Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oh, halfway there....truly living on a prayer :)


Wow,  today I am halfway done with my mission.

I have been out 9 months.. haha and it sure doesn't feel like it!
But before I share with you a little of what I have learned in these short 9 months, let me share the moments from this week :)


-Well, first off I thought I was going to be able to go my whole mission without having to talk in sacrament meeting.. bummer, I had to give a talk on Sunday! but hey it was good! I almost made it ;)

-We have some awesome, like awesome investigators who I would love for y'all to pray about!! their names are R and C !! oh my goodness, they both have been researching this church for years.. well like 2 years, and R randomly texted us and was like, hey when would a good time to be baptized? You know I freaked out! haha it was cool! It is amazing how the lord prepares people, when they are ready, and they are ready!  We have been teaching them, and they both came out of nowhere, so pray for them, because they both know that the church is true, they just need to feel ready to make that covenant with Heavenly Father :)

- Monday.. we biked 18 miles.. haha to go do 8 hours of yard work  for our branch president! When we saw how little his lawn was, we were like well this is only gonna take an hour, boom sike! it was 8 hours later.. haha it was fun though! Doing service and being able to get to know him and his wife and talk about the needs of the branch :) 

- I LOVE THIS BRANCH.. that is a side note ;)

- We were able to go to the temple on Saturday to do baptisms with Josh, a recent convert.. who seriously is the coolest kid. He has such an eternal perspective on everything, he has such a strong testimony. I think he is the coolest person I have met on my mission so far.. and this is cool! So we were doing family history for Josh, so he could take a family name to the temple, and seriously we were doing it for two hours and we couldn't find a single name.  Its like 8:40 at night and we all decide to kneel and pray to just find one name.. and so then.. of course it is 9:10, and we find one name.. IT WAS A MIRACLE! and a huge answer to our prayers! It was really powerful to know Heavenly Father knew we needed to find that name! so cool :) and plus I got to go do baptisms.. which is the closest thing I get to swimming on the mission ;) hehe

- We went to the temple as all the sisters in the mission yesterday :) WHICH WAS AMAZING!! we had a big study with our mission president and temple president, and we are so blessed to be able to have opportunities like that.. wow so cool! I got my mind blown of course! Its amazing how much we can learn the more and more we go to the temple! So that was fun. It was cool, our mission president was the only man in the session.. WHAT! cool. 

- OH can y'all pray for NATE AND ZACH. They are members in our branch.. well basically my favorite people in this branch.. They were in a serious car accident on Friday night, and they need prayers. Thank you :)

Oh I am sure y'all have been hearing of the flooding going down here in Texas.. well, yeah its flooding for sure! want to hear a story.. okay haha 
sooo, not to make you worried mom.. but hey its crazy!! 

Since we had a big temple trip scheduled for Tuesday, me and Sister Rhoton had to go over night to  Houston (since we are far away)  We had to carpool with two other sisters, so we left our apt and went to Houston around 7:30. Around 8:40 we were within two minutes of where we were supposed to be going, and while we were driving, it was pouring rain, and lightening and thunder, basically a strobe light! haha cool.. but it was 8:40 and we were lost!! We couldn't see, and the rain was getting to the point where we couldn't even see the curb, so when it gets to that point we have to drive up to high ground!  Therefore we found a parking lot and just waited.. haha it was about 9:00 pm at this time and we had to be at the other sisters apartment where we were going to be staying that night. Oh and little side note, we had to be at our mission office at 4:45 am to drive to the temple because it is an hour away.. haha sooo.. anyways, its 9:00 pm and we are just sitting watching the water go up and up and up.. its about 9:40 and the water had risen about 2 inches, so we were just waiting, basically trying to sleep or do something. Let me remind you this happened Monday, the same day me and Sister Rhoton decided to do 18 miles of biking and 8 hrs of yard work. We were tired!  It was 10:30 when we decided to call the AP's and tell them we were stuck, and just waiting out the rain. They told us to just keep waiting, so we did, we were just sitting watching cars try and drive through 2+ feet of water.. haha watching cars get stuck, then people climbing out of their sunroofs. It was entertaining for us because we were on high ground :) we were being smart.  11:00 pm rolls around and we are exhausted so we call our housing coordinator and ask him what to do, and he says wait it out and that it would roll over.  WELL... its now 12:30 and hasn't rolled over, so we call him again and  then he finally comes in his big ol truck and tells us to follow him. Now, its around 1:00 am and  we finally made it out of the parking lot and made it to the other sisters apartment. It was around 2:30 am when we finally got inside an apartment hahaha WHAT A BLESSING!!  Then we got a good solid hour of sleep and had to wake up around 4:00 am to get to the mission office to be to the temple on time. When we were driving  to the mission office the roads were still flooded and there were cars stuck everywhere, it looked like a movie, like a natural disaster had happened! It was cool but hey we were safe and were able to go to the temple :) So it is raining a lot here in in Texas and flooding. We get flash flood warnings on our phone all the time :) but don't worry mom I'm safe and taking lots of videos to show you when I get home! but its cool because its great service opportunities, with all the trees and branches that are everywhere, we get to help clean up :) WOO! 

