Wednesday, November 12, 2014


First off, can everyone send me their addresses!? Por favor!! Especially if you want some love from your favorite missionary. ;) 

Okay, so much happened this week!!

The best thing that happened this week,
OUR INVESTIGATOR AND HER WHOLE FAMILY CAME TO CHURCH!!! What! What! so crazy awesome! we looked back, and she walked in with her kids. ahw such a blessing. So happy. Best day ever. So glad they came to church. She is making so much progress, it's so cool!!! Her kids have so many questions. I love teaching families, because it reminds me of my family! Go families!!!
Oh, but a huge bummer. I don't know when she will be able to get baptized. Because shes married to some guy who is in prison, and she has no idea what prison. She doesn't know how to get a divorce. ugh.. so basically mi comp and I are finding so much information about filling for a divorce hahaha fun. not. bummer. anyway, they are an awesome family!!

 We got to go to the temple on Tuesday with the mission! It was  amazing. So cool!! The president of the temple did the session with us and we got to have a Q&A with him afterwards too. So that was cool and confusing at the same time! Another thing that was cool was that my mission president said that during our session he felt like there were angels in the room, so he look around and was surprised he didn't see any. LIKE WHAT! that's so cool!!! 

I also got to do something super cool. I went on exchanges with another sister. SISTER HUNT! She is over a YSA branch, and yeah it was English speaking so that was super weird. We taught a guy who was on drugs too.. Oh and that was interesting for sure! on his door it said.. swag factory.. hahaha! 
Me and sister hunt went to lunch, and someone paid for our food!!! That was such a blessing! like amazing, such a cool feeling! So if you ever see missionaries, pay for them. You will receive blessings and they will feel your love. Because I felt like crying it was such an amazing feeling!! 

Another week! Crazy how fast time goes!!


Hermana Kaylee Widdison ;)
RITA'S... The best place ever!
We picked up some chicks on the mission.