Thursday, April 16, 2015

March 30, 2105


I have seen so many miracles this week I don't even know where to start!!!

First, this was a week full of service!! haha
We .. as in I offered to mow someones lawn this week which ended up being a jungle. It took us about 3 days to finish! haha it was about a 7 hour project... man Texas folk just let their lawns grow out like CRAZY!!! I got a sunburn from that, I am looking like a lobster right now.

An amazing miracle happened on Wednesday night.. so since we helped the members mow their lawn, they offered to take us out to eat. They took us to K2 (the only steak house in lil Bay City.) So of course we go and while I was at the salad bar, this man came up to me and was trying to read my tag. I said its in Spanish and I'm a missionary.. anyways this guy.. CHARLES... well he's like I have been looking for missionaries here in Bay City. I'm from Ohio and I had the sisters teaching me over there and they told me to find the missionaries here. LIKE WHAT!! CRAZY! So he is here in bay city for about 2 months. (oh one thing about Bay City, It is where a lot of huge power plant things are. So people are constantly moving in and out when the big projects come here and such..) So we talked and I said we will have to exchange information later! I went to go sit down with the members then I  asked if we could invite this guy to sit with us.. hahah (missionaries have no such thing of stranger danger, sorry mom haha) So we invited Charles to come sit down and eat with us, and he did.. haha and oh my heck! he is  the coolest man in the world!  It was an amazing dinner! he was just so cool. such a miracle.. Then Charles was like boom ill pay the check. LIKE WHAT! Charles, he is cool and a miracle. He'll be baptized and become a bishop someday. #FAITH 
Then on Thursday I finally experienced Texas rain. It is like a shower.. ITS SOO COOL! and the lightening and thunder.. so cool.
We helped Hermana Lozano set up for her garage sale. I am always so surprised by how much stuff people have. We helped her for 6 hours... LONG DAY haha but she had  cool stuff. I wanted to buy this samurai sword but my comp wouldn't let me. #bummer 

I got to go back to KEMAH!! for a baptism :)
For a man name Javier Rocha! I taught him the whole time I was in Kemah, and he was just struggling so much with the word of wisdom. So when I found out he was getting baptized I flipped out. LIKE WHAT, how in the world did he quit all his word of wisdom problems.. amazing! I have no idea how.
but we got to go to Kemah. It is two hours away! Hermana Lozano took us. #angel   So we went and the second I saw Javier, the first thing I noticed was his eyes. He had this glow and his eyes were just beaming.  Seriously Heavenly Father is amazing. The atonement is real.. it was so emotional to see the change that Javier went through too take this big step in his life! I was just in shock, it was seriously amazing!

That's all folks :)
Enjoy your Easter week :)
Enjoy conference :)

ALLLLLLLL so much 

Remember me in your prayers.. I need em ;)

Hermana Widdison :) 


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