okay.. now onto the good stuff :)
Its officially been nine months since I have been on my mission! I cant believe how fast its gone by. I feel like I just got here. I always thought I would be fluent in Spanish by nine months.. haha Nope!
I would love to share with you some of the things I have learned thus far in these short nine months.  I have learned so many things, but the amazing thing is, I am still learning, constantly everyday, learning learning learning :)  Its AWESOME

I have learned of Heavenly Fathers plan for us. How he truly has such a divine and thought out plan for each and every single one of us. He has specifically made it for us, because he knows us, we lived with him before this life. He studied us and he knows exactly what we need and when we need it. He is there waiting for us, when we slip and fall, he is waiting with arms stretched out wide waiting to help guide us back to him.
I have learned how to pray. I never knew how to pray before my mission. To truly just pour out my heart and  talk with my Heavenly Father.  To know that he is there listening to all I have to say, knowing exactly what is going on and that  he is always waiting for me to come to him, to ask him for help. I never knew what it felt like to pray until I had nothing else to say, to just plead with him.. because he is there. 
I have learned that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor.. haha he truly does. things happen.
I have learned how to recognize when the spirit is speaking to me. Being able to be in the right place at the right time, to hear the spirit, to feel it, to have it with me constantly and to receive answers to my prayers, to just be still and listen.
I have learned the grace of God is real... how when we do all we can, then a little bit more, it's not going to get us there, but we need his grace in order to make it there. His grace is what makes up which we lack.  I am so grateful for grace, because I need a lot. There are so many days where I know it's grace that has brought me through that long day.
I have learned how to ride a bike in a skirt.... haha and how to rip a skirt riding a bike and how to sew up a hole. hahaha
I have learned the importance of the message that I bring as a tool for Heavenly Father. The message of Christs church here on the earth again,  it's truly amazing and so powerful. I've learned how we need it so much in these times.
I have learned how to listen to people, to truly listen. 
I have learned to not judge at first glance, that people have stories and hard lives, and they are that way and who they are for a specific reason.
I have learned how blessed we are to have bodies of flesh and bone and how jealous Satan is that he doesn't have one and how Satan will do anything he can to destroy our bodies. 
I have learned how real Satan is.
I have learned being with someone for 24/7 is something I will never do ever again, but I do know how important it is that we teach the gospel 2 by 2, and how being with someone for 24/7 is hard. I have learned a lot of patience, sacrifice, love, charity, service and how to comfort someone, and how to listen, how to trust, how to bite my tongue.. haha and how we have to be with specific companions for specific reasons, and how some companions need saving, and how sometimes you need saving, and how we have to teach with the spirit as a companionship!! 
I have learned how to see Gods children as he has created them, I have prayed and prayed and prayed to be able to see just a sliver of Gods love for his children, and it has been so overwhelming to feel that power and love, to look in these peoples eyes and to know that their Father in Heaven loves them more than they will ever comprehend.
I have learned to love complete strangers with all my heart, and to put others first, to just constantly be thinking of others, to just forget about myself and focus on the needs of others 
I have learned how the atonement of Jesus Christ changes people. Not just their lives, but them as a person, their spirit, their being. To know how they can be changed through his sacrifice. 
I have learned Gods way is a whole lot easier than my way, how when I just trust in God he is going to make me be the person I need to become. That's why we are here on earth to become as he is and to know he has something better than what I ever could imagine. I want to trust him. He wants to make me into something, and its so easy but yet so hard to trust in him, to know his way is the best. 
I have learned the mission is the hardest but most amazing experience I could ever have in my life up till this point. I know there is no better place I could be. 
I have learned the mission is a silent battle within my heart and mind, between Gods will and my own will.. to trust God or Satan.. and its hard. 

