dude we have it. hahah HE IS AMAZING. it's funny, he had us put our hands on his shoulders and had us pray for him.. BAHAHA oh my gosh though, the spirit was so strong.. so strong.. he was like,"I can not breathe."  He can recognize the spirit so well.. its amazing!

We also have a cute girl that we had a super strong lesson with.  Her name is Karla and she just straight up moved here from El Salvador, with no one and nothing and she just wants help and wants to just feel the holy ghost always. She is ready to be baptized, its amazing.   Please pray that we can find somewhere for her to live. She's just lost and lonely and is only eighteen years old. Its crazy!!
 Also, we had a big ward party with about 300 Hispanics. CRAZY!  festiva de patrias! haha uh crazy. It was so fun, everyone from different countries brought all their food and was just so prideful about their country! They did different dances and just had a lot of culture. Hispanics can party.

We also had the privilege of taking our ward mission leaders daughter out teaching with us. Her name is Allison :) she's cute and wants to be a missionary, she is only eleven. Never too young to start em, right/:) hehe 

A week full of miracles, Jehovah Witnesses (ehhh so over them) old men giving us hugs, and biking, biking, biking!  :)
The weather is finally cooling down!! AMAZING!! feels like September.. well a little bit.. still hot. but it's like 70 degrees in the mornings :)

Thank you for all the prayers :)
I can truly feel them!!
enjoy the millions of pictures :)

Hermana Widdison :)