Sunday, December 13, 2015

                                                                                                                         December 7 2015

English or Spanish...?

Hello everyone :)
Another fabulous fast week here in Texas... but really.. so fast..
I cant believe how fast time has gone, it scares me.
Drum roll please.... :)

Area number seven... haha 
and y'all can now call me SISTER WIDDISON! I am in the only sister English biking area in the mission. haha 
I have once again been blessed with an amazing companion! Her name is Sister Sorensen  she is from good ol UTAH :) She hunts and fishes and likes to run!! AHHH :) and has curly hair. so cool :)
She is such an amazing disciple of Christ. I am so excited to work with her, except she goes home in three weeks, so I have three weeks to learn this area take it over :) but the lord will help!
Its kind of cool, the area I am in is actually the English version of my very first area of my mission, so all of it is very familiar and the church building is the same one! SMALL WORLD RIGHT?!

All the pictures are of me saying adios in Houston, so enjoy them! 

saying goodbye

I will miss these friends!

I guess you know where my face is going!

My favorite investigator, Angel

My last time teaching English class

My first night here in SILVER LAKE was amazing!! We went and visited the cutest family and they just had such a strong spirit and love in their home, it was overwhelming and something I haven't felt in a home for 6 months.. such love.. it was a home. It was powerful and then we get to go to Young Womens every Wednesday and help with the youth! so we went, and I was bulldozed with hugs, all the young women and the leaders and the young men and the leaders just swarmed to great me and welcome me to the ward... oh my goodness.. I feel so loved here. I am so grateful! It was so fun, we got to help them make care packages for the missionaries in their ward (hey, Christmas is coming up soon... care packages.. ;) ;) hint hint.. hehehe ) but it was so fun!!
We work a lot with members, just helping them and truly being in their homes! We went and helped the relief society with a cookie exchange, and we helped Sister Wilson makes some enchiladas. 
hahha its been so fun :)  After making the enchiladas we shared a message about missionary work, and her son Bruce, 15, shared his testimony and a story about how he prayed to have a missionary experience and how the following week someone asked him all about Mormons. His testimony was so neat,  so we invited him to share it during fast and testimony meeting.. AND OH MY GOODNESS HE DID :) IT WAS SOOO COOL!! he is going to be a great missionary :) 

We also get to work a lot with a recently baptized family, the Steeles,  we went and helped them just try and work in unity, and I am so grateful I get to be their missionary and help them.  Please keep this family in your prayers!!
Also, the Kent family. They are a family where the parents are less actives, but the kids are active. The parents drop their kids off at the church for Young Women and for church and seminary, but they just don't go to church.. interesting? yeah.. haha but on Friday night we had such a spiritual experience with them, where brother Kent shared his testimony and a very personal story about his brothers passing. I have never felt the spirit so strong from someones testimony before, it was amazing to hear this mans testimonies of his trials, but yet he just won't come to church. I am grateful for Gods plan.. because this brothers testimony strengthened mine, and I know one day he will come back to church! 

We were biking and we saw this dad who was with his kids, and they looked like they were going to be racing.. so duh I was like.. y'all are racing? let me count down... hahaha... running is my life... so they raced and obviously the sons won but the dad was so interesting in our "reflectors.." hahah He said we just had something that we carried and he wanted to know what it was, so we told him who we were and then an hour later, he was just so excited to learn more and come to church. his name is EDU, that's short for Edwardo! He is from Mexico, so I got to use my Spanish :) he was a miracle, he is going through such a hard time right now, but he knew we were placed in his path. (plus he works at Costco, and I love Costco.. haha)  he came to the Christmas devotional last night, and loved it. he loves Mo-tab now... hahaha so that's a plus right :)! 
Please everyone pray for EDU, because he needs this gospel to help him in his life in order to forgive and move on... pray for my man!! haha 


I have an amazing companion! 
an amazing ward!
I am also in culture shock... hahha

now and til I die...

oh and Christmas cards from family and friends can be sent to:
(Kaylee's mom here, and you thought I would really put her 
address here, You're funny, you can call me for it though. I will
however give you the mission home address.
Texas Houston South Mission
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, Texas  77478

Now this is a Christmas tree!!

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