Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello all you beautiful people :)
What amazing week! had a crazy new years.. I am sure all of you did too :) mine consisted of sleep.. haha whoot ;) okay but really HAPPY NEW YEAR :) 2015!

Amazing miracle happened this week :)

1. Silly miracle.. for those of you who know me all to well.. you know I love candy canes! So me and Hermana Agyin were biking our hearts out on New Years Day.. (51 degrees might I add) and she super wanted ice cream. So I said why not we are already frozen. So we went to dairy queen and YOUR GIRL GOT THE LAST CANDY CANE BLIZZARD :) yay!

2. My sweet cute Raul :) We went to go see him, and he gave us little gifts :) flowers and a bear :) Because he said we are beautiful young ladies who deserve flowers :) heck yes we are beautiful ;) haha He is seriously the sweetest old man! yeah cute with his shirt unbuttoned too.. hahahahhahah funny! I love Raul!

3. THEODORE. Oh my where do I even begin. On Friday we were going to some old investigators houses to see if they wanted to learn and we were getting out of the car and there was some guy just walking down the road. So of course your girl was loud and said hi to him and such, and then he kept walking and we just walked up to the door of the  investigators.. so while Hermana Agyin was talking to the people at the door, the guy comes up and said "sorry, are you guys the missionaries for the latter day saints?"  and I say yes, so me and this young man are talking in these peoples front yard, while my companion is talking to the other people. So long story short, the people in the house weren't interested, but this guy was. So we are standing talking to this guy,( oh yeah, his name is  THEODORE :) and he is super interested about life and is searching for answers. We talked to him, and then he asked us for our "holy book" ahahha and he said,"I've already studied Joseph Smith.
 So cool!  then he asked to meet us again!
So that was Friday!Then on Saturday we met with him and he just basically had 5 million questions,  deep questions! (he is 25)  anyway, we sat and talked and testified with him for 2 hours in Panda Express! It was wonderful!
Then Saturday night we get a text from him, and he is asking us more questions, questions like "Why do we glow?" "What is the light he sees in our eyes?" (light of Christ duh ;) hehehe)  Then he  calls us and continues to explain to us that we were in his dream! what? okay!  In this dream, he was in a room just searching for something and he could only hear our voices leading him towards the light.. SHUT UP WHAT!! goosebumps when he was telling us this story because the spirit was so strong!  So cool!  Amazing! Then he was asking us questions about families, and so on..

 Then on Sunday, he wanted to meet with us again, so he said Panda Express.. ( I can say that going to Panda Express on fast Sunday was something extremely hard to do.. hahahha so hard. funny. )  We met with him yesterday again for another 2 hours and he is so curious. Oh I totally forgot. He is Atheist.  So he doesn't believe in God. Anyways, we were just telling him about what we believe in. He brings a notebook and writes down what we say and he writes down his questions. OOOH another cool thing, he told us how in his body he feels like there was a light that was turned on that is overcoming all the darkness. AWESOME!  that's the gospel my friend.  I was flipping out. Trust me I was.

 I am pretty sure you probably only got about 10 percent of what really went down with Theodore this past weekend. but trust me, there will be more next week  because we are meeting him today :) Oh and the crazy thing is he tells us to meet him at this Panda Express which is 6 MILES away from his house. and he doesn't have a car.

okay yeah. cool. Ask me when I return home from my mission to tell you about Theodore please. because this email does no justice whatsoever.


the mission is crazy.
miracles are happening.

Hermana Widdison ;)

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