Tuesday, February 16, 2016

                                                                                                                                                                                February 1, 2015


Hello everyone,

I am typing with my right hand.. and my right hand is what shook PRESIDENT RUSSELL M NELSONS HAND! ahhhhhh so cool!
So on Saturday the 30th, we had a tri mission conference with the Houston, Houston East, and our mission, 700 missionaries there. The spirit was so strong. It was so powerful, and so amazing. 
When President Nelson walked in, we all stood up and it was silent. It was incredible, then he asked that all missionaries shake his hand. It reminded me of how Christ visited the Nephites after he was resurrected, and had all of them come up "one by one." That's what it felt like to me. It was so special, and a moment I wont ever forget. (and his hands were soooo soft.. haha i put on peppermint lotion.. gotta have good smelling hands people :)) 

The training we received from him was amazing. The next prophet ... But what the spirit taught me was so special. I know that this church is true. I know we have a living prophet on this earth. 

President Nelson really taught us of how much our families are being blessed as we diligently work, and strive to do the will of the father. Don't worry Mom I am working hard, I know y'all need the blessings, hehe :) kidding he shared with us of how these latter days are made for us. We are part of the great gathering, and we will do that with the Book of Mormon, and how we are in this time, because this is what we were destined to do and be apart of. I just know my plan is for this time. I am excited for what more is to come in my life. 

One of the most powerful things, we all sang "I know that my redeemer lives.." for the closing hymn. As we started to sing, the spirit just rushed over my body, and I know that he lives. It was the cherry on top, to receive such a spiritual confirmation at the end of the conference. I am so grateful to have this knowledge of this gospel, and that I can share it with others. 

One neat thing, as we closed the conference, President Nelson bestowed a blessing upon us, and as he did, his total countenance changed, It was seriously like the spirit was just speaking through him. It is something I will never forget. He blessed our families, that they will come and they will stay all according to my service. I know that is true. He blessed us with health, and as we feast upon the words and apply them, we will be happy. I know it was a blessing from God. He blessed us with so much more.

I learned a lot, and I am grateful for the experience. It strengthened my testimony. I know my family is being blessed, and I know I am here to help bless other families. 

I love my mission.

I know President Nelson knows Christ.
I know he is an apostle of the Lord.
I know the my Redeemer lives. 

side note...

I GOT TO SEE A REALLY GOOD FRIEND OF MINE! basically my little brother... haha it was so hard to not hug.. Elder Andrew :) 

and I saw Hermana Sanchez! ahw I love her!
 We got loaded up with cheerios and cereal and valentines day goodies!
haha all in a days work :)

oh and I helped comb out lice! 
hahah oh the things you do as a missionary :)

have a good week :)
hopefully it goes fast for you mom :)

Sister Widdison :)

enjoy the photos :)

So amazing to see this kid! Elder Andrew
My companion Sister Hunter
My old companion Hermana Sanchez
This is how missionaries carry things
Then you ride your bike!

Thankful for members who remember us!

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