Friday, October 24, 2014


Hello beautiful people!
Another wonderful day here in Texas!
It is around 75 degrees and it is chilly! weird right?! yeah its weird that today is like a cold day!
Well.. where to begin! 
HANNAH SUE WIDDISON HAPPY BIRTHDAY I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE 13.. AHH SO SCARY. Eat something delicious for me today :) and Hannah I wore your favorite skirt yesterday to church :)
I WENT TO THE TEMPLE!! whoot go temples! we had a recent convert, his name is FRANSICO CRUZ! and he took family names, and was able to do baptisms for his grandparents, and great grandparents! soo cool! yeah that was way neat, and the Houston temple is beyond gorgeous! 
Besides being able to go to the temple, another fun awesome thing we did, was SERVICE! yeah go service! I love serving people it is so nice and fun... except the fire ants and mosquitos are CRAY here.. haha #annoyingbugsofthesouth HAHA I just did a hashtag. wow I'm funny!
 We did yard work for a recent convert named PICO! he was baptized the Sunday before I got here, and he is honestly the most amazing guy I've ever met!  He is like 50 something, and just loves the sister missionaries! we are teaching him right now about the priesthood, and temples. and he is so in awe of temples. and he cannot wait to go! So amazing! go missionaries! anyways we did yard work with him for about 3 hours! it was so much fun! haha mom you would've loved it, we were just chopping down everything! I love serving people. It is such a good way to show the pure love of Christ. Service is an awesome opportunity to let people know how much you love them! So serve everyone you can!!
We also just met the most amazing family! oh my goodness they are GOLDEN! and she is the sweetest lady! Her name is Kristina, she is 28 and she wants to get baptized so bad! so November 9th.. BOOM lets go! how fun! I love teaching her and her family, they are seriously so wonderful.. oh and they live in the BAYOU.. haha like I thought I saw an alligator.. just joking but that would be cool.  I love teaching her and her family and she has such a strong desire to  learn more. She wants her family to be together FOREVER!

   Oh my goodness I love my mission. Spanish I still hard, but members love it when I talk to them in Spanish. I practice my Spanish, and they practice their English! it is so funny.. how fun! I love the members of my ward..  all 50 of them.. small, but hey they are wonderful! I get to help LEAD PRIMARY NEXT WEEK!! what! sooo cool, I told the primary president how my lovely beautiful mother was primary chorister, and she was like COME TO PRIMARY PLEASE!! so boom, making you proud mom ;)

 Just know I love my mission, and I love being able to be out here to serve! Texas is wonderful, and the mission is a humbling experience for sure.
Sometimes I feel like I am in Mexico, no lie..  there are dogs everywhere. sketchy.
 I am grateful for what I have, and for all that I have been blessed with. I am grateful for all of you, and the impact you have made in my life!
have an awesome week!!
Serve someone this week! 
 Everyday, list 3 things you are grateful for!
 I do this everyday.. and I know like 2 days in a row it was PEANUT BUTTER. haha I am a dork!
love your favorite missionary girl :)
Hermana Widdison
OH MY GOODNESS I DIDN'T EVEN EXPLAIN  MY TITLE..  so we are having a trunk or treat this Saturday for the ward, and Hermano Torres was trying to say "Trunk or Treat" during sacrament when they do the announcements, and he said "CHUNKY TREE".. hahahha the only people who laughed were the ones who understand English.. and that happened to be the missionaries.. hahah we were busting up laughing  yeah wow funny!!
Texas sunrise

Pico is amazing! We loved helping him.

Houston Temple


A beautiful day at the temple.

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