Monday, July 27, 2015

                                                                                                         July 20, 2015

Let's just start out by saying I hope you enjoy these pictures... hahahahahaha
Hermana Whitehead trying to survive the heat

It really is HOT IN TEXAS
That was Saturday, the HOTTEST day of the summer so far and boy was it awful. It was the longest day on my mission so far. We knocked on so many doors.. and no one was home.. no one. All we wanted was one sit down lesson, and we got ZERO. No one opened the door. So we got to enjoy the 100+ degree weather. I had so much sunblock on and I was just sweating and sweating.
The biggest blessing though was when our friend at the taco truck gave us a bottle of cold water because of course our water was warm. TEXAS IS SOOOOOO HOT.
Saturday was a long and basically awful day, but we met the cutest lady named CLAUDIA who said she wanted to learn more. So I am grateful we were able to see some miracles that day. but boy oh boy is Texas hot!! It's not even the hottest part of summer yet!
but we see miracles when we are out working :)
Some awesome moments this week!!
WE FOUND ANA OUR INVESTIGATOR, and now she is gone.. again.. Shes basically Houdini.. so that's cool,(NOT) so pray she comes back! haha... again! When we saw her we just hugged her and told her how worried we were about her and she was shocked we cared so much about her!
We had interviews with PRESIDENT HALL this week. He's amazing. I have nothing else to say about him except he seriously is amazing.  It was sad he told me tell him about home and I just had no idea what to even say. The mission is my home it seems like and I felt so sad I couldn't remember stuff. I was like, I have a mom and a dad and brothers and sisters.. hahah the mission life. President Hall is truly amazing and I am so grateful he is my mission president right now, he just loves us. Sister Hall is amazing too.
It was cool we had an investigator devotional last night and President Hall spoke. (of course it was a Spanish devotional..) and Sister Hall doesn't know Spanish, but she got up there and bore her testimony in Spanish. Holy cow I felt the spirit so strong. To know she is trying so hard to learn this language to talk to these people. It was a testimony builder. I love her. So Awesome!! 

Funny story, we broke our dish washer. So I put soap in it... and I didn't check what kind of soap... then when we went to go check the dishes and there was water and soap all over the floor... so we opened the dishwasher and it smelt like laundry... HAHA WE PUT LAUNDRY SOAP IN THE DISH WASHER... hahaha it didn't even clean our dishes but it gave us a good laugh :)

 We have the privilege to teach English class every Tuesday and Thursday night. It is really fun. I have come to LOVE the students of the class! It's so fun to watch the people progress and learn English! It's so funny because they say their B's like V's  and they get frustrated and say funny stuff in Spanish! I love them! It's just fun how missionary work comes in all sorts of forms :)

Pray Texas gets cold (joke of the day..)

I love you all, Hermana Widdison!!

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