Saturday, October 18, 2014


Howdy ya'll  hahaha just joking,
I haven't heard anyone say that since I have been here.. you may think I am joking, but I am not...
okay lets go! where to begin..
Oh here is a good start.
                                                               I AM IN  TEXAS

                                             FIRST DAY AT THE MISSION HOME

It's so hot down here it is crazy. You walk outside and are already sweating... dang..
Happy Birthday Dad!! and Malia!! and early birthday shout out to Sofie :)
Hooray for birthdays!!

MY COMPANION is amazing! plus she is an AGGIE so how wonderful right!
Her name is Hermana Taylor and she is from St George Utah!
She is so patient and kind, and just  awesome! I am like a foot taller than her.

                                   Who am I kidding? I'm taller than everyone. HAHAHA

  I am serving in an area called MANVEL WEST.. (yes mom it is a safe area!)  I am in a Spanish branch.. so don't ask me what I learned on Sunday, because I have no idea what was even said.. haha OH WAIT THIS IS FUNNY.. so we had fast and testimony meeting on Sunday, but.. get this, Latinos talk like its there job.. only 4 PEOPLE bore their testimonies in 50 minutes... hahahahah because they talk so darn much.. funny right?! yeah its funny.
 I should have been called to SPANGLISH SPEAKING.. because that's basically what is going down!
We honestly teach people in English, then in Spanish, then in English! it goes back and forth! plus a lot of people want to practice their English so they only speak in English to us.. so really I am speaking English, but I am learning Spanish too.. don't ask me how my Spanish is.. because its pretty bad.
The members of the ward are so sweet.. all 50 of them.. CRAZY!  THAT'S SO SMALL RIGHT.. and you would think you could learn all their names.. Oh heavens no. They have the hardest names to pronounce too.. but they are awesome and I love them!

                                                         First Sunday at church

Lets talk about the food. MEXICAN FOOD  People love to feed us. They feed us the hottest food so I eat it super fast so that it doesn't linger and make my mouth hot, but then when I finish my plate,  BOOM.. MORE HOT SPICY FOOD.. dang that's rough..

                                                            I LOVE MY MISSION

I love my companion and I love Ice Cream too!
It is so funny to be a missionary sometimes.
 Get this story.. this is kind of bad.. but there is a less active who we visit all the time and his name is JESUS.. cool name ;) and he calls us his daughters, he is 82.. and he normally feeds us and talks to us for two hours.. so yesterday we went over to visit him, and he brings us  this raw meat of some sort.. don't ask me what it was  but  Hermana Taylor and I were like we are gonna get sick..  so then randomly Jesus goes inside, and we put  the meat  into a plastic baggy and put it into our purses...CONFESSION. oops, but that was funny.. then he also sent us home with more of the raw meat...   He's so sweet!!

Oh yes, The title of the email.. I have fire ant bites all over my legs.. lets just say my legs look like I have chicken pox. THE BUGS DOWN HERE ARE CRAZY!  Then there is roadkill everywhere.. armadillos and possum.. cool right?! yeah cool!!

Feel free to write me love letters, and send anything and everything you want to your FAVORITE MISSIONARY.. me.. ;)

(This is where Kaylee gives you her address and this is where momma bear takes it out for her safety.)             I would be happy to give it to you when you call me.... 884- you know the rest.. or do you???) You can also use the mission home address but she won't get it for a while. (Check a previous post for that) 

My biggest temptation right now is football... the football is crazy down here.. so I have to focus!! but hey, I love football!! and I love you all!!
Hermana Widdison

                                   P.S. dogs chase us when we ride bikes.. SOOO SCARY
                                          but not this cute little one....not yet anyway!

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