Monday, December 22, 2014

December 15 2014


 Should I give you all a run down on this amazing week?! OKAY :)
1. We went to the mall for P day last week. Of course we had an amazing time! SHOPPING :)
2. We had an awesome Relief Society dinner.. except I still don't know what people are saying so that's always good. haha  The picture was taken of Hermana Huntsman and Hermana Agyin and I at the party :)
3.  On Wednesday we biked all day long.. and we were biking to an appointment with one of our super GOLDEN families who are amazing might I add.. so we were biking, biking, biking...  We had about 20 miles under our belt  that day.. haha and YOUR HOMEGIRL got a flat tire about a mile away from our investigators house. So we of course walked... and walked.. AND HAD A BOMB LESSON :) So worth it. Then we we had about 4 miles to walk home.. in the dark.. but don't worry mom we were picked up by amazing members :) about 2 miles away from home :) So it was a good work out.. and oh yeah even though it is December. MOSQUITOES ARE ALIVE AND BITING. yeah got a few bug bites that lovely night.
4. RAUL GOT BAPTIZED.( hence the super cute pictures :) He is amazing.. he is 69 and is  the most amazing older man ever. He can even touch his toes! :) and do pull ups.. haha 
5. We got to read scriptures and hang out with little kids.. hangout as in PLAY FUTBOL.  All those little kids are BOMB at soccer... yeah it is in their blood. haha soooo cool :)

Amazing week of miracles and lessons being learned and taught :)
Cant believe next week is Christmas!! what... weird. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Remember I love you all! and if my emails annoy you.. please let me know! I aint got time to be annoying people :)


The mission is great.

Love Hermana Kaylee Widdison

Shopping on P day
Relief Society dinner

Companion fixing that flat
Back in business!!

 Raul is awesome!
Did I mention Raul is AWESOME!
Baptism day
Spreading some Christmas Service cheer
soccer with the kids

Sunday, December 14, 2014

                                                                                                                         Dec 8 2014

     We got tea from an investigator.
 TEA :)

Well..  Nothing happened this week. So this email will be brief :)
1. It's finally December.
2. umm.. Oh yeah!  RAUL IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS THURSDAY :) So that's cool. I'm not really sure how that went down because I was on exchanges when it happened. 
3. I went to the police station.
4. I went to the court house.

Let me explain 3 and 4.  There is a member in our ward who was wanting to get a divorce and a restraining order. So we went along for moral support.

5. We have this super golden investigator :)  ______ She is amazing and we are just loving her...
6.. ummm Oh yeah, I got tea this week from an investigator. haha 
 I have no idea what even happened this week ..


Christmas is coming  and your favorite missionary loves mail ;) 
Hermana Kaylee Widdison
Texas Houston So. Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, Texas 77478

Oh my heck how did I forget.. HARRIS MY FAMILY.. this street sign is for YOU :) 

Monday, December 1, 2014

I Got Coffee 

 Looks like another week under my belt!
What a wonderful week it was too :) Thanksgiving! CRAZY DAY!! I had 3 dinners. What! Such a bad idea just to let you all know. Don't ever think you can eat three Thanksgiving meals, because you cant. I had two traditional American dinners, then one Hispanic meal too! I am so grateful I got to eat a Thanksgiving meal. It didn't even feel like Thanksgiving.. it was 70 degrees.. hahah but hey it was such a fun day :) 

So right now.. oh wait COOL STORY:)
So we are teaching a man named RAUL. He is sixty-nine years old. There is something with old men. They love the sister missionaries! He calls us his daughters. Super precious! Anyways,  Raul has been taught  for about a year or so, and last week we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he FLIPPED.  He was like no no no no no no.. kind of like that.. more or less ;) so we gave him his space and let him cool off. But then he came to church yesterday and we were sitting in sacrament meeting and he just starts bawling his eyes out.  I'm like what the heck is going on?! Because first off, I can't understand Spanish so I couldn't really understand what the talk was about. Then I was freaking out cause Raul is crying, and seeing old men cry is a sad sight let me tell you! But he was fine. He would just give us the thumbs up. So anyways sacrament meeting was done, and he just went home.

