Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20, 2015

It's Raining Men

Just kidding it's not raining men. I just wanted a creative subject, haha

This week all it did was rain.. LIKE RAIN! tornado warnings,  flash flood warnings, What a week of craziness!! 

some moments from this week..

On Tuesday, I made cookies for a lady named Felipa who we were visiting because it was her birthday. So we were biking to her house and there was this older man sitting in a park. He waved us over so we went over to him. He asked us for a bible and just told us how he was homeless and said he was hungry. I told him we didn't have food but I had COOKIES!!!!!  He started crying.. and then we started crying.. it was seriously amazing. Just how Gods plan is so divine. like hey, make cookies, bike past this way, oh yeah give him some cookies. I just was in awe. SUCH A COOL EXPERIENCE! 

then what else...
Oh yeah, this is kind of funny. A member took us out to eat at Chilis on Friday night. There was this huge storm, lightening, rain, thunder,floods, tornado warning. Me and Hermana V. are freaking out when we are eating with these members, and everyone in Chilis is perfectly normal. Then the power goes out! twice! and no one freaks out. I guess its really common for these huge storms to happen here in Texas. However, I was freakin out. All of the roads were flooded as we drove home. CRAZY!

oh my goodness.. something so funny! So we found a new investigator named Esteban, well, we went to go teach him about the restoration of the church (oh yeah this is all in Spanish)  We were teaching him, and he stops us and says, I don't believe in your church I am my own church. He kept calling himself "santo esteban" and we tried to explain to him that he wasn't.. but yeah, I was busting up. We havent seen him since.. but it was a funny moment this week :)

something crazy.. On April 17th it was my one year mark for having my mission call. That was a cool day for me to think about how I felt a year ago and how amazing it is to be a missionary :) I am so grateful to be here! even though its so hard. I love it!
ooh what else.. oh nothing besides biking in thunder storms, and getting poured on. Some days I go through 3 outfits because we get so soaking wet from biking in the rain! but hey, that's Texas :)
love you all :)

enjoy the pictures!
look at that cool rain jacket! so grateful for it!
I learned my lesson the day before when I didn't bring one.. haha 

   Boom, selfie with a chick! haha a RC has a pet chick, and he just chills..
True MAVERICK forever!

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