Monday, January 4, 2016

                                                                                         January 7,  2016
1 Week.. 2 Area!

Oh my goodness.. this week was crazy!
 Since Hermana Halls companion went home, we cover two areas!
you would think that would be fun, but it's quite stressful actually!
To get from Kemah (her area) to my area is a 60 mile round trip. 
It takes 45 minutes, so we have to pack up stuff we need for three days then go and then live in whichever area, then come back to the other area! ... I was excited for the first "road trip", now it's just exhausting.. haha and we have about three more pack ups and "road trips" until transfer meeting. Then I will get a new companion on January 13th! and we will be done having "road trips" :) just good old biking in skirts in Silverlake! 
This past week was amazing. 

We started our week here in Silverlake, where we had an amazing family invite us over to have family home evening where we taught of the Saviors love and how we can see his hand in our lives everyday. It was so neat, the little 9 year old invited a friend over. BOOM! future missionary :) so that was fun! the mom and the dad both shared their testimonies of the Saviors love. I know it helped the kids hear and see that their parents love and know the savior.
 plus the dad helped fix my bike.. haha he got lots of blessings :) My brakes now work!! WHOOT

we also help a lot with a member named _____, she is starting her personal progress!  I am on a huge personal progress kick! I am planning to finish mine by February! So Hannah and Maegan better get working on it, haha we should all finish it by the time I get home.  We help ____ with a lot, we love to help her. She is in her 20's and has seven kids.. well, she has three of her own and four step children. Her house is crazy! I have learned a lot from her and I am grateful for her! Pray for my girl!

We also work a lot with the young women! We were able to help a lot of them this week with their personal progress, there is a beehive whose name is Kilara, and she and I are doing a project together! I don't think the young women here in this ward know how much they have impacted my life. We help them with preach my gospel and scripture study. It's cool to know they trust us, well duh we are cool sister missionaries ;) hehe  Just from really working with the young women here, my testimony has really grown of the kind of influence a lot of people have in our lives. I am grateful for all the examples I have in my life. shout out to my mom :)

As well, we really love to help the _____  family. She is a single mom of five kids, recently baptized in August, and is just trying so hard. She has a very good example of faith, she wants to just have a family. It's hard to see someone struggle, but I know she is on the right path with the gospel and support from this ward in her life. Pleas pray for this sister. 

Then we went to KEMAH!!
I served in Kemah a year ago. In kemah there are two sister areas, and I served in the other area, so all the people we visited I recognized! IT HAS BEEN SO FUN! and this Sunday we get to go the Kemah branch for church. :) I am excited to see all my old friends and the members I love :)
Since we are in kemah, it's a car area.. people let me tell you. I HATE CARS!!!
haha I love biking.. I get so tired and I feel like sitting in a car is just wasting time. hahah I love biking, plus fresh air and ripped skirts in bike brakes, nothing is better than biking :) 

In Kemah, we had some awesome lessons! 
We had a good lesson with a less active who is really scared to go back to church. So of course, I wanted to know why, so me, being bold asked her. It was so sad to hear of what was holding her back from receiving the blessing! Please pray for her that she can just come and see the church building with us!! 
We also had a funny lesson.. haha with this "juan" guy named juan.. (I hope y'all caught my joke there... Juan.. one.. hahahah) anyways, when he was in jail he got all this material from this one church and he is convinced that is the true church, but when we told him that his church wasn't the true church he was so confused. We didn't get to keep teaching him, but he was cute! he had no front teeth! So that was an interesting lesson... 

We also got to teach a really cool lesson in a super sketchy apartment complex.. haha the complex is called "Shady Oaks" hahah (don't google map that one mom) but we had a spiritual lesson about the plan of salvation, and it is so cool how Heavenly Father allows us to feel the spirit when we are worthy, even though where we were wasn't the best teaching location.

Oh and New Years... slept all through the night. #crazy
We had to be in at seven and I was asleep by nine.

We went to church in Silverlake this Sunday, it was such a good Sunday! I just love biking to church. We have 9 am church, so the morning just felt so nice, and it was a beautiful day, and taking the sacrament was just good. Then TESTIMONY MEETING was so good.
 The members here impressive me so much. I am so grateful I have them as my example. I thought of what Rebecca might have been bearing her testimony about yesterday too... ;) and also we had the privilege to teach the Relief Society lesson. It was kind of scary, but it was good. We taught the importance of spiritual goals, and including Heavenly Father in the things which we want to accomplish.

Have you made your goals for this new year?? (proverbs 29:18)
I will share some of mine :) 
1. Finish the Book of Mormon by February 22nd (I have about 2.7 pages a day)
2. finish my mission
3. read all the gospels
4. make a list of attributes I want my husband to have
5. find out who the Savior is to me.. how can I know he lives? (I invite you to ponder this question, and read "The Living Christ")

hahahah some goals :)
the best one is #4 ;) hehehe

okay, love you!!!
Sista Widdison :)

here are some pictures of me and Sister Hall :)

 heck yes my skirt is camo!
I am the daughter of Scott Widdison!
don't expect anything less :)

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