Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 13, 2015


What an amazing week it was! This is gonna be a quick email! 
I went on a very fun exchange with Hermana Wagstaff.

She has been out in the mission for 3 weeks, so young, haha and she is serving in the MANVEl area! That was my first area in the mission. :) We had a fun weekend!!!
We got offered guns and knives, and almost got hit biking on the highway. (Sorry Mom)  We saw a dead armadillo, so of course we had to take a selfie! 
We taught lots of people. Hermana Wagstaff was kind of in culture shock down here in Bay City.
I love biking! Biking is amazing! 

gator talk!! 
LEO is doing awesome! She came to church, and loved it! She is signed up for girls camp this summer! how cool! :) 

I learned two new things this week..
1. You can really scare the hiccups away hahahaha Hermana V. had the hiccups during personal study one morning, so I just yelled  and then the hiccups were gone. sooo funny, we laughed for a long time :)
2. The Grace of God is real and it is amazing. Its been something I have been studying lately!
neat topic :) STUDY IT!

 I love you all!I can't believe it's april!

Enjoy the dead armadillo pictures!
haha I love Texas even though it is soooo HUMID! Its like a sauna.. or hot towel over your face .. or both.

KAYLEE'S MOM HERE. Against my better judgement I'm adding her armadillo pictures. She said,"Hey mom, its Texas!!! 


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