So then that night (Sunday night) all our set appointments cancelled on us so I said, "Hey lets go see Raul" So then we went and saw him and he was so happy, and I said "Hey Raul we just want to talk to you about one thing tonight and that's baptism". He got the biggest smile on his face, and said, " I want to be baptized for my Christmas present.  I know this because God told me today during church."  LIKE WHAT!  SO COOL..!!  Then we just talked to him and he really struggles with drinking coffee. So you know me, being quite bold as always. I made him give me all of his coffee.  I just took it from him.  He was happy  because he wants to do anything he can to be baptized :) SO YAY!  He is getting baptized December 20th.. ya know cause its almost Christmas!
Hopefully that story made sense.. if not ask me in 15 months and I will explain it :) 
 Everyone go check out this cool video..

go social media ;) 

I love my mission!!

1. here is my cute zone! I don't know if I'm allowed to say cute.. but I don't care we are cute! Its the Galveston zone! oh yeah, I went to Galveston! It is so pretty! 
2. Our little bit of coffee :) 

more adventures to come next week :)

oh and I have my voice back again! whoot!
                                                November 24,2014

#chocolate swirl

Hello Hello!!

What a wonderful week it has been! 
except I was TRANSFERRED! and you bet I balled my eyes out leaving my last area. I grew so close to the members of the ward, and to all of the people who we taught. I was heart broken to leave! but I guess I am needed somewhere else..

That new place is called.. KEMAH SOUTHWEST!  I am close to Galveston! but really I have no idea where in the world I am.. haha but I love it already! I am in a branch! Which means there are about 30 people who go to church! Be grateful for English wards!! I got a new companion. Her name is Hermana Agyin, She has been out for 10 months! She's from california. She is super nice and tall!! We are both tall! plus shes black and I'm white.. therefore CHOCOLATE SWIRL hehe so funny! but shes awesome! Her Spanish is bomb! Its hard leaving old companions, but I am trying to LOVE her as much as I can!! She is awesome! The work here is awesome too! Its a big adjustment.

OH MY GOSH, Name something funnier than a missionary with no voice. Nothing is funnier than that! So this past week I have been super sick, ew gross I know! I have like a smokers cough, and an awful voice.  YESTERDAY I woke up with no voice. seriously no voice. How does that even happen. So all day yesterday during our lessons I was silent. I have like a solid whisper voice. yeah so the missionary work is at a silent level with your home girl right now. I have no voice.. but yeah.. I'm trying to get better. I eat about 10 cough drops a day!
 I think I know why I'm sick too.. because we biked in the POURING rain. haha it was seriously so much fun!!  we biked all day.. and only got one lesson! So much for biking 25 miles and 1 lesson. But it was fun! I was soaked and covered in mud!! I would wave to everyone, I had over 50 people wave back to me! they probably thought how silly it was to see a girl in a skirt biking in the pouring rain, but hey they waved and it was fun! :) 

I love the area I am in! I am slowly but surely getting to know those whom I serve here. We have one guy, LUIS! He is straight out of CUBA and his Spanish is like.. not Spanish haha it is so hard...  but hey I extended a baptismal date too him, and BOOM he accepted it! amazing amazing :) oh yeah December 21st :) 

Oh and another thing, the gift of tongues is real. its amazing. 

I love my mission! except when I have no voice.. but hey they can feel my love at least :)

You guys are all awesome!! Enjoy Thanksgiving.. pray I don't eat any tortillas for thanksgiving :(

Enjoy Thanksgiving :)
Happy Birthday LIL RED. I love you!!
Hermana Kaylee Widdison

Monday, November 17, 2014


Hello my people :)
 Just your weekly email from your favorite missionary ;) 

This week has been the best week on the mission thus far for sure :) 
 Amazing! I have no idea how else to express how amazing it has been.  It has been bomb!!  Yesterday, we had a baptism :) yup you read that right.. BAPTISM... so cool!

