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                                                November 24,2014

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Hello Hello!!

What a wonderful week it has been! 
except I was TRANSFERRED! and you bet I balled my eyes out leaving my last area. I grew so close to the members of the ward, and to all of the people who we taught. I was heart broken to leave! but I guess I am needed somewhere else..

That new place is called.. KEMAH SOUTHWEST!  I am close to Galveston! but really I have no idea where in the world I am.. haha but I love it already! I am in a branch! Which means there are about 30 people who go to church! Be grateful for English wards!! I got a new companion. Her name is Hermana Agyin, She has been out for 10 months! She's from california. She is super nice and tall!! We are both tall! plus shes black and I'm white.. therefore CHOCOLATE SWIRL hehe so funny! but shes awesome! Her Spanish is bomb! Its hard leaving old companions, but I am trying to LOVE her as much as I can!! She is awesome! The work here is awesome too! Its a big adjustment.

OH MY GOSH, Name something funnier than a missionary with no voice. Nothing is funnier than that! So this past week I have been super sick, ew gross I know! I have like a smokers cough, and an awful voice.  YESTERDAY I woke up with no voice. seriously no voice. How does that even happen. So all day yesterday during our lessons I was silent. I have like a solid whisper voice. yeah so the missionary work is at a silent level with your home girl right now. I have no voice.. but yeah.. I'm trying to get better. I eat about 10 cough drops a day!
 I think I know why I'm sick too.. because we biked in the POURING rain. haha it was seriously so much fun!!  we biked all day.. and only got one lesson! So much for biking 25 miles and 1 lesson. But it was fun! I was soaked and covered in mud!! I would wave to everyone, I had over 50 people wave back to me! they probably thought how silly it was to see a girl in a skirt biking in the pouring rain, but hey they waved and it was fun! :) 

I love the area I am in! I am slowly but surely getting to know those whom I serve here. We have one guy, LUIS! He is straight out of CUBA and his Spanish is like.. not Spanish haha it is so hard...  but hey I extended a baptismal date too him, and BOOM he accepted it! amazing amazing :) oh yeah December 21st :) 

Oh and another thing, the gift of tongues is real. its amazing. 

I love my mission! except when I have no voice.. but hey they can feel my love at least :)

You guys are all awesome!! Enjoy Thanksgiving.. pray I don't eat any tortillas for thanksgiving :(

Enjoy Thanksgiving :)
Happy Birthday LIL RED. I love you!!
Hermana Kaylee Widdison

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