Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015                                                                                                                                                 
Cant you tell by my pictures :)
I will explain all of those for you :)
sorry they aren't in order...

so let me tell you about me wonderful week :)

On Monday night we had an awesome FHE with the Bischoff family, (the bishops family) whom I LOVE!  We played newspaper hockey! It was so much fun.  We were all sore the next day!  You use newspaper and duck tape.. its crazy!!
We had such sore bodies hahahahah 
Oh my goodness so the picture of me running against the little boys! that's Taylor and Logan Nielson. Every time I see them they try and prove their strength or something, like arm wrestling or racing.. but somehow I always win :)  So we were able to eat dinner with them and have a good ol race! I totally cheated.. haha 
 Oh my goodness, so my new favorite person is AUREA!! she is a less active we are working with her and she is amazing! She is twenty and hasn't been to church for 4 years. She comes out teaching with us all the time :) AMAZING!  So she was like, "hey I have someone we could teach".  HER BROTHER!! LUIS.. what! missionary work within your own family :) AMAZING! and LUIS is amazing! he is 17, and brilliant. like building his own computers brilliant.. cool!! but we teach him, and he has all these amazing deep doctrine questions, and hes always like this stuff is so familiar, and hes reading the BOOK OF MORMON!  He wants to get.. BAPTIZED MAY 17th :) so keep him in your prayers. Oh yeah, we went mission clothing shopping for Aurea too!  I FELT LIKE A PROUD MOTHER :) seriously it was so cool!!!

LUIS CAME TO MUTUAL! and loved it! It was scouts and he loved it! Then we worked with Aurea doing family history, because all she wants to do is go to the TEMPLE :) Heavenly Father is just pouring miracles out on us! 

what happened Thursday??
JUST ANOTHER HOT AND HUMID DAY IN TEXAS! LIKE Seriously. Texas is so hot and humid. Iwill never live here. Its so humid and its not even summer yet. its like 10000 percent humidity!


BAHAHA FRIDAY! So we are biking everyday, and we were biking past an old investigators house, and of course hes sitting outside, and he starts yelling and waving us down , so we go over and talk to him.. 2 hours later.. hahaha we were on our bikes again! It was funny because we had a feeling we were gonna see him..  FUNNY but hey he came to church, so boo ya!

Wow everyday in the mission is Saturday! 
 We were getting ready for the day, and THIS HUGE TEXAS LIGHTENING THUNDER STORM ROLLS THROUGH.. me and Hermana V. sat and watch the lightening and the rain for 20 minutes. freaking out, and watching everything flood.  Then an hour later it was sunny and a beautiful day. (bi polar much texas? yes. ) 
Anyways, we went over to visit the Lozano family on Saturday, and their daughter Yaire was having her 8th grade formal that night, and she was like "do you guys do hair? my mom doesn't do a good job..." BAHAHAHA so I was like heck yeah, and so I did her hair and make up for her 8th grade formal! so cute :) it was so much fun! I even burnt my thumb with the curling iron! whooh ill always remember it ;) hehe

Oh man, this is where the good stuff happens! So the awesome Cook family invited us over for their big craw fish party! 60 lbs of craw fish.. OH MAN!! crazy! It was seriously so cool!! I dont even know how to describe it! You put them in big  boilers of hot water and spices, then add corn, potatoes, shrimp, zucchini, squash, sausage, chicken.. LIKE SO MANY GOOD THINGS!!! and  the craw fish are alive, so yeah.. basically murdered so many crafish yesterday hahaha but I can say this.. I probably will never eat craw fish ever again. Its kind of like a one time deal because I got real sick.. haha still feeling it!! but it was so much fun :)  One Elder ate 101 CRAW FISH! Hes probably so sick today.. It was so much fun! I felt like a real southern hick hahahah and oh man, I EVEN SLURPED THE BRAINS!!! haha me and Sisters Cook did it together! It was her first time doing it, and we got it on video.. (Sorry the video is too big to send .. bummer)  but they video is seriously the funniest thing, we are both  gagging! haha yeah never again! but hey I have officially eaten the good ol southern mud bugs :)

Enjoy the thousands of pictures :)

transfers are next week.. drum roll.... I will find out next week and let you all know :)

Hey missionaries love mail ;)
my mission home address is 
602 Eldridge rd. 
Sugar land, TX 77478 


love me,
Hermana "Craw-fish Eatin" Widdison :)

                                         Craw fish cook out with the Cook Family


My new friend
Waiting for the train to pass
Second flat tire. Another comp who knows how to fix it.

Newspaper hockey.  Such a great time.

Getting ready for a dance

Fixing hair does fall under the category of missionary work!


Racing the Nielson boys again. (and cheating) hahaha

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