Monday, December 1, 2014

I Got Coffee 

 Looks like another week under my belt!
What a wonderful week it was too :) Thanksgiving! CRAZY DAY!! I had 3 dinners. What! Such a bad idea just to let you all know. Don't ever think you can eat three Thanksgiving meals, because you cant. I had two traditional American dinners, then one Hispanic meal too! I am so grateful I got to eat a Thanksgiving meal. It didn't even feel like Thanksgiving.. it was 70 degrees.. hahah but hey it was such a fun day :) 

So right now.. oh wait COOL STORY:)
So we are teaching a man named RAUL. He is sixty-nine years old. There is something with old men. They love the sister missionaries! He calls us his daughters. Super precious! Anyways,  Raul has been taught  for about a year or so, and last week we asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he FLIPPED.  He was like no no no no no no.. kind of like that.. more or less ;) so we gave him his space and let him cool off. But then he came to church yesterday and we were sitting in sacrament meeting and he just starts bawling his eyes out.  I'm like what the heck is going on?! Because first off, I can't understand Spanish so I couldn't really understand what the talk was about. Then I was freaking out cause Raul is crying, and seeing old men cry is a sad sight let me tell you! But he was fine. He would just give us the thumbs up. So anyways sacrament meeting was done, and he just went home.

So then that night (Sunday night) all our set appointments cancelled on us so I said, "Hey lets go see Raul" So then we went and saw him and he was so happy, and I said "Hey Raul we just want to talk to you about one thing tonight and that's baptism". He got the biggest smile on his face, and said, " I want to be baptized for my Christmas present.  I know this because God told me today during church."  LIKE WHAT!  SO COOL..!!  Then we just talked to him and he really struggles with drinking coffee. So you know me, being quite bold as always. I made him give me all of his coffee.  I just took it from him.  He was happy  because he wants to do anything he can to be baptized :) SO YAY!  He is getting baptized December 20th.. ya know cause its almost Christmas!
Hopefully that story made sense.. if not ask me in 15 months and I will explain it :) 
 Everyone go check out this cool video..

go social media ;) 

I love my mission!!

1. here is my cute zone! I don't know if I'm allowed to say cute.. but I don't care we are cute! Its the Galveston zone! oh yeah, I went to Galveston! It is so pretty! 
2. Our little bit of coffee :) 

more adventures to come next week :)

oh and I have my voice back again! whoot!

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