Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello my lovelies :)

Wow, I seriously cannot believe another week has passed. It's weird how fast time goes by. The days are so long but  the weeks are so  fast. It is  awesome! So awesome!  (except the food)

 We had a devotional lat night.. Tuesday night which was awesome! They broadcasted it from Provo!!  Richard G Scott gave a talk.. but first the choir sang.. and you know who I saw in that choir!!!??? IN THE PROVO MTC:: yup you guessed it MY BEST FRIEND MALIA!! she was wearing yellow and looked so happy! She is headed to Japan!! So shout out to you mato! I saw you singing your heart out! It was so nice to see her face.

Richard G Scott talked to us, about the power of prayer and how important it is. Everywhere we are we can pray to our Heavenly Father. Prayer is such an awesome gift. Lets get this straight.. I have never prayed so much in one day  than I do at the MTC we pray about 20 times a day.. OR MORE! yeah the power of prayer is amazing.

I LOVE MY DISTRICT SO MUCH!! well yes... like so much! We have 16 hours days and are always together!! I love them! We love to get to know each other, it is so much fun! I know I have met some elders that will be my friends after the mission! and one Hermana Brown!  Hermana Brown is in another district, but she will defiantly be my friend after the  mission!! Elder Kyle Webb and Elder Cortland Adams will forever be my friends. it is awesome! We get along so well! I will send a picture.

 Sunday night we had the best devotional too!! oh my goodness.. Brother Cates! He is  the 2nd man in charge at the MTC! He talked to us about leaving the past at home and to always stay on target and to know our purpose as missionaries! It was seriously so amazing! I wish you all could have been there! It was  an eye opener of how important it is to focus on the now, instead of the past. Our time is now. 

 We have been singing the Mexican National Anthem for about 3 weeks now... look it up on YouTube!! It was Mexico's Independence Day on Monday! the 15th I believe... so they had  traditional Mexican dancers come in and dance for us for about 2 hours!! It was so cool. It was so loud Monday night!! The Mexicans know how to party...  WOW, they were SOOOO LOUD. I couldn't sleep all night because they were partying. We could hear fireworks all night.. and all day.. haha they never stopped.

My two teachers are the kindest people ever!! We have a morning teacher and a night teacher. We teach them both, they are our fake investigators! It is cool! We teach fake investigators every day!   I don't know Spanish but I can testify and that is super cool!! I say somethings I don't even know I knew! it is amazing!  Spanish is hard! I can understand almost everything, and then I can say like 5% back haha but the church is true.
Oh my teachers names are Hermana Alvarado, and Hermano Lopez!! so cool!

 I am so happy to be out here. It is awesome! I am so nervous to get out in the field. but I am excited for American food!  I am grateful for my family! I love you guys!!! I hope everything is going good at home!!

I love everyone and I hope that everyone loves me.

Thank you for your support!


Hermana Widdison

P.S.  I love you Rebecca

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