Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dress for Success
besides how fast it went by!
 We had zone conference which was amazing and sad since we are getting  a new mission president in June. President Ashton had to talk to us about the transition. Oh my gosh it was so sad. Then when sister Ashton went up to talk everyone was crying. It will be weird to have them go. I know I was blessed with the most amazing mission president and his wife. I know President Hall will be amazing! Start praying for my new mission president. He is in his 40's and has 4 kids!  He looks amazing! He is from Utah. Also pray for President and Sister Ashton. They are so sad  to leave and are still working so hard! We set some amazing goals for this last little bit of the mission. All of the missionaries are working so hard.
If anyone has some good advice on a change of mission president, let me know :) help me out! because I know it will be hard!

At zone conference we had some awesome studies! I cant even begin to describe how smart President Ashton is. He taught us about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It blows my mind, It is amazing how much we learned. but then how much the spirit taught me that day was something I wont forget. I know Jesus Christ truly loves me. To just think of all he went through I feel so bad, but that's why we have the power of repentance! That is a gift to all of us, so people repent daily :) Jesus Christ suffered, so that we wouldn't have too.

Also we were taught all about Family history! and boy was my mind blown.... the power we have to do temple work is the BOMB! hahah We would be going to the temple all day long if we knew of how many people are just waiting for the gospel! Think of the amazing blessing we have to be able to do work for the dead. It is a blessing to have temples close to us. SO PEOPLE GO DO WORK!!! Please, I know your ancestors are waiting. Go do family history! do something!! It is cool. We are allowed to do family history each week for an hour. I was doing it and found that I have a relative named HANNAH WIDDISON who lived from 1838-1871! how cool :) Just like my sister! whooh you find out cool things when you do family history!
Okay time for gator talk :)
Louis is the member, and Letty is his girlfriend! but they aren't married and they live together! They know they are breaking the law of chastity!  Letty has never wanted to get baptized, but she loves church! (typical) hahah  well on Monday we go to have a FHE with them and it was amazing!! but let me start from the beginning! So we go and they are all excited. (Oh Letty and Louis are in their 30's and they have 6 kids.) but only 2 together! So they are a cute family! ahw I just love them. anyways, We had an amazing FHE about the restoration and Louis has an amazing testimony. Then they asked us to come back on Friday, so we did.. haha and we were super prompted to teach them about The Family Proclamation to the World! So we go in and Letty and Louis are like super excited and they say "we have news"! hahah and we are like... what? Then Louis says "we want to be sealed in the temple in a year. So we need to get married and Letty wants to get baptized." WHATTTT OUR JAWS DROPPPED! We were freaking out ahahahahaha YAY!! so excited!
 The spirit was like blowing a 10000 mph in our faces hahah but really it was strong! So we talked to them about it and Letty wants to finally get married and she wants to get baptized.  They really want to go to the temple and be sealed as a family. OH MY GOODNESS.  We were so pumped. So we get to plan a wedding here soon :) They are praying for a date right now :) So all you at home can pray they figure out a date!!! but how cool, we walk in, they tell us that crazy news. after we were prompted to teach them about the Family Proclmation!! THE HOLY GHOST IS SO COOL! Stay worthy of promptings from the holy ghost people, its cool :)
anyways that was amazing! POWERFUL LESSON!

Oh my heavens... EDMUND.. He is just so funny. He comes to church but  always leaves early because he has to go to his other Baptist church called "Bethel" hahaha (ugh that darn Bethel church)..  Edmund came to church and SNORED the ENTIRE sacrament meeting... hahah the only time he woke up was when his phone rang on full volume... bahahahhahaha I tried so hard not to laugh but you know me, I was practically rolling on the ground! hahaha :) anyways, pray Edmund just gets baptized or something.. hes been coming to church for years... seriously he is the ideal ETERNAGATOR!!!
As for Audrey... shes so sweet! She thought we were 35 years old though.. haha but we love visiting her! and she loves us!! 

So we love sister Barbour :) 
She is a lady about 80 years old. She can't come to church because she physically can't. So we visit her weekly.  I love her!!!  My heart is so full of love for her, and oh my heavens, so we were visiting her and she was like "girls I think I have something you would just love". So she asks us our dress sizes.. and gets her walker and goes into her room.. hahah she brings out two pretty decently cute dresses for Hermana V and then she gives me her dress she wore on her 50th anniversary... ahhaha
I love sister barbour :) pray for her :)

okay I love you all :
)Have a good week!
I will talk to you all in what seems like a blink of an eye :)
take care!


Monday, March 9, 2015

                                                                                                                MARCH  2  2015

Oh my heavens.. this week, wow!

