Monday, January 26, 2015

PASSION                                       January 20 2015

Whats up everybody? :)
Another fabulous week here in good ol Texas! :)
Finally the sun is out and it is a good time to be preaching.
Some amazing things happened this week! but for starters, I love my mission. I couldn't be more excited to be a missionary during this time. :)
 First off can I say how weird it is to be a missionary as well.. straight up, people tell us everything.. like EVERYTHING! we are out talking to everyone, and people just tell us their whole life stories. people these days.. haha we tend to get a lot of people who will just talk to us and cry.. its interesting.. but hey its missionary work!

Oh funny thing too! haha I love this! So as a missionary we have a thing called OYM.. It stands for open your mouth! So it just means talk to everyone! haha So we OYM everyday. We talk to people and teach them and them pray with them... haha  I seriously love praying with black people and Catholics.! because why? well let me tell you why.. haha black people just are saying amen after everything we say, and then they want to hold our hands and just praise God.. seriously so funny.. I laugh 99% of the time during these prayers! and then the good ol Catholics.. So Catholics are super hard core.. especially all the ones from Mexico.. Okay, They are dang funny when we pray too! haha because they say their own prayer when we are praying.. yup I laugh during those too.. hahah I just love it! Praying with random people is so much fun! I love it! :) 

So get this! on Tuesday.. maybe Wednesday we were biking around town.. (I say that casually, but really we bike about 30 miles a day.. ) anyways biking biking.. and it was very cold. Way cold! around 42 degrees... yes down here that is cold! we have our coats on, our gloves, hats, fleeced lined tights, the whole get up! We say "HI" to everyone, and we said hi to this one lady, and she
 hollas at us asking us what we were selling? So then we go and talk to her and she was going door to door selling magazines. Then she continues to tell us her life story, and then seriously during the middle of her life story Hermana Agyin just asks her if she wants her coat.. (I WAS LIKE WHAT) and so the lady was in shock, she was so grateful... oh yeah the lady's name is PASSION (hint like the title of the email :) ) anyways Hermana Agyin takes off her coat and gives it to this lady we just met, and then she takes off her scarf too! and I was just in shock. Seriously I was amazed how quick and lovingly she did this for this complete stranger we just met. Passion was amazed by her too.. and that was that.. then we biked away.. and of course I am like flipping out on what Hermana Agyin just did! How amazing she is and generous.. amazing. anyways, I offered her my coat and everything but she didn't take it. It was about 2 miles to bike back home and I was frozen biking home. At one stoplight I turned back and asked Hermana Agyin if she was cold, and she said she wasn't one bit... WHAT! HEAVENLY FATHER WAS KEEPING HER WARM!! How cool.. seriously it was an amazing experience and testimony builder! I don't even know if I explained that story well enough.. it was wonderful. Ask me in a year to tell you all about it ;) 

Okay, for other things.. umm..Remember Theodore??? well.. HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY :) so that's bomb! Basically the most amazing person ever. I have learned so much from this young man. We have been teaching him for about 3 weeks.. he went from being Atheist, to now.. praying every morning and night and reading the book of Mormon. Now all he wants is an eternal family. I AM JUST FREAKING OUT. He is amazing. The change we have seen is seriously beautiful. He is one of the reasons I love being a missionary for sure :) He is more excited for his baptism then I think I am for it :) pictures to come next week :)
 Something silly that happened this week.. haha So we have a less active whose name is Martha. Her mother lives with her and her mother is around 60 years old and her name is Martha.. haha so Marthas mom Martha wanted to learn how to ride a bike. So we tried to teach her yesterday.. BAHAHHAHAHHA like the funniest experience in the world.. me and Hermana Agyin are trying to hold this abuela up, and its just not working and she is not pedaling and it was just a hoot.. but she didn't crash. which is good :) haha

I think that's all folks.. enjoy the pictures :)
 Heck yes that's me in pants preaching! The elders asked us to go visit an investigator and they knew I would be excited because they asked us to go in NORMAL clothes! whoot :) so that was good.. haha


love you all,
Hermana Widdison
Teaching in pants... great day!

Teaching Martha how to ride a bike
Who wants a picture with the missionaries?

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