Thursday, September 11, 2014

The church is so true. It’s amazing. The book of Mormon is overwhelming how true and amazing it is.

I see Jensen everywhere, I love her to death! I hug her every time I see her! I have made so many friends here it is ridiculous! I love it. The elders will be funny, and introduce themselves to me by saying their first name and then basically giving me their email. I think it’s funny! But I love the people here.

It is amazing the spirit we have on this campus. We definitely have angels with us.  We all know it. There is a giant wall around the CCM and security guards but we feel there are stripling warriors guarding the walls. It is amazing.

I love my experience at the CCM. I am learning so much. I feel like I have grown so much. I have lost weight so I’m not growing that way!

You know that being a missionary we love mail!! So send me a letter please I would love one! It is through the website and you just type it up and they deliver it! How cool right? So you should do it if you love me.

 The days here are so long. But the weeks go by so fast! We are in our classroom from 7:30a.m to12:00 p.m. then from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. its gym time. I go run my heart out. Then we are in the classroom from 3:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Except for out 45 minutes of dinner. So all day long we are in class, how crazy is that?

When it rains here, it is like a flood. It rains buckets!  It’s crazy!
 Mom you’d go crazy! There are so many dogs barking here at night. It is like Colby only 1000 times worse! It’s annoying.

My favorite person here has to be Hermana Brown!!She is from Utah. My Aunt Kaye told me about her! I will send a picture, she is straight up my soul sister... we have the same clothes too!! Crazy

 I love being a missionary. I am so grateful to be learning and growing as much as I can.

 Oh funny story. There are Latinos here and they love Americans. They try to learn English! So this one elder was asking for sour patch kids... yup and guess who had the sour watermelon ones! Me!  I told him I would bring him some and he FLIPPED OUT like crazy ... he was almost in tears he was so happy. He took my name down and every time he saw me around he praised the ground I walked on. hahahaha he shook my hand for 10 minutes too.. He was very grateful!  We took a picture.

I have the best teachers! We have two teachers! One in the morning, and one at night! They are also our fake investigators! My teacher in the morning is Hermana Alvarado; I have really bonded with her. I love her. I am terrible at Spanish but she is just so awesome and she has told me everything about her life. Then my teacher at night is Hermano Lopez.  He is the coolest dude.  He is like 90 pounds and is so funny. He wants to be an English teacher! How odd right?  He’s teaching us Spanish…interesting.


 In 1 Nephi 2:11, and 7:8 (hint hint ) read these for FHE or something awesome.

 Nephi is telling his brothers why he is being a good example. His brothers then get mad.   I know that no matter who we are, if we strive to set an example of Christ we will be able to impact someone's life.  No matter where we are we always have something to do. We must live to have as many Christ like attributes in our lives as possible.
I know this church is true.  I am so grateful for the leaders of this church. President Monson has been called of God and heck so have I so I better make good use of my time! I am very grateful for priesthood holders. I love being surrounded by all these worthy young men. When you are worthy to hold the priesthood you hold the same power that Christ did. Which means you can perform the same miracles as Christ did when he was on this earth.  wowzers!! so go priesthood holders. 


and you love me.. right?! right ,)
Your home girl 

Hermana Widdison

 Keep me in your prayers

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