I have learned a lot,  yet I am still learning. I am learning a lot more than what I could ever imagine.

I am grateful to be a missionary.

I love this work.

Have a kick butt week everyone :)
go spread the gospel ;)

Hermana Widdison

I should buy an English name tag because I am really Sister Widdison.
but I am still too prideful, I love having a Spanish tag. hehe
Texas rain

Sister Selfie at the Temple

Sisters from the Houston Texas So. Mission

Missionaries and members from the YSA

Hermana Widdison and Sister Rhoton

Monday, May 11, 2015


Well, I shouldn't say hola anymore.. because now I am officially

Let me tell you a few things about my new area.
I am in love with this branch! 
It's full of return missionaries and recent converts and the most amazing people! 
I have been here for 5 days, and I already love this branch :)

It was so sad saying goodbye to Bay City, but its amazing how quickly I fall in love with my areas! This is my 4th area on the mission; and I swear I love each area more and more than the last one! Here are some pictures of my Bay City friends.

Sister Williams
My little friends and Hermana V
The Barbour Family
Sister Sharp
Me and Audrey
NEW COMPANION: SISTER RHOTON!!She goes home in July, crazy sad :(

Call my mom for it or you can always send me mail to:
Texas Houston So. Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
 I have one of the biggest areas on the mission. I cover Houston, Galveston, League City, Alvin, Manvel.
The WHOLE mission basically! I have two stakes in my area as well! like whooh lots of souls to save ;) hehe 

Okay so amazing miracles happened this week! On Monday and Tuesday I got to go say goodbye to all my people in Bay City; it was good to see them and say goodbye. It is seriously the hardest thing to do.. my heart gets left in all my areas. I love, love, love the people of Bay City! 

Wednesday transfer meeting!!
Thursday was amazing; we had a member of the branch whose mom called us up and asked us to help her out with a service activity called meals on wheels! We got to go help deliver meals on wheels and it was AMAZING!! The people were so appreciative and it is so fun giving service to people :)

 Friday.. hmm I don't remember..

SATURDAY!!  This is the good stuff!
Since we are the YSA missionaries, we get to go to all the YSA activities! On Saturday there was a HUGE craw-fish boil at the.. BEACH. First off, it is against mission rules to go to the beach, but we got permission from president to go! LIKE WHAT! So we helped all day Saturday with food prep.. help cooking 150 pounds of craw-fish for this huge YSA activity! It was for all the YSA people in the Houston area. Two-hundred  people showed up! It was a huge party, and people brought their nonmember friends, so we got to teach people and share the gospel! It was so much fun! I did eat 1 craw-fish... ew yeah not a big fan of craw-fish... haha for you folk up in the northwest, its crawdads.. haha

Then of course, Sunday! MOTHERS DAY :)
I was so grateful to be able to talk to my family! I love them!!! It was awesome!!

I cant describe how exciting it is to be a missionary. I love my mission! and it is going by way to fast!

I have lots of pictures for you this week; so enjoy them! :)


First trip to a Texas Beach
Mission BFF-- Elder Moto
That's a lot of craw-fish

We went to Narnia

Monday, May 4, 2015

This week our mission president's wife asked us to share a miracle with her, and so here is the miracle I shared.

