Sunday, January 31, 2016

                                                                                                             January 25, 2016
This kid named Sam

This week I want to share a story..
 Since I  have been here in Silverlake, I have really noticed the example of the youth! 
I want to share a story of one of the youth named Sam!
My first Sunday here was fast and testimony meeting, and this kid named Sam gets up and bears such a powerful testimony of his earthly mission here, and his love for the Savior. It was powerful, so afterward I went up and thanked him, and asked him if he had his mission call, or if he was an RM. But nope, hahah he is a senior in high school!  He spoke with such power and love for the gospel. It was so neat. As time has gone on, I have noticed Sam often. He comes to church every Sunday, by himself. His parents are divorced and his family isn't active. This 17 year old kid has such a strong testimony, he knows where he is going and he knows he can get there and how to get there. I look as he is by himself, as the families scoot over and bring him into their family.
I am so grateful for the example of Sam, but also the examples of the families here in this ward, who bring him into their families.
He isn't the only youth who I have noticed who has a testimony, and is standing alone in their family. 
I am amazed at the youth in this ward.

We had a awesome week, it was a very cold one too. We love to wear our fleece line tights, haha 
We have got to  stay warm somehow!
We were able to see a lot of miracles, whether those miracles were finding a new investigator, or not crashing on our bikes :)
We have been just doing what we are doing!
Also, A special investigator I had in Houston named Rushinne got baptized.
I was able to go to Houston, where I was attacked with hugs and besitos from everyone.. haha it was neat to see everyone again.  It was a wonderful baptismal service as well, all in Spanish.. Sister Hunter was lost!  hahaha but thats okay :)

We have a good week ahead of us, President Nelson is coming..SAY WHAT? yeah, the next prophet :)
I am praying that I will be able to say the opening prayer or something! We are having a tri-mission conference on Saturday. (kind of a big deal)

I love y'all  :)

Thanks for all the prayers!
please please pray for my companion Sister Hunter.
Sister Widdison
Baptism day

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