Tuesday, December 1, 2015

                                                                                         December 1 2015



you lucky folk :)

let me just start off by saying..
1st thanksgiving without turkey,  I guess it had to happen sometime right.. how sad. 
oh well!! 
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving though :)
On thanksgiving Hermana Sanchez and I tried to make a list of everything we were grateful for. We went through the alphabet and had a minute for each letter... haha I would have to say we got really creative.. :)
We had fun, but it was weird! but hey 2 of 2 Thanksgivings down.. none to go :)

On Monday we helped do some service with the Houston Food Bank. We were handing out turkeys and some canned foods for the thanksgiving break :) it was so fun!  It is a blessing to help them.
We had a fun/weird thanksgiving haha.. no turkey for me! 
We helped decorate ourselves as Christmas trees.. haha we went over to our ward mission leaders house to help them decorate their tree, but instead we decorated ourselves and they thought it was the funniest thing ever hahahaha so we had fun with that :)

I had a super fun exchange with a sister who is from temple square on her outbound here, and she is from PANAMA  and she is crazy!  but we had a fun time :) biking in the pouring rain... 52 degrees... absolutely soaking wet and frozen.. haha but hey thats the lords work! and she is an amazing teacher! We went and taught one of our members, and a new investigator we found named ____, and he accepted baptism.. so that was cool :) pray for him!!! he is cool! I am grateful I get to work with the sisters and how we get to go on exchanges weekly to learn new things :)
 Also,  we were biking around on Saturday night  and our brakes don't work.. and we were frozen... and it was pouring rain.. yes this is dangerous.. hahaha but we were blessed :) 
We are working with one of our less actives named_____, and she has two little girls who want to be baptized so bad, so we taught them and it was such a miracle lesson.. their mom said they could be baptized, so grateful for the Holy Ghost and his ability to soften hearts :) but the little girls names are _____ and _____:) they are so cute. It was worth biking in the freezing rain. When we got to their apartment, they gave us towels to sit on.. hahahah we had a lot of cold frozen clothes on.

 Sunday I said goodbyes to a lot of the people, and gave my little friends some choose the right rings :) (thanks Aunt Kaye)
Oh yes, I am getting transferred,  its been six months here in this area. I find out on Wednesday where I will be going!
I am grateful for Hermana Sanchez!! she has been amazing!! she is so fun!!  she will see so many miracles in Houston but the lord needs me else where.. who knows where I will go?

Enjoy the pictures!
Some of service, us as trees, decorating Christmas trees, biking in the freezing rain, Hermana Rivas and I, hermanita and my cute little friends at church with our rings!!

love you all :)

have a good week :)
welcome December!
pray I stay in a biking area.

hermana widdison :)

S :)‏

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