Tuesday, February 17, 2015



What a crazy crazy week it has been. Where do I even begin? 

On Wednesday I was transferred! I was with Hermana Morano and Hermana Turner. I was in an area called Alief West. It was an English area... haha weird right? but English was more like Nigerian. I guess there is a super big population there because all the people we taught were from Nigeria. cool right?! haha anyways.. key word in all that is WAS! Because I was then EMERGENCY TRANSFERRED! cool right? So on Friday I was in the mission office just helping out with stuff, and all day long I just had a feeling I wasn't going to be in a trio for very long! I told Hermana Morano and Hermana Turner I though I was going to get transferred. haha funny.. yeah the holy ghost.. anyways I didn't even unpack my bags. So on Friday the 13th there was a sister who came in for an interview with President Ashton because she was super sick and had to go home. So the second that sister came into the office I just knew I was going to her area. weird right but that's what happened! The sister went home to get better and now I am with her companion! make sense?! well in other words.. I have been in three different areas, and have had four different companions in 1 week :) COOL RIGHT?! 

 Let me tell you about where I am to stay hopefully :)
I am serving in a town called BAY CITY!! hahah and it is in the middle of nowhere! It is your stereotypical Texas idea.. hahah straight up no joke.. fields upon fields.. THE COUNTRY! I love it so much! I am a ZEBRA missionary! Therefore I am both English and Spanish! Its really fun! The town is quite small.. really small.

 (it reminds me of the town my mom grew up in) but there is a Walmart here :)
Oh and bad thing, but good thing. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! I thought I loved the people over in Kemah (and I do) but I love these cute people so much!  Can I say there are a lot of rednecks.. hahaha a lot of toilets on the side of the road.(interesting)oh yes and road kill everywhere!!
 The members are amazing! Seriously some of the sweetest members!  They are all... Characters :) everyone is so different here! I am glad I have been exposed to all different kinds of people because it really prepared me for this! 

Let me tell you about my COMPANION :) I love her.. I seriously have been blessed.. like holy cow! Her name is HERMANA VILLARREAL :) she is from Othello Washington and she is amazing! We are just having a good ol time! It was funny on Friday when she came into the mission office. I told her I was going to be her companion, then President Ashton called both of us into his office and said "you two are companions, you're awesome, shes awesome! have fun" haha I have the most amazing mission president!

Anyways what else... the area is beautiful, the people are even more amazing! I live in a pool house.. weird, but cool :) and I feel like I am going to eat road kill at some point while serving here!  I have really made a connection with a lot of the members... because my dad raised me right with all that hunting and fishing :)  and visiting East Carbon ;) hahahahhaha

I don't know what else to say! 

I love it here in this area and the people are amazing! I hope you all map quest Bay City Texas..  because you'll see a little town of nothing... hahahah but its my little town of nothing and I love it:)  and the members love the missionaries :)

whooh :)

I am so excited!! 
I will try to send pictures but the computers here are super old so I  don't know how well they will work.

much love from Hermana Widdison :)

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