Okay funny story! Well more like an amazing testimony builder story :)

On Wednesday the Lozano family signed up to feed both the elders and sisters for dinner, but its mission rules elders and sisters can't eat together. So one of us picks up the food and the other one stays and eats.  On Wednesday we went and picked up the food while the elders stayed!  While we were there, Sister Lozanos grandpa "Abueltio" was there and he is straight out of Mexico! He doesn't know any English, and has been visiting Bay City for a month or so, but all he does is chill in their house so he doesn't know Bay City very well.  While the elders were sitting eating dinner with the family, Abueltio just peaces out and decides to go for a walk (this is around 5:30.)
 Then always on Wednesday nights we teach English class, and Sister Lozano always comes! but that night she didn't but her husband was at the church and came up to us and said we are having a little bit of a crisis. ABUELTIO IS GONE! So since 5:30 Abueltio was just walking around Bay City completely lost! so me and Hermana V were like, lets go find him.  It's 7:30 now and its cold outside  so we get in the car and pray and then we are driving up and down all these streets close to their house trying to think of where an 80 year old man would go. So we went to all the taco trucks in town and we went and checked the Mexican stores too.  By this time its around 8ish, and the elders call us and tell us they are gonna start looking for him. So there is a whole bunch of us looking around for this grandpa. We are just praying and we can find him! Then around 8:20 we get a call from the elders and we answer it and Elder Carter goes "no freaking way" hahahahah then we freak out because we know that they found him! Abueltio walked about 4 miles away from his house! The elders were parked somewhere and they decided to pray, and then after the prayer they looked up and they saw Abueltio walking down the side of the road!! IT WAS SOOOOO COOL! It was an immediate answer to their prayers! Well to all of ours. So the elders went and helped him out, but the elders don't know Spanish! So we drove to where they were and we went and talked to Abueltio and all he said was "I got lost" hahahah he was so cute! I was so happy he got found! Its cool to look at it, because we all knew exactly what he was wearing that day and we all knew who we were looking for! Heavenly Father answers prayers :) AMAZING!!! 

Then oh my goodness, we were eating with the Nielson family and the little boys were so hyped up.  I told them I could beat them at a race. So of course we had to all race and they won of course:)
hehe  hence the picture, they are cute! future missionaries too :)
Racing the Nielson boys
 I love the families in this ward! they are seriously amazing! I can't even begin to tell you about how much I love Hermana Sharp! She knows about 5% English but she has such a testimony of this church. She is from El Salvador, and she is amazing. She doesn't know what is always being said in church, but she radiates the spirit! She is my favorite and she is honestly one of the most amazing examples that I have seen of someone who just loves everyone she meets! She instantly will just love you. She is wonderful and we even have the same favorite hymn :) #50 Mas Cerca Dios :) amazing!
 Let me rave to you about how amazing another member is and how she just loves us to death! Sister Barbour!  She is a less active and she is around 80 years old. Every time we go to visit her we get a big  hug and kiss from her. I just feel so much love from the members here in Bay City! Its truly amazing!
Sister Barbour

Oh and don't get me started on fast and testimony meeting! YESTERDAY WAS AMAZING!
 I have never felt the spirit so strong in a testimony meeting before. Yesterday I was sitting in the back row by Hermana Sharp and she is just crying because the spirit was seriously so strong. Every testimony is what I needed to hear. Its amazing  how testimonies can change peoples lives... SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! you never know who needs to hear it :) I love being a missionary because every day I get to testify of this restored gospel... seriously how cool is that? :)

gosh being a missionary is the best! wow I am lucky!

Oh wanna hear something random?

We were visiting people in this apartment complex when I see a little  lady walking around with her walker. I wave to her and just tell her that we are coming to visit her.. hahah didn't even ask- just told! gotta be bold :) 

I watched where she went (yeah missionary stalking skills) and I see where she goes then I turn to Hermana V and I say we are going to go visit her and shes like ehh.. and I am like HECK YES. So we  go to knock on the door and we just hear yelling  "come in " so we go inside and it's this little  lady named Fanny. We just sit and talk to her.. (well yell, cause shes hard of hearing) haha and we ask her if there is anything we can do for her. and shes like "can you do my laundry?" HECK YES WE CAN! So I got to do a 69 year old ladies laundry.  I can't say I want to do it ever again.. but hey you never know if people need help :) hahahahhahahahahaha that was funny... I enjoyed it though :) not so sure about Hermana V

Oh my heavens, amazing GATORS too :)

I love teaching people!  Let me tell you what happened this week with one of our gators named Edmund. He has been investigating the church for about 10+ years...  (eternagator) so basically he knows this church is true. He read the Book of Mormon daily and he loves the missionaries. ( he's about 65) but he wont do anything.. so I told him "call us when you want to be baptized.." bold.. yeah, he hasn't called us since then :(  One day he will call! 

and then... we teach a really funny Baptist black lady named Audrey! She is smoking during the lesson and she loves Jesus and she loves the missionaries! She invites all her neighbors over when we go over to teach her... so that's a party.. I have never smelt like 2nd hand smoke so much in my life #missionaryprobs hahahah


pienso que es todo :)

Keep it up Girl! Best Hermana Ever, Love Nick (and my mom) ;)


pray Edmund calls.. haha

oh and pray our mission can achieve our goal of 58 baptism for the month of MARCH :)






su favorita hermana :)