The baptism was for ____ and _____ they are 14, and 12!  They are awesome.  _____ already started saving up for his mission...  how crazy is that?  I just think about how many lives will be changed by just these two lives.. Their mom is working out a few things before she is baptized. She has such a strong testimony of the gospel. She was bawling her eyes out at their baptism. I was like wow this is so cool. Being a missionary is cool! Changing lives is even cooler! The baptism was amazing!

 Then PICO, my favorite person ever, (he was baptized in September) and he received the PRIESTHOOD yesterday too!  cool right?! He was so nervous and just had to be soooo prepared!  He was so ready and he is amazing.

This week has just been a week of miracles. It has been such an amazing week. The best week of the mission thus far! and I think I know why.. BECAUSE I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED :(  yup I am off to a whole new area with a new companion. I am so heart broken.  Sooo heart broken. So if you were going to send me love notes, I will send my new address next week ;) 

I have grown to love this area and the members of this ward and all the people! I am so happy I was able to teach those I came in contact with. However, I am NOT grateful for the dogs that have chased me in this area.. haha  

 One funny thing that happened.  Our zone leader Elder Dennis came with us to the families house to interview _____ and_ ____ for their baptisms. Well he went to go get a chair from the kitchen, and hes a tall kid, and the ceiling fan hit his head HAHAHAH and then we were just laughing so much, and then five minutes later he touches his head, and he is  bleeding! Its running down his neck.. hahah okay you just had to be there. but it was dang funny. So even though we are missionaries, bad stuff still happens. Like tall kids and ceiling fans. :)

An amazing week! and now I am leaving this area.. couldn't be more sad!  seriously.. so sad! 

I love my mission! I say it every week but I do.  I truly do. Lives are being changed and it is great to be part of that.

I hope everyone is doing well! Enjoy the snow where ever you may be! 

Oh my heck listen to this, so we have to bike once a week... and your girl doesn't have gloves, because I wasn't aware it gets freezing cold in Texas. So I rode my bike.. WITH SOCKS ON MY HANDS. hahah I didn't want cold hands. so yup, I had warm hands :) 

Enjoy your week! Talk to you soon :) Thanks for all the support :) 

 My mission home address is:
Hermana Kaylee Widdison ;) 
602 Eldridge Road 
Sugar Land, TX 77478



Baptism day for this family. So happy for them!

I just love PICO. He is amazing. I am so excited for him.

I love mail! Keep them coming.

My new sweet little friend!
Just so you know.. PEPPERMINT SHAKES.. Christmas is coming!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


First off, can everyone send me their addresses!? Por favor!! Especially if you want some love from your favorite missionary. ;) 

Okay, so much happened this week!!

The best thing that happened this week,
OUR INVESTIGATOR AND HER WHOLE FAMILY CAME TO CHURCH!!! What! What! so crazy awesome! we looked back, and she walked in with her kids. ahw such a blessing. So happy. Best day ever. So glad they came to church. She is making so much progress, it's so cool!!! Her kids have so many questions. I love teaching families, because it reminds me of my family! Go families!!!
Oh, but a huge bummer. I don't know when she will be able to get baptized. Because shes married to some guy who is in prison, and she has no idea what prison. She doesn't know how to get a divorce. ugh.. so basically mi comp and I are finding so much information about filling for a divorce hahaha fun. not. bummer. anyway, they are an awesome family!!

 We got to go to the temple on Tuesday with the mission! It was  amazing. So cool!! The president of the temple did the session with us and we got to have a Q&A with him afterwards too. So that was cool and confusing at the same time! Another thing that was cool was that my mission president said that during our session he felt like there were angels in the room, so he look around and was surprised he didn't see any. LIKE WHAT! that's so cool!!! 

I also got to do something super cool. I went on exchanges with another sister. SISTER HUNT! She is over a YSA branch, and yeah it was English speaking so that was super weird. We taught a guy who was on drugs too.. Oh and that was interesting for sure! on his door it said.. swag factory.. hahaha! 
Me and sister hunt went to lunch, and someone paid for our food!!! That was such a blessing! like amazing, such a cool feeling! So if you ever see missionaries, pay for them. You will receive blessings and they will feel your love. Because I felt like crying it was such an amazing feeling!! 

Another week! Crazy how fast time goes!!