                         The miracle of the Purple Haired Punk Girl

Besides the everyday miracles, of when someone calls us back, we receive an answer to our prayers, or even when someone happens to open the door for us. Those are miracles we witness every single day, and it is such a blessing to be able to see and be a part of them. It is amazing to be worthy of Heavenly Fathers grace and to witness so many miracles every single day.
                One miracle seems to be in the making right now, but the little miracles that have happened to get there are truly a testimony builder, a manifestation of God’s love for each of his children, and the divinity of his plan that he has for us.
                While serving in Bay City we one night received a call from a member who used to live there. She wanted us to go and visit her little sister. She told us her sisters’ name, where she lived and told us good luck.  So of course we went to go and try and meet her. We knocked on the door and it was opened. A young twenty year old girl, tattoos, piercings, purple hair came out. She was the one we were looking for. We sat and talked, and she asked us to share a scripture with her.  She needed help and she knew she could get it from the scriptures.  She was a twenty year old going through some hard times. She hasn’t been to church in four years, and in that span of time Satan hit her hard. Trial and temptation over and over again, basically drowning, and didn’t know what she was exactly missing, but we knew what she was missing. So we shared a scripture and bore witness of the love Heavenly Father has for her. We said a prayer and went on our way. The second she went inside, I turned to my companion and said “She’s going on a mission.” The spirit was so strong when I met that young lady, and I couldn’t even say her name right. But the spirit bore witness to me of how divine Heavenly Fathers plan is.
                As time went on, we would visit her and teach her. She would talk of the things she learned in seminary a few years ago, she remembered small things. She was changing, we would invite her to church, but she would never come. Then finally it was the weekend of General Conference, we invited her to come watch it with us in the church. The church she said she would never step foot in ever again. She came. She came to general conference. She took notes. She sat and listened to the leaders of this church, and loved it.  The entire time I knew she felt the spirit. She knew that this church was the answer to all her confusion and drowning. She just needed help back, and general conference was the first step. After conference we started to see a huge change in her. Changes by herself, obeying the word of wisdom, wanting scriptures to read, praying in lessons. She was changing right before our eyes. She would ask to come out teaching with us. She wanted to be around the spirit, she wanted to listen to us teach others. She was coming teaching with us every day. Even when we had 0 miles, she would walk to appointments with us.  She was dusting off her old testimony, and  reaching her hand out to Him for help.
Then it happened, she finally said it. “I know I am supposed to go on a mission.” All this change in a month or so. Changing, finding her way back, seeing the love, feeling the spirit. Witnessing miracles every single day. She was praying and reading. She was finding that testimony once again.
But it was going to take a lot more than that. But then another miracle happened. She came to church. She came, enjoyed every second of it.  She felt what it was like to be in the church again. The members embraced her with welcoming arms, remembering who she was. She proudly told everyone she was preparing to go on a mission.  As days goes on, she is teaching with us, bearing testimony, using the atonement, constantly changing. Growing a new found love for this gospel. This punk purple haired girl, is now asking us to help her shop for mission clothes, asking for  help to her do her family history, and wanting to be worthy to receive her patriarchal blessing.  She was giving talks at baptisms, she was being who her Heavenly Father wanted her to be. She started introducing her brother to the gospel. Teaching him the doctrine, reading the Book of Mormon with him. Being her own missionary to her family.
But this miracle of a punk purple haired girl is not over yet, it’s still  happening. She is preparing to enter into the temple, as well as preparing to receive her patriarchal blessing, and  preparing to serve a full time mission soon. The miracle of her is still happening every single day. It is not over.
The change I have seen in this one young ladies life is truly a testimony builder of how Heavenly Father has a divine plan for all of us. She has grown such a strong testimony, and her testimony is going to change the lives of so many. I know she has impacted my life, more than she will ever know. The miracles I saw daily with her is one thing I will never forget. The miracles of seeing her in church, sharing her testimony that was so dormant for so many years, and bringing her family unto Christ.  It’s a miracle she opened the door that first night.
 Its miracles like these that I just can’t help but thank my Father in Heaven for being able to be a missionary to witness miracles from one single person every single day.
I know that Heavenly Father has a divine plan. I know miracles happen in our lives every single day; we just have to stop and realize that they are there. Because they are!  It is the little things which can mean the most it seems like. I know miracles are real.  I have witnessed them over and over again.  And I know when we are worthy and do our part we will see so many more. When people say miracles don’t happen, they are looking too hard. Take a step back; you will realize miracles happen daily, hourly, they are constantly happening. The small things seem to matter most. We have miracles happen every day. I know this is true. Miracles are never ending. This miracle is still in the making. I know that Heavenly Father loves his children. He will never leave us no matter how far we stray.

I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

Love Hermana Widdison