Monday, January 26, 2015

                                                                                                      January 26 2015 

What a wonderful week!!! seriously amazing!

                                        THEODORE GOT BAPTIZED :) yes amazing! 
             We did so many things this week! and so many miracles happened this week :) 

So the cute lady with the giant cupcake and flowers is our investigator Gabriella :) I can't tell you how much I love her. I have a lot of love for her :) and it was her birthday so we had to give her a little something :)
 We are always with her.. haha seriously! We walk with her every night, we do yard work and house work. We are seriously her best friends! (now if only she wanted to go to church).. haha #bummer! anyways, we did about 7 hours of yard work with her on Saturday.. haha never thought I would be so excited to do yard work.. but I love doing service! Seriously any opportunity for us to do service we take it!
 So get this, As we were leaving Gabriella house on Saturday, we were driving and then we stopped to ask these people if they needed help.. they were  doing things in their driveway.. so they said yes! So their story, their house caught on fire, and they have to take pictures of every little thing from inside the house! so their driveway was covered.. like covered with stuff! and so we had to wear gloves because everything is basically destroyed with sot.. (is that how you spell it?) anyways, we got to help serve them!  I learned I never want to have my house catch on fire. It was seriously so sad we had to throw away everything. Pictures,  memories, baby clothes, everything.. but my Saturday was a good day full of service :) LOVE SERVICE!! but just because I do like hours upon hours of yard work here mom doesn't mean I am gonna be so excited to help you pull weeds at home ;) hahaha

anyways... what else...
Theodore. I have no idea what to say about him, except he is amazing. The change he has made in three weeks..!! AHHHH freaking out! When he bore his testimony, it was seriously so amazing!! I wish you could all meet this guy! Amazing!!

what else... hmmm........
Just doing the Lords work! seeing miracles!
I am positive more happened this week.. but I just cant remember (sorry mom)

I love you all :)
I hope everyones lives are going good :)
mine is going dang good if you all were wondering ;) hehe

Hermana widdison :)

PS I know I say this all the time.. but I love being a missionary.. with all my heart! I never knew I could love strangers as much as I do. I love these people.

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