Hermana Kaylee Widdison ;)
RITA'S... The best place ever!
We picked up some chicks on the mission.

Monday, November 3, 2014


It's already November!
It freaks me out how fast the weeks go by here.
Let me think of what even happened this week!
Oh biggest bummer this week  happened yesterday for sure. So a family that we are teaching struggle with a lot, so they didn't have enough money for gas to be able to drive the 35 miles to church this Sunday, so we were like hey we can find you a ride. So we found them a ride and she was so pumped. but then, at 10:30 she called us and told us her husband said no, and that their kitchen floor fell through. what?! How does a kitchen floor fall though?! I will tell you how. Satan! That's right! That's all I've got. We were super bummed she couldn't come to church!! Plus she wanted to come so bad!  So that's a BUMMER, but next Sunday she said she could come! So I am hoping she really can! Because church is great, and so confusing, because I don't know Spanish.  Hopefully they can come to church and receive all the lovely blessings of going to church! whoot go blessings :)

 Spanish, okay get this, I LOVE THE MEMBERS of my little ward! pretty sure it's about to be turned into a branch, but I love them. You may ask me why I love them so much, well let me tell you. They recognize I am learning Spanish for them, so they help me as much as they can. I practice Spanish and they practice English! plus my favorite person is Hermana Juarado! and get this, Hermana Taylor (mi companeria) says she has never fed the missionaries before and guess who shes feeding this week? yup us! Because Hermana Juarado loves me! whoot whoot!!

Oh and one thing, for Halloween, I was super sad because I couldn't have chili.. but hey get this, we had zone conference and for dinner a member of the English ward made CHILI and CORNBREAD. Awesome Halloween:) hahaha how silly am I?

The mission is great! I wish more happened this week but I am still doing work everyday, keeping busy, being humbled and learning lots :)

go missionaries!!
You love me and I love you!


dinner  time

mission time

You know I love my  Buffalo Wild Wings!

Halloween socks from home.

 Halloween treats from home.

Thanks mom!

Some fancy Halloween decorating.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hello my wonderful people!! 

Not much happened this week. Weeks go by so extremely fast!  Remember how I sent home pictures of how we did a bunch of yard work and  last week with PICO? Well we got a phone call from him last Monday and he had poison ivy. (bummer right) and it was so bad! He still has it! We are so lucky that we didn't get it!  We teach him almost every single night. He is such an awesome member! He has almost been baptized for a whole month!! He is amazing!

We have been teaching  a mother, daughter and son, they are awesome! They may be getting BAPTIZED.. well hopefully.. on NOVEMBER 9th! It was my first baptism date that I extended.
I love being able to teach and serve people! Oh the joys!

I love the ward I am serving in. The members help me try to learn Spanish because they are trying to learn English. So we practice both ways!
The language is coming along slowly but surely!
I wish I had more to say!!

The mission is awesome!

you are all awesome!
TEXAS is still hot. 

Love you all

P.S I love my companion! whoot go missionaries!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Hello beautiful people!
Another wonderful day here in Texas!
It is around 75 degrees and it is chilly! weird right?! yeah its weird that today is like a cold day!
Well.. where to begin! 
HANNAH SUE WIDDISON HAPPY BIRTHDAY I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE 13.. AHH SO SCARY. Eat something delicious for me today :) and Hannah I wore your favorite skirt yesterday to church :)
I WENT TO THE TEMPLE!! whoot go temples! we had a recent convert, his name is FRANSICO CRUZ! and he took family names, and was able to do baptisms for his grandparents, and great grandparents! soo cool! yeah that was way neat, and the Houston temple is beyond gorgeous! 
Besides being able to go to the temple, another fun awesome thing we did, was SERVICE! yeah go service! I love serving people it is so nice and fun... except the fire ants and mosquitos are CRAY here.. haha #annoyingbugsofthesouth HAHA I just did a hashtag. wow I'm funny!
 We did yard work for a recent convert named PICO! he was baptized the Sunday before I got here, and he is honestly the most amazing guy I've ever met!  He is like 50 something, and just loves the sister missionaries! we are teaching him right now about the priesthood, and temples. and he is so in awe of temples. and he cannot wait to go! So amazing! go missionaries! anyways we did yard work with him for about 3 hours! it was so much fun! haha mom you would've loved it, we were just chopping down everything! I love serving people. It is such a good way to show the pure love of Christ. Service is an awesome opportunity to let people know how much you love them! So serve everyone you can!!
We also just met the most amazing family! oh my goodness they are GOLDEN! and she is the sweetest lady! Her name is Kristina, she is 28 and she wants to get baptized so bad! so November 9th.. BOOM lets go! how fun! I love teaching her and her family, they are seriously so wonderful.. oh and they live in the BAYOU.. haha like I thought I saw an alligator.. just joking but that would be cool.  I love teaching her and her family and she has such a strong desire to  learn more. She wants her family to be together FOREVER!

