Monday, December 14, 2015

                                                        December 14, 2015

Wrapping paper and BINGO!

first let me say..
I love my companion, SISTER SORENSEN, she is so funny! she just.. well.. her quote of her life is  " this would happen to me"
 haha she poured water on the phone, then all over her books.. then got our Christmas lights stuck in our ceiling fan.. hahha she just jokes all the time how she just has hourly trials and wants some grace in her life, but she always has me laughing :) I love this girl! We had a great week together :) 
she has me laughing right now people haha..

Last Monday we had a super fun family home evening with the Wright family, and it was crazy, they are from Canada, They just moved to Texas after living in Mexico for 6 years. ( I got to use some of my Spanish, so that was fun :) 
We also thought it would be a good idea to hop a fence that night too... wasn't too good of an idea, I will tell you that, well, not in a skirt.  Sister Sorensen got stuck.. hahahhahahahhaha oh man.. then we ran home to be in by nine, So fun! :) We were laughing and dying!

Oh my goodness we also had an adventure.. we wrapped a wall.. with wrapping paper.. twice.. haha we helped one of our members decorate her Christmas tree, but she then wanted her wall wrapped.. haha but we ran out of paper.. twice. haha so we had to wrap it.. it was awful. dont ever wrap a wall! but it was fun.. :)

WE also started doing some weekly service here at the retirement center.. so... WE PLAY BINGO!!  and it was probably the most boring game of bingo I have ever played, but its so fun! We get to help wheel them down to the room and then help them with their chips and make sure they don't cheat!  HOW FUNNY! I got two bingo's and I stood up and was loud and they all thought it was so funny! BINGO! they are fun old people :) and we get to help every Friday. :) 

We had a cute funny moment with one of our less actives.. she is kind of old, and kind of losing it. After the prayer.. " amen.." she just started laughing and was like.. "1 man.." hahha "2 men" HAHHAHAH we just started up busting laughing with her! but it was cute :)

We also had a fun ward party. and yup your girl went up and sang.. well I participated..:)
I went up front and helped sing the 12 days of Christmas  with a little dancing motion :) 

It was a fun week!! We work so much with members, and the young women!  One thing I have started is my personal progress :)
(YUP MOM BE PROUD) I never did it in high school, but now as a missionary we help the young women four times a week with their personal progress, so I decided to start mine :)  I have it planned where I will finish and get my medallion before the end of my mission :) I am excited!
 It's so fun, and the young women love helping me with it!! It has really helped me out! I challenge my sisters to get theirs done at the same time as mine!! lets make it a goal for February :) 

Oh my goodnes,s we had a lesson with EDU... just pray for him,
as well as our other investigator DAVID... they need some prayers!

I love you all :)
Enjoy the holidays :)
Sister Widdison :)
My new companion Sister Sorensen

Look at our wrapped wall in the back!

Christmas is coming

Our cute little tree.

Riding with our investigator
Singing and dancing at the ward party

Our awesome front door!

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