Monday, June 1, 2015

                                                    I AM ALIVE!!!

 As far as the rest of the nation knows, Texas is flooding! Yes, we are under water, but I am alive and dry!
JUNE 1st.. WHICH MEANS..   HURRICANE SEASON!!!!!! yay.. haha until November!! So mom don't watch the news.

This week has been amazing, but every week is amazing!
I love being in YSA! It is so much fun, the people are so different.

We went to the temple with SUSANNA, a recent convert; it was such an amazing experience! She was able to take 20 family names, it was so neat! As we were leaving the temple, PRESIDENT CRANE (temple president) came to her and was just beaming and told her how happy her ancestors are right now, and that she was such a sweet spirit, and how much Heavenly Father loves her.. I CANT DESCRIBE HOW STRONG THE SPIRIT WAS WHEN HE WAS TALKING TO HER! Susanna is so amazing, she has the biggest smile, and has been through so much, and she loves being able to testify to everyone her beliefs and how she is a Mormon. It is so cool, she is such a good example to me! 

We have RAUL!! who is amazing and basically came out of no where. He has been on a spiritual journey for 3 years, and then the past year has been looking into our church, and is now ready to be baptized! SO.. we had an AWESOME lesson on Saturday with him and a member and Raul was just like I want to be baptized, so he is going to be, simple and easy as that right? God is truly preparing his children, and I am so lucky to be apart of this work! SO PRAY that Raul will continue his faith and stay strong, and then on JUNE 28TH he will be baptized :) YAY!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!
and of course, NATE AND ZACH, the two who were in the car accident, are doing awesome!! We went and saw NATE on Saturday and was doing good. Then Sunday we had a very spiritual experience, we went after church to go visit him, and basically the whole branch was in his room, Nate asked if he could have the sacrament. So oh my  goodness, the spirit was so strong, Trevor and Jason blessed the sacrament, and JOSH (a recent convert) passed the sacrament to him. After this was done, a member named Tiffany, was like " that was awesome" haha because it was! It was so spiritual. I am so grateful for the support and love this branch has for all its members; they are so welcoming and accepting of everyone. It's truly eye opening.

I love my mission
have a good week :)

Hermana Widdison... 
(Sister Widdison ..... ) hahah

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