Monday, February 23, 2015

                                                Monday 2/23/2015

Tastes like..

Hello Hello Hello :)
Greetings from the land of hicks :) whom I love hahaha
well another week of fun over here in good ol Bay City :)

The weekly happenings of a missionary..
Waking up around 6 am.. then the day starts.. and a day consists of..
OYMing (open your mouth) aka talking to random strangers :)
walking up to doors...
knocking on doors..
walking away when people don't open the door.. hahaha #missionaryprobs
smiling at everyone 
(or at least trying to)
waving at everyone
sleeping.. haha or trying to..
working as hard as you can
wearing a skirt.. everyday. :/ not fun haha
trying to find time to eat hahaha
oh yeah showering 
visiting people
(or trying to)
oh cant forget laughing 
singing to songs I don't know
trying to speak Spanish... (TRYING)

I don't really know what else.. seriously so much happens in one day. The mission is amazing! We have some amazing gators here in Bay City :) Gators as in (investigators.. ) but gators yes because that's what people eat here.
Anyways, we have had some amazing and powerful lessons this week :) Its weird and way cool to think of how the Holy Ghost truly testifies during a lesson :)
I love being a missionary :)

I thought that I loved Kemah, and I do and now I love this area so much :) The people are amazing :) 

We were blessed to have an awesome training on the restoration of the church this past week, and boy was my world rocked! Have you ever taken a step back and looked at how amazing this church is?
To have the same church on the earth again that Jesus Christ established when he was here.. COOL. haha thats all I have to say!!
I love teaching people! Its so fun! A little different in English though, but its fun :) plus church in English is way weird! 

hmm.. what else!
I feel so loved in this ward that I am in right now! The members here are amazing! The ward had a ward camp out on Friday so we got to go (I wore normal clothes.. I was happy happy happy)One of the members cooked RABBIT and its actually way good. It tastes like chicken.. Hannah I know you love Benny.. but he probably tastes way good too. (just kidding)

okay enough.. 
I wish my weekly emails were better.. I just don't know what to say!
but I have pictures :):)

okay, love you all


loving the ward camp-out
eating rabbit.... so sorry Hannah
camp out selfie with my companion Hermana Villarreal

Tuesday, February 17, 2015



What a crazy crazy week it has been. Where do I even begin? 

On Wednesday I was transferred! I was with Hermana Morano and Hermana Turner. I was in an area called Alief West. It was an English area... haha weird right? but English was more like Nigerian. I guess there is a super big population there because all the people we taught were from Nigeria. cool right?! haha anyways.. key word in all that is WAS! Because I was then EMERGENCY TRANSFERRED! cool right? So on Friday I was in the mission office just helping out with stuff, and all day long I just had a feeling I wasn't going to be in a trio for very long! I told Hermana Morano and Hermana Turner I though I was going to get transferred. haha funny.. yeah the holy ghost.. anyways I didn't even unpack my bags. So on Friday the 13th there was a sister who came in for an interview with President Ashton because she was super sick and had to go home. So the second that sister came into the office I just knew I was going to her area. weird right but that's what happened! The sister went home to get better and now I am with her companion! make sense?! well in other words.. I have been in three different areas, and have had four different companions in 1 week :) COOL RIGHT?! 

 Let me tell you about where I am to stay hopefully :)
I am serving in a town called BAY CITY!! hahah and it is in the middle of nowhere! It is your stereotypical Texas idea.. hahah straight up no joke.. fields upon fields.. THE COUNTRY! I love it so much! I am a ZEBRA missionary! Therefore I am both English and Spanish! Its really fun! The town is quite small.. really small.

 (it reminds me of the town my mom grew up in) but there is a Walmart here :)
Oh and bad thing, but good thing. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! I thought I loved the people over in Kemah (and I do) but I love these cute people so much!  Can I say there are a lot of rednecks.. hahaha a lot of toilets on the side of the road.(interesting)oh yes and road kill everywhere!!
 The members are amazing! Seriously some of the sweetest members!  They are all... Characters :) everyone is so different here! I am glad I have been exposed to all different kinds of people because it really prepared me for this! 

Let me tell you about my COMPANION :) I love her.. I seriously have been blessed.. like holy cow! Her name is HERMANA VILLARREAL :) she is from Othello Washington and she is amazing! We are just having a good ol time! It was funny on Friday when she came into the mission office. I told her I was going to be her companion, then President Ashton called both of us into his office and said "you two are companions, you're awesome, shes awesome! have fun" haha I have the most amazing mission president!

Anyways what else... the area is beautiful, the people are even more amazing! I live in a pool house.. weird, but cool :) and I feel like I am going to eat road kill at some point while serving here!  I have really made a connection with a lot of the members... because my dad raised me right with all that hunting and fishing :)  and visiting East Carbon ;) hahahahhaha

I don't know what else to say! 

I love it here in this area and the people are amazing! I hope you all map quest Bay City Texas..  because you'll see a little town of nothing... hahahah but its my little town of nothing and I love it:)  and the members love the missionaries :)

whooh :)

I am so excited!! 
I will try to send pictures but the computers here are super old so I  don't know how well they will work.

much love from Hermana Widdison :)