Tuesday, June 30, 2015


JUNE 24th  Helping Hands Day

Hello :)
what an amazingly HOT week it has been..
haha from biking, biking, biking to service, service, service!
 WOW :)  but its fun!

big news first off..
My new mission president arrives in Houston today at 1 pm. The keys will be his!! AHHH HOW CRAZY IS THAT. pretty crazy. 
We had a big farewell mission conference for President (Elder) Ashton on Thursday, and boy oh boy was I sad! I know change is good, and that President Hall will be awesome! I am so used to change on my mission now, so I am not even phased. just kidding I was crying like a baby shaking his hand.. hahah he has helped me out alot :)  It will be good!!

This week has been awesome!
On Wednesday we went to city hall. Our mission got recognized for the service we have done since the memorial day flood!!
It was declared that JUNE 24th as HELPING HANDS DAY! what! cool :)  It was a big deal! We had a general authority there.. what! bomb. :) cool. It was neat just to know that the city appreciated what the missionaries have been doing! Our days consist of us going and doing service from about 10am-4pm everyday. It's now its been about a month, so peoples houses are super moldy.. its gross, but I love kicking in walls hahah its fun! and people are so grateful!! We have one house that will take us a while to get it all ripped apart! 

but other than that..
mmmh gator talk!
We have a lot of investigators :)
This area is seriously golden, maybe because it's just apartment complexes stacked on top of each other.
Plus all of the members just like bringing their friends to church!! We got a call yesterday from a member who said her friend wants to be baptized.. so we were like, "cool" but really we were totally freaking out! It's amazing how the members are doing so much missionary work here in this area. :) 

HAHAHAHAH HERMANA WHITEHEAD GOT HIT ON.. sooooo soo funny.. so she is seriously like a cute baby girl, she looks like she is 15. This creepy Arabian man came up and was talking to us, and he kept asking if we could get married, and such. Then after talking we asked if we could leave him with a pray, and if there was anything specific we could pray for.. haha and he says "Pray I find a wife" THEN LOOKS STRAIGHT AT HERMANA WHITEHEAD BAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH I was busting up, you bet we biked as fast as we could after that prayer.. HAHAH so funny.. yeah funny.. little moments like that make me love being protected by angels as a missionary ahahhaha

I love Houston. Weird to say, we are friends with all the homeless people! We always wave and they love it when we pray with them, they have some crazy stories! but I am safe.. dont worry!
Houston is crazy and it smells so bad. hahah 
Oh, the smells of Houston!
The sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful! 

Oh Texas :)
Happy Birthday to my sister Maegan today!

I know there is more to say.. but I will just send pictures like always! :)

Houston City Hall

Downtown Houston

Bikes or Bus, that's how we roll!

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