   Oh my goodness I love my mission. Spanish I still hard, but members love it when I talk to them in Spanish. I practice my Spanish, and they practice their English! it is so funny.. how fun! I love the members of my ward..  all 50 of them.. small, but hey they are wonderful! I get to help LEAD PRIMARY NEXT WEEK!! what! sooo cool, I told the primary president how my lovely beautiful mother was primary chorister, and she was like COME TO PRIMARY PLEASE!! so boom, making you proud mom ;)

 Just know I love my mission, and I love being able to be out here to serve! Texas is wonderful, and the mission is a humbling experience for sure.
Sometimes I feel like I am in Mexico, no lie..  there are dogs everywhere. sketchy.
 I am grateful for what I have, and for all that I have been blessed with. I am grateful for all of you, and the impact you have made in my life!
have an awesome week!!
Serve someone this week! 
 Everyday, list 3 things you are grateful for!
 I do this everyday.. and I know like 2 days in a row it was PEANUT BUTTER. haha I am a dork!
love your favorite missionary girl :)
Hermana Widdison
OH MY GOODNESS I DIDN'T EVEN EXPLAIN  MY TITLE..  so we are having a trunk or treat this Saturday for the ward, and Hermano Torres was trying to say "Trunk or Treat" during sacrament when they do the announcements, and he said "CHUNKY TREE".. hahahha the only people who laughed were the ones who understand English.. and that happened to be the missionaries.. hahah we were busting up laughing  yeah wow funny!!
Texas sunrise

Pico is amazing! We loved helping him.

Houston Temple


A beautiful day at the temple.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Howdy ya'll  hahaha just joking,
I haven't heard anyone say that since I have been here.. you may think I am joking, but I am not...
okay lets go! where to begin..
Oh here is a good start.
                                                               I AM IN  TEXAS

                                             FIRST DAY AT THE MISSION HOME

It's so hot down here it is crazy. You walk outside and are already sweating... dang..
Happy Birthday Dad!! and Malia!! and early birthday shout out to Sofie :)
Hooray for birthdays!!

MY COMPANION is amazing! plus she is an AGGIE so how wonderful right!
Her name is Hermana Taylor and she is from St George Utah!
She is so patient and kind, and just  awesome! I am like a foot taller than her.

                                   Who am I kidding? I'm taller than everyone. HAHAHA

  I am serving in an area called MANVEL WEST.. (yes mom it is a safe area!)  I am in a Spanish branch.. so don't ask me what I learned on Sunday, because I have no idea what was even said.. haha OH WAIT THIS IS FUNNY.. so we had fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, but.. get this, Latinos talk like its there job.. only 4 PEOPLE bore their testimonies in 50 minutes... hahahahah because they talk so darn much.. funny right?! yeah its funny.
 I should have been called to SPANGLISH SPEAKING.. because that's basically what is going down!
We honestly teach people in English, then in Spanish, then in English! it goes back and forth! plus a lot of people want to practice their English so they only speak in English to us.. so really I am speaking English, but I am learning Spanish too.. don't ask me how my Spanish is.. because its pretty bad.
The members of the ward are so sweet.. all 50 of them.. CRAZY!  THAT'S SO SMALL RIGHT.. and you would think you could learn all their names.. Oh heavens no. They have the hardest names to pronounce too.. but they are awesome and I love them!

