Monday, January 5, 2015

ANOTHER WEEK!! and a special week at that :)

first off- Merry LATE Christmas :)

I had such a fun weird week!!

Well to start things off, it was definitely weird being surrounded by palm trees.. and no snow for Christmas. I definitely miss my mountains more than anything!

let me tell you what went down :)

On Tuesday we had our mission Christmas!! AMAZING! It is the only time where all the missionaries will be all together! So the WHOLE Texas Houston South Mission was together! Can you say cool?! yeah it was cool and the spirit was so strong. I knew no one. 200 missionaries! crazy! but it was beautiful! In the morning we had some lessons and learned a lot!  The most amazing thing was when President Ashton.. ( mission president) was telling us how we can get a butt ton of baptisms during the month of January! hahah like seriously.. it was amazing when he was telling us all this! so he was asking us how many, then all the sudden he said lets all kneel and pray.. WHOOOOOH THE SPIRIT WAS SO DANG STRONG!  200 missionaries all kneeling as our mission president prayed!  Seriously, I can't describe how amazing that was. So then after the big powerful amazing prayer. He promised us 60 baptisms! like whooooh what! Then yesterday we had a mission wide fast for those 60 people ( whomever they may be )  cool right?
So that was in the morning!! Then we got to watch movies.. nothing to crazy.. like super Mormon missionary movies haha ehh  but fun (sort of)

After the movie.. we were fed. well, fed isn't a good word.. WE WERE STUFFED!! they seriously fed us like a 20 course meal. Don't worry mom I got some good food.They also gave us Texas sheet cake.. interesting... but it is a Texas tradition.

Then that was all! oh wait.. so president Ashtons daughter.. in the picture. the cute little girl.. She is seriously my favorite.. oh my gosh. she is 9 years old, we have a secret handshake. I seriously love her so much, and I know why!! because she reminds me of my favorite 9 year old sister back home :) whom I miss so much ;) hahah  she is amazing! President Ashton and his family are amazing people! We get a new president in July.. and yeah not to happy about that... Next subject!

So then Christmas eve... what did I do... oh yeah, we had a bonfire and smores! how cute! and  a testimony meeting! but really it wasn't a bonfire, it was a sad little fire.  but Hispanics don't know what smores are.. so they were just burning their marshmallows and eating them hah gross.. but hey I mean whatever suits them haha but that was fun!

 Christmas day!
We have an amazing member in the English ward who got permission to have a breakfast for all the missionaries that live around him! (he is the  guy in the pink shirt sitting by yours truly) so he gave us the most amazing Christmas morning ever!  He just loves missionaries so it felt so good to be around him! After the lovely meal I  skyped my family.. of course I cried. hahaha missing the family! It was good seeing their beautiful faces ;)

 Then we went and saw RAUL! my home boy! and he is the cutest older man.. hahah we get to go "workout" with him tomorrow... which means walk around! but hey hes my bud :)  We went and took him a little present! which was ties and chocolate! and yesterday he wore the TIE :) ahw how cute!

Who knew I could love so many older men on my mission...( hahahha awkward.)
The rest of my lovely Christmas day was spent playing games with elders :)  It was a good day! don't worry mom :)

Also one thing I have learned you make some dang good friends on the mission! because for one, we are all emotionally unstable and we know what we are all going through. and we all left our families, and are put into this world of unknown! So I have made some amazing friends since I have been out here! The pictures are of Sister Hunt and Hermana Huntsman! It's amazing to have people out here who understand!

The new year is around the corner! 2015! whoot... crazy that past year just zoomed by.Time is a weird concept!

I love my mission. it seriously has been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. The HARDEST.  I know I am learning so much, and I still have no idea what I am doing out here. hahah it hasn't hit me that I am on a mission.. weird. but hey one day it will. :)

I love you all :)

peace and love
your girl
Hermana Widdison :)
Sister Hunt

Christmas morning

Another new friend!

Christmas morning with Raul. Did I say he's awesome!!

Silly picture of Christmas morning

Hermana Huntsman

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