Tuesday, June 23, 2015



Well, Guess who is in  A BIKING AREA and  SPEAKING SPANISH ?  :)

yup, that's right, It's me :)
I am serving in an area called HOUSTON 1 WEST :) It's amazing.
I am serving in the city, oh my heavens Houston is so sketchy. haha pray for me! Literally this is the craziest melting pot I have ever been in and I am biking through it every day!
The sidewalks are so sketchy, and the drivers are bad.
BUT IT IS SO MUCH FUN! We get to talk to everyone.

Yes, I am back to Spanish! I am serving in a Spanish ward. It's the biggest ward I have ever been in my whole mission! There were about two hundred people in sacrament yesterday, that's a lot of people. It is crazy, I love it! :) It's crazy how real the gift of tongues is. I truly know the gift of tongues is real and that Heavenly Father is helping me teach his children in their language! It's crazy cool :) 
Some moments this week..

I said goodbye to the YSA branch :( 

As you may have seen tropical storm Bill came through Houston. It was so dumb.. hahaha we were trapped inside all day and I just wanted to leave.

Since I have been transferred to Houston we are doing flood clean up! it is soooo crazy, we are ripping out floors and walls. It's been three weeks, maybe four by now, and people seriously have mold in their houses. It looks like snow!  It's neat being able to help people. :)

Our area has some awesome investigators too!
 This ward is amazing and so is the area!

Oh yeah I have a new companion, her name is Hermana Whitehead. She has been out for four months. She is so nice, like way too nice. but its cute! Shes so young and has a ton of faith, haha like a lot, and she is a crier! So it's good for me because I am a bit of a tough nut. So this is a learning experience :)

 On Wednesday the mayor is presenting the mission with something for helping with all the flood victims. It's going to be on the news!
So mom, you wanna see my face? check it out :)

I am sure I will have more next week!
Our days are kind of crazy, we do service everyday til around four, then we are on our bikes for the night proselyting!

I love my new area.
I am grateful for bug spray.
I am grateful for the gift of tongues.
I am grateful for pepto.



doing service

Doing more service
 This is me and Hermana Wagstaff today at the sketchy laundry mat

Saying goodbye to the YSA

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