                                                         First Sunday at church

Lets talk about the food. MEXICAN FOOD  People love to feed us. They feed us the hottest food so I eat it super fast so that it doesn't linger and make my mouth hot, but then when I finish my plate,  BOOM.. MORE HOT SPICY FOOD.. dang that's rough..

                                                            I LOVE MY MISSION

I love my companion and I love Ice Cream too!
It is so funny to be a missionary sometimes.
 Get this story.. this is kind of bad.. but there is a less active who we visit all the time and his name is JESUS.. cool name ;) and he calls us his daughters, he is 82.. and he normally feeds us and talks to us for two hours.. so yesterday we went over to visit him, and he brings us  this raw meat of some sort.. don't ask me what it was  but  Hermana Taylor and I were like we are gonna get sick..  so then randomly Jesus goes inside, and we put  the meat  into a plastic baggy and put it into our purses...CONFESSION. oops, but that was funny.. then he also sent us home with more of the raw meat...   He's so sweet!!

Oh yes, The title of the email.. I have fire ant bites all over my legs.. lets just say my legs look like I have chicken pox. THE BUGS DOWN HERE ARE CRAZY!  Then there is roadkill everywhere.. armadillos and possum.. cool right?! yeah cool!!

Feel free to write me love letters, and send anything and everything you want to your FAVORITE MISSIONARY.. me.. ;)

(This is where Kaylee gives you her address and this is where momma bear takes it out for her safety.)             I would be happy to give it to you when you call me.... 884- you know the rest.. or do you???) You can also use the mission home address but she won't get it for a while. (Check a previous post for that) 

My biggest temptation right now is football... the football is crazy down here.. so I have to focus!! but hey, I love football!! and I love you all!!
Hermana Widdison

                                   P.S. dogs chase us when we ride bikes.. SOOO SCARY
                                          but not this cute little one....not yet anyway!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Mexico City Temple Visitor Center

CCM BFF'S Elders Webb and Adams
and this BFF Hermana Brown
As you will find out I  (Sue) am 6 days late for posting this. I will try to do better with my job!
Just so you know, Kaylee is on her way to Texas today. Tuesday, Oct 7th  She needs and loves letters.

Hermana Kaylee Widdison
Texas Houston South Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land  Texas, 77478

Hello beautiful people!! :)

Wow, I cant believe I will be in Texas next Tuesday!! I will leave the CCM next Tuesday around 5:30 a.m then go to the lovely airport and fly out around 10:00 then be in good old humid Texas by 1 ish..!! crazy! So getting your flight plans is like getting your GOLDEN TICKET :) you will see the joy of getting my flight plan in the picture below.. :)

funniest thing that happened this week... oh I tripped.. hahahah that was really funny. like over my own two feet.. whoops

most spiritual things.... wait let me just start off by saying how excited I am for conference this weekend!  So excited! it is amazing that we have a living prophet here on this earth that we get to listen too!! amazing. I am so excited! 

We were able to go to the Mexico city temple today!! which was amazing! but we just went to the visitors center, because the temple is closed because it is under construction.We were given a tour and it was the most amazing thing ever! the blessings that come from the temple are amazing. It is cool to think whenever I miss my family, that it is kind of silly, because I get to be with them for forever and ever and ever....  How cool is that! for all eternity! but I still miss my family so don't get me wrong. I get to see them after death and be with them for eternity. its a beautiful and comforting thought :) 

Also my love for Joseph Smith has be quite amplified as well! We watch a movie Sunday night about his life, and how he restored this church and it was amazing. The spirit was like a big hug and comfort of this truth and it is crazy.. haha.. so cool!! 

I love you! 

A package from home.
and Breton Day ;) Thanks for my letter! I love you B


Today has been awesome! I had chocolate milk for breakfast. and then went to the temple.. then WHAT.. lasagna for lunch... BEST DAY!! and I get to hear from home!! 

I love you all, 
the mission is amazing
miracles happen everyday

I love this church 

I cant believe Hannah is almost 13.. what..crazy

The church is true!
I am excited for conference this weekend.. pretty sure I already said that! 


Mexico City Visitor Center