Monday, April 20, 2015

April 8, 2015



Don't freak out! We had to change our p day  because we went to the TEMPLE! See picture below to see how cute I am in front of it :)


I want to tell you about this lady named Ingrid. She is a character!  Ingrid lives in this senior apartment complex  and we go over and visit her. She is 81.. and is crazy. This week we went to a baptist bible study with her. It was actually pretty cool though..  it was all older people! I was definitely the youngest there :) I love older people. They are funny, they just sit there and talk about medicine and how sick they are and they just laugh and are glad to be alive. Ingrid calls us her "mormes" and has such a strong testimony but she is good with her baptists, but she knows our church is true.. haha one day! She always hugs and kisses us. I  have never been kissed by so many older ladies than on my mission!

Another fun things that has been happening-- So as missionaries we are allowed a certain amount of miles each month for our car but our mission president cut everyone miles and therefore,  WE ARE BIKING!! We bike every single day.. and biking in my area is king of sketchy. We have no sidewalks.. so you bet I am praying every single pedal I am going to stay alive. (don't worry mom) I love biking because we get to talk to everyone! Everyone is always outside because its the south and everyone sits on their porch and drinks their sweet tea.  I love love love biking because I feel like I am in a parade too.  I love waving to people and just saying hi! its awesome, but... THE BUGS HERE ARE AWFUL!!! I look like I have chickenpox on my legs. We are biking and just  slapping ourselves silly because the mosquitos are attacking us.  Texas is so hot and humid, and the sun is so strong. Everyday we count how many bug bites we get and its only April. It isn't even bad yet. Oh goodness PRAY FOR ME. I spent some big bucks at Walmart buying bug spray and sun block the other day.  Another think I finally realized is that I am in the STINKING BIBLE BELT! In my little town of Bay City, population of 18k people there is over 130 churches... crazy right? So everyone has a very strong opinion of church. So being in the bible belt is interesting.

What an amazing weekend to have conference! When we were able to really think of Christ! I learned so much. It was so good to be able to hear the words of the living prophet and apostles! We sure are lucky to be able to have the opportunity to listen every 6 months!  GOD LOVES US :)
Dios Nos Ama ;) 
We were also very well taken care of on Easter Sunday. We were fed like 5 times. I was waddling like a duck! 

LEO!!! so Leo is a little girl who just turned 13! Her birthday was march 31st. Last Monday night we made her a chocolate cake and had a birthday party for her! Her neighbor, Hermana Lozano gave her a book of Mormon for her birthday too!  Leo has been coming to church with the Lozano family for about a month now, and even too mutual! So we said  "Hey, we should teach Leo".  So we went over on Monday and asked for permission, and her mom was like sure.. which was surprising because her house was decked out in statues of the virgin Mary hahaha #catholic but then yesterday we went and taught Leo for the 2nd time and felt super prompted to invite her to be baptized. We extended her a date, APRIL 26th.. and she was so excited!! We even had two of the Lozano girls there with us to help teach Leo, and they both bore testimony of how they felt when they were baptized! IT WAS AN AMAZING LESSON!!!   Keep Leo in your prayers as she prepares for her baptism at the end of this month! She is so excited :) 

I am so grateful I get to see miracles every single week, every day! 
I am glad I have angels helping me as I ride my bike :)
I am grateful for bug spray! 
I am grateful for the members of Bay City who love us and invite us over for dying Easter eggs :)

I LOVE THIS LIFE :) even though the mission doesn't feel like real life. I cant believe how fast time does fly by. I love it!

I love my family and I love this gospel!!
much love from me,
your favorite Hermana :)

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