Sunday, July 26, 2015

                                                                           JULY 6, 2015
What a week :)
First off, let me tell you about my new mission president :)
Hes so fun! and so skinny.. and so amazing! and so different!
He is an iron-man runner. Hey, and I love running :) so boom! perfect right?! haha
He is really, really  skinny. I just can't get over it.. haha
Our mission now has a facebook. So y'all can go stalk it!!!
On Wednesday we had a big mission conference, "MEET THE HALLS" where we got to meet him and his family. I LOVE THEM!
It was cool because we got to all go up and shake their hands and introduce ourselves and such.
So this is how it went down.
I went up to President Hall and shook his hand, and I told him my name.. hah
" Hi, I am Hermana Widdison"
"ooh Hermana Widdison, you are a runner"
" yup haha"
"You run the 400 meters right? "
"yes.. haha"
"You love Vans too right?"
"You're from Meridian Idaho right"
"yes... how do you know all this?"
"Oh we just wanted to get to know you, so we facebook stalked you!"
He's so cool.
 He knew everything about me it seemed like, a little creepy.. but I thought it was chill. He knew my races, where I was from, where I went to school.. dang. 
So it was really neat to meet him, and to see the already big changes hes making in the mission!
He is what I need it seems like :) YAY!

Something cool happened this week.. (duh cool things happen all the time. but you know what I mean.)
On Friday me and Hermana W. were leaving an apartment complex, when of course it started pouring rain, so we decided to wait it out, because it would pass in like 10 minutes. So we were waiting under this little parking cover, and this guy yells and tell us we should come in.. haha So we were like cool, yeah!
So we go into this apartment, and Ludwin is the boyfriend, and Ana is his girlfriend. Ludwin tells how we need to help Ana change her life.  Ana is an alcoholic and is 37, and has just had the worst eight years of her life. She has died twice, and now has a mechanical heart. yeah hard life.

So we were teaching her, and she just wants to change her life so bad, and she just wants to be able to be with her four kids, and be able to see them.
Her kids met with the missionaries eight years ago, so she remembers the restoration video. like what cool!
Anyways, that was Friday, so we taught them and then they were like hey come back tomorrow we are going to have a barbeque. So we said ok!
On Saturday we go back and they have like a Thanksgiving sized barbeque. It was so neat, because she had so many questions about the Book of Mormon and the restoration, and then she came to church on Sunday. I have never met someone who has wanted to change their life so bad.
You can just see how broken she is when you look into her eyes, but then you see the potential and the love that Heavenly Father has for her. DANG SO COOL. missionary work :)

So that was my week.. plus other fun stuff.. biking.. biking.. sweating.. more biking.. bug bites.. new president.. talking to drunks.. meeting people from turkey! WOW!
Texas is cool!
sike.. Texas is HOT!!!
talk to you next week :)
Your favorite sister missionary in the world..
duh ( humble I know )

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