Monday, May 11, 2015


Well, I shouldn't say hola anymore.. because now I am officially

Let me tell you a few things about my new area.
I am in love with this branch! 
It's full of return missionaries and recent converts and the most amazing people! 
I have been here for 5 days, and I already love this branch :)

It was so sad saying goodbye to Bay City, but its amazing how quickly I fall in love with my areas! This is my 4th area on the mission; and I swear I love each area more and more than the last one! Here are some pictures of my Bay City friends.

Sister Williams
My little friends and Hermana V
The Barbour Family
Sister Sharp
Me and Audrey
NEW COMPANION: SISTER RHOTON!!She goes home in July, crazy sad :(

Call my mom for it or you can always send me mail to:
Texas Houston So. Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
 I have one of the biggest areas on the mission. I cover Houston, Galveston, League City, Alvin, Manvel.
The WHOLE mission basically! I have two stakes in my area as well! like whooh lots of souls to save ;) hehe 

Okay so amazing miracles happened this week! On Monday and Tuesday I got to go say goodbye to all my people in Bay City; it was good to see them and say goodbye. It is seriously the hardest thing to do.. my heart gets left in all my areas. I love, love, love the people of Bay City! 

Wednesday transfer meeting!!
Thursday was amazing; we had a member of the branch whose mom called us up and asked us to help her out with a service activity called meals on wheels! We got to go help deliver meals on wheels and it was AMAZING!! The people were so appreciative and it is so fun giving service to people :)

 Friday.. hmm I don't remember..

SATURDAY!!  This is the good stuff!
Since we are the YSA missionaries, we get to go to all the YSA activities! On Saturday there was a HUGE craw-fish boil at the.. BEACH. First off, it is against mission rules to go to the beach, but we got permission from president to go! LIKE WHAT! So we helped all day Saturday with food prep.. help cooking 150 pounds of craw-fish for this huge YSA activity! It was for all the YSA people in the Houston area. Two-hundred  people showed up! It was a huge party, and people brought their nonmember friends, so we got to teach people and share the gospel! It was so much fun! I did eat 1 craw-fish... ew yeah not a big fan of craw-fish... haha for you folk up in the northwest, its crawdads.. haha

Then of course, Sunday! MOTHERS DAY :)
I was so grateful to be able to talk to my family! I love them!!! It was awesome!!

I cant describe how exciting it is to be a missionary. I love my mission! and it is going by way to fast!

I have lots of pictures for you this week; so enjoy them! :)


First trip to a Texas Beach
Mission BFF-- Elder Moto
That's a lot of craw-fish

We went to Narnia

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