Thursday, September 4, 2014


The first day in Mexico I wasn’t even at the CCM for even 10 minutes and what happens... JENSEN COMES UP AND TACKLES ME AND GIVES ME THE BIGGEST HUG!  It was such a blessing to see her. I see her all the time. I love it so much. It is amazing. She is awesome.  shout out to you Hermana Williams ;) hahaha 

lets  go 

 whoot  whoot

I am happy to be here, but it is a struggle, don’t get me wrong it is way hard.  It doesn’t help that the food is AWFUL.  It is always Mexican food, which is terrible. I don't like it.  At every dinner and breakfast there is a peanut butter and nutella bar.. so that helps a little bit..  But it is awful.  The first few days I got sick because I tried the food to see if I liked it, and I never did. There is no food that I like, EXCEPT THE CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!  There is always chocolate milk for breakfast which is so dang good..yummm!!  On Tuesdays,  IT IS PIZZA NIGHT!!!    SOOOOO GOOD:  hahahha  I am starving  in here... oh which reminds me mom hey there is this website.. so bam, if you love me.... go for it !! 

 I love my district.  The elders are way awesome.  I connect with them more than the Hermanas.
We got to teach our first investigator on Friday night.  Yes, in Spanish. It was amazing. The spirit here at the CCM is beyond amazing. I enjoy every single moment of it (except meal time). Our teacher is awesome. We are in the classroom all day long!  Awful, yet awesome at the same time.

The CCM is beyond cool. It’s kind of like a prison.  haha it is 90 acres of gorgeous campus.. There are about 800 missionaries here right now. There is a giant wall around the CCM  with barbed wire..  Boom…Prison! But it is good.

 I am on a spiritual high.  I love being a missionary. I love learning more. 

 MY SPANISH IS TERRIBLE!   So bad, waiting and praying for that gift of tongues. Patience is a virtue right.. Right?
We get one hour of gym time each day…and there is a …..TRACKKKKK!  So  happy about that. I look forward to gym time every day. I run about 4 miles I am so stressed so I run. My companion just sits there... yup. weird I know, everyone should love running.

But I seriously love being able to wear my name tag. That’s been an awesome thing to officially be a representative of this true church. So cool.

My goals for the 1st week of CCM..

1. Don’t flirt with elders... hhahaha you may think that I am joking.. But I am not.  I am striving to really have a missionary mindset, and to not think elders are cute, when actually they are really cute... and they are missionaries so that makes them CUTER: so no bueno
2. To say all my prayers in Spanish.  I know how to say a simply pray in Spanish.
3. Learn 100 words a day. May sound hard, but I have done it!!!!
4. To not wear more than one ring on each hand!! THIS ONE IS HARD: yeah first day they said no THUMB RINGS and only ONE ring per hand. I was so mad, why is that a rule? I love my rings! So I am only wearing 2 rings right now.

I live in casa 13.  In my closest of a bedroom there are 4 hermanas. Hermana Savage (my companion   who’s going to my mission.
 Hermana Ka’aa  who is from Hawaii and Hermana Twtichell. Those two are going to Sacramento. 
 Guess what?  I don’t have a closet space. So guess who is living out of her suitcase for the next 5 weeks. Yup! your girl right here.

I wore my camo shirt I think on Monday. I didn’t even get in trouble. Go me. haha it was a good day  because I got to wear it. :)

I honestly love my mission. I knew it was going to be a struggle. I was ready and prepared for it.  It is amazing to be surrounded by the youth of the church and to know we are all here for the same reason. I keep comparing the CCM to a military base, because you always see people walking together, we are always in clumps and we just all look so official. We are the army of God. It is cool.

Always know I love mail :) 

My address is long but here it is:

Hermana Widdison
Texas Houston south mission
Mexico missionary training center 
Carretera Teneyuca - Chalmita #828
colonia zona escolar gustavo a madero 
07230 Mexico, distrito federal 

hint ;) 

 I just love the opportunity to be able to serve my loving savior. I am so beyond grateful to be a missionary right now in my life. I am trying to make the most of my mission in everything I do. I love it. It is awesome. Being a missionary has been one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever been able to do. I keep comparing my mission to the 400. At first the CCM is like a dead sprint you have to get out and go as fast as you can, just like in the CCM you have to learn as much as you can. Then the next 200 meters is when I will be in the field. I will always have to stride it out, to keep my pace, and to never lose my motivation. The last 100m is the end, the hardest part of the whole race. You are ready to cross that line and to be done. The last 100m is the last part of my mission. To know that I am almost there, to never give up, to sprint to the end and to make the most of every moment I will have. 

Yes, I love my 400 

Everything you have is already inside of you. Perfect  moto for the mission.

Don’t slow down, never give up.

I love my district, I love my teacher Hermana Alvarado she is amazing. I love President Pratt. Everything here is amazing. The spirit is here and is amazing. It is here in a large supply.

yo se que la iglesia es verdadero y nuestro padre celestial es amoroso. yo soy las families son bendicion. las families son una parte central del plan dios. el evangelio de jesucristo fortalece a las families. estoy agradecido por mi familia.

I love my family. I am so very grateful for my parents and the choices they have made in their lives. I am grateful to be able to be on a mission. It is amazing. I am blessed. 

Love you all!

Peace and blessing

Hermana Widdison 

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