Monday, December 22, 2014

December 15 2014


 Should I give you all a run down on this amazing week?! OKAY :)
1. We went to the mall for P day last week. Of course we had an amazing time! SHOPPING :)
2. We had an awesome Relief Society dinner.. except I still don't know what people are saying so that's always good. haha  The picture was taken of Hermana Huntsman and Hermana Agyin and I at the party :)
3.  On Wednesday we biked all day long.. and we were biking to an appointment with one of our super GOLDEN families who are amazing might I add.. so we were biking, biking, biking...  We had about 20 miles under our belt  that day.. haha and YOUR HOMEGIRL got a flat tire about a mile away from our investigators house. So we of course walked... and walked.. AND HAD A BOMB LESSON :) So worth it. Then we we had about 4 miles to walk home.. in the dark.. but don't worry mom we were picked up by amazing members :) about 2 miles away from home :) So it was a good work out.. and oh yeah even though it is December. MOSQUITOES ARE ALIVE AND BITING. yeah got a few bug bites that lovely night.
4. RAUL GOT BAPTIZED.( hence the super cute pictures :) He is amazing.. he is 69 and is  the most amazing older man ever. He can even touch his toes! :) and do pull ups.. haha 
5. We got to read scriptures and hang out with little kids.. hangout as in PLAY FUTBOL.  All those little kids are BOMB at soccer... yeah it is in their blood. haha soooo cool :)

Amazing week of miracles and lessons being learned and taught :)
Cant believe next week is Christmas!! what... weird. 

Enjoy the pictures!

Remember I love you all! and if my emails annoy you.. please let me know! I aint got time to be annoying people :)


The mission is great.

Love Hermana Kaylee Widdison

Shopping on P day
Relief Society dinner

Companion fixing that flat
Back in business!!

 Raul is awesome!
Did I mention Raul is AWESOME!
Baptism day
Spreading some Christmas Service cheer
soccer with the kids

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