Sunday, July 26, 2015

                                                                                            July 13, 2015

Dehydration Nation

I wish I had a lot to say but I will just make this quick!!

1.I went on a super cool exchange with Hermana Campos and Sister Guidi!!! It was way cool.. Hermana Campos is from Mexico!! and Sister Guidi is a sister from temple square on her outbound here.  She's originally from New Caledonia.. like where the heck is that? Oh, its an island between Fiji and Australia.. like still, where the heck is that? haha but she was pretty legit. She speaks Tahitian, Italian, Spanish, French, English. kind of impressive right? SO COOL!! she told us all about the mission on temple square.(sounds kind of like prison.. ) hahah

2. ooh I was dehydrated. That was an awful experience! hahaha sorry mom. I swear on my life I am drinking enough water, but we are just sweating like pigs in a butcher shop!!! Wanna know something funny? Okay I will tell you :) every morning deciding my outfit, I think "okay what shirt isn't gonna show my sweat as bad.." hahahaha that's gross.. MY UPPER LIP SWEATS. I am having an atonement lesson in life, instead of bleeding from every pore I am sweating from every pore...(hahahahahaha) but really. Deodorant and sweat towels are life. So we had to stay inside like bats on Friday. That was AWFUL. I drank about two gallons of water though :) Go me! I wanted to get out so bad. There were five other missionaries who were dehydrated!

3. Our investigator Ana ran away. We don't know where she is. So pray for her.

4. We have a cool new investigator OMAR. flirty old Colombian man who tells us "I love you" in English when we call him. Not so sure about him! but he is getting baptized in August.. so that's cool right :)

5. KIKO IS MY FAVORITE MEMBER, and that deserves a big moment for this week. He gets to go through the temple next week :) YAY!!! He has been a member for about a year and a half. His conversion is the best one yet :) he is cool.. He has lost teeth because he was hit with a 2x4.. like what! who is this guy! he has also been to jail, been hit in the head with a baseball bat, been stabbed. He has lived a life! and he's an amazing member missionary! He comes out riding his bike with us :)

well, that's all!
love you all :)
your favorite sweaty missionary here in Houston :)
or as KIKO would say
hermana WIDDY :)
Amazing member Kiko

Just having a crazy moment

Sometimes the heat just gets to you!

Downtown Houston

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