Tuesday, December 1, 2015

                                                        November 16 2015

 life.. partner?‏ 


hahaha this week..

Well, me and Hermana Sanchez made this bet, we came up with 35 questions we had to ask people in the streets, so we had 10 days to ask all these question.. like "do you believe in god?" "do you know how to pray?" just simple question, and we got alot of interesting responses and honesty and new investigators :) 
 Last night we had about an hour left and had 6 questions more to ask, and if we didn't get our goal we had to take cold showers for 5 days.. hahaha so we had to ask all these questions. So we were walking and we just ask this guy.. "do you know how to pray?" and he says of course,  then we talk and he ends up being from Jerusalem, and he is a Muslim, but as the conversation goes on, he just ends up asking me to be his GIRLFRIEND. hahahahah he just simple asks up if we can date, because he is looking for a LIFE PARTNER hahahahah... we told him we could pray for him that he could find someone, and we can't date.. hahahaha and we walked away quite fast! hahahahaha but we opened our mouths :) so funny.. "Can you be..ummm.. my life partner?  "like my girlfriend sister wittingson?" hahah (because no one knows how to say my name) BAHAHA

 It has been fun asking people questions, and we achieved our goal.. NO COLD SHOWERS :) 

This week NORMA told us we couldn't go and see her, because she had so many doctor appointments, so that was sad for us. We hope she is doing good! but we get to see her tomorrow :) 

We were able to help the red cross do service for a benefit thing they were doing! HELPING HANDS :) 

As for gators,
well... besides the fact there was a 800 pounds gator found in a parking lot here.. hahaha
our investigators.. are just.. well..  you know how the work goes.
We are opening our mouths, and we have been able to find a lot of new people to teach :)
which is a blessing! 

We were able to help our investigator RUSHINNE decorate her Christmas tree. She left for Guatemala yesterday for a month. :(
We have been able to really learn how to see if people are interested or not, and if they truly understand. It is sad to teach people and they say no.. because they just don't understand the blessings they could receive from having this gospel in their lives. We are doing all we can to help teach them.

Have a good week :)
Enjoy the snow and cold!
Hermana Widdison :)
Sometimes the tall missionary sits in the back with the kids. :)

Helping get ready for Christmas

Helping Hands service

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