Thursday, August 13, 2015

                                           August 10, 2015




Happy Birthday to me. August 4th I turned 20!


Celebrated at Build A Bear on P-day of course.

 Birthday lunch at Olive Garden with Hermana Whitehead

Family Home Evening, It's a tradition, cake in your face on your Birthday!

Look what everyone did for me on Tuesday when we teach our English class!

Everyone at English class helped me celebrate. I love them!

More cake in the face!

It's pretty fun.

This week is going to be a lot of pictures :)

My birthday week was a week of miracles!! 
In the Hispanic culture they have this tradition where they smash a cake in your face on your birthday.  It's for good luck! hahaha, so of course this happened a few times.. :)
they chant, "MORDIDA" which means bite, so you have to take a little bite out of the cake then someone just smashes your face into it, so fun!! (or you just do it yourself!!)  :)
So Monday night at FHE is the first time it happened.
Then Tuesday at English class, MY FAVORITE!  I walked in and they had  decorations and they all sad  "Happy Birthday",  I LOVE ENGLISH CLASS :)
My little favorite person, I call her Hermanaita, she brought lasagna and chocolate cake for my birthday, It made me feel so loved. She is amazing. hahaha ( I will send lots of pictures, don't even sweat it haha) ( speaking of sweat its supposed to be 107 today and tomorrow here in Houston. whoot) anyways. ENGLISH CLASS WAS AMAZING!! I even got some birthday hugs from the guys hahahahahahhahahaha and it was cute all the little cards they gave me said,  "Happy Birthday Hermana Widdingson!" haha close enough, right? :) hahaha

It was weird. It was just like any other day.
President Hall called me in the morning and even sang to me. That was a good way to start my day :)

We made this new friend named Martin.  We always see him at the bus stop. So then on Tuesday we just asked him if he was ever interested in learning about the gospel.  (ooh, background story, 18 years old, from Ecuador, here learning English, going home next Tuesday.) so we always would see him right, well we asked him, and he was like ya! So we went over and taught him, then he said, "Can I come out teaching with you guys? I want to be a missionary."
 BAHAHA WELL HECK YEAH YOU CAN MARTIN!!  So Martin came out teaching with us ALL DAY FRIDAY!! ALL DAY!!!  We gave him some things to study and to watch, and he studied them. like what! cool. Anyways, He said,  "I give you guys so much credit, and I want to go out teaching with the missionaries down in Ecuador when get home because I see them everywhere."
OH MY GOSH. Then he sad, "I know the Book of Mormon is true, why wouldn't it be?
 Basically my jaw was on the ground all day long. haha SO COOL!  He is coming out teaching with us tonight too. so cool right? yeah, cool!  don't worry I took pictures, this really happened. 

Martin, Hermana Whitehead and me

Out biking with Martin

I love Ana.  Love, love  her!
We went and knocked on her door, and she opened it and said, "I was praying you guys would come." LIKE WHAT?  Then she was like I have been reading in the Book of Mormon.
(she was on page 58)  WHAT?  She said, "I find so much comfort, and its true!!) AMAZING!!!

We saw her two days later and she was in Jacob.. haha what! She is amazing... amazing! and she is in the worst, most terrible, awful situation I have ever heard of, and shes so positive, and she knows everything will work out. I love her, truly love her.

It's the little things. 
I love being a missionary.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

                                                    AUGUST 3, 2015


This is why I have the best parents in the world......

My parents are crazy!!

TROMPO -- a Guatemalan game.. my favorite thing in the world.. seriously.. YouTube this thing, Its amazing! I am learning tricks with it. haha and I have a video of me doing tricks, but hey too many gbs.. missionary problems, sorry 

I love my mission, every moment is fun.

 We have now entered into AUGUST! The hottest month of the year!!
whoot whoot.. It's okay 3/31 days down.. hahaha the first two weeks of August are the hottest weeks. So me and Hermana Whitehead literally are mentally preparing ourselves for the sauna to happen! WHOOT!
However, Heavenly Father is blessing us big time :) even if those blessings are those nice summer breezes!! I LOVE WHEN THE WIND BLOWS!! AHH YAY! 
Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I turn  20 tomorrow.. so those of you who missed out.. that's why there is repentance.. HAHA  and of course for my 20th birthday I am gonna do something crazy... So Build a Bear it is for me today ;) I don't wanna grow up!

moments this week..
 We have an investigator from the Dominica Republic.  She has super hard and fast Spanish and she said, "you girls spend to much time in the sun, so let me give you facials." So we went over to visit her  and they had turned her house into a spa. Oh my gosh one of the most random things that has happened on my mission. She gave us facials and they just smelt like throw up!  They were chunky and it turned our skin orange.. haha and then she said, "I have a healthy smoothie to give you". lets not even talk about it...
but hey it was an adventure, then she didn't even come to church.. like what! that's okay, maybe next week.

Then we met this cool guy from CUBA, hard Spanish as well! But he also spoke English (tender mercy)  He was trying to move a mattress so of course we said,  "can we help you?" then he said yes! (crazy because no one here ever says they want our help so it was a miracle.)
We helped him move his new mattress, and he just  kept calling us angels over and over which is always weird because I have never seen an angel as sweaty as me. hahaha but we helped him, then he said, "you guys are the Mormons right?  of course we are, so then he went off and told us about how he has had alien encounters in Nebraska. LIKE WHAT!! Then he was like "I believe in aliens.. so the fact that you guys believe in your saint Joseph Smith guy and how I saw aliens, I am interested.. " BAHAHAHA okay .. so we got a good laugh out of that,  so hopefully he realizes that Joseph Smith didn't see aliens.. but hey, hes interested :) 

The mission is amazing.
I am surviving the heat. 
Its just hot.

love your favorite missionary :)
Hermana Widdison