Tuesday, February 16, 2016

                                                                   February 8, 2015
40 pounds of bananas....

what a week :)
and when I mean what a week..
I mean.. prepare yourself for some pictures :) hahah

We started our week of with a trip to the Houston Symphony. LIKE WHAT!!
we have an investigator who plays the clarinet for the symphony, so he invited us.. (well.. sike, we totally invited ourselves... hehe ) We got permission and we went. It was incredible! It was amazing! The symphony is so talented! Our investigators name is Christian. but he is an eternagator.... haha he has been coming to church nonstop for 2 years, but just doesn't want to get baptized.
 One day :)

Then we were able to do some service with a food bank, where we handed out so much food! It was so fun and cold... 
The cars would line up and we would fill them up with food!! :)
It was so cool!
We saw a miracle that day, we texted a member in our ward and told her to come get some food! so she did..
then later we got a text telling us how we are servants of the lord, in tune with the Holy Ghost. Because she has had an empty fridge for two weeks, and had no idea where to turn. It was such a neat miracle to be apart of! All because of a simple prompting and a simple text message. :)

Grateful for miracles.

Then we spent time with my favorite family.. 
THE BAUM FAMILY :) so those pictures are attached.. 8 kids.. haha and I love all of them :)

One neat thing... 
Every fast Sunday, my little sister who is 10, Rebecca bears her testimony. That is how she has counted down until I get home... and so yesterday being fast and testimony meeting, I felt the strongest prompting it was time to bear my testimony. My last testimony meeting, I bore my testimony, and I just knew my little sister was at home bearing hers. I am so grateful for her example :)
(18/18 fast Sundays.. We are done Rebbecca ;) ) 

also, one scripture that hit me hard this week was Romans 5:19.
 I invite all to look it up :)

think about this..
Our life is an open note, open book test.. we have all the answers in front of us.. it's the scriptures.. it's the gospel.. if we want to be happy, we have all the answers and keys for success :)

well, enjoy your week :)

Don't worry next weeks email will be the best final and last email y'all have ever read ;)

Sister Widdison :) 

oh yeah.. I forgot..
they made us take home food after the food drive.. haha 
so they sent us home with 40 lbs of bananas haha
3 watermelon.. 10 things of corn..
2 cabbages.. and 20 lbs of potatoes... 
Houston Symphony

Did I mention we had a few bananas?

Sure love the Baum family

Treats from home...Valentines day must be coming! Happy Valentines Day!

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