Thursday, April 16, 2015

 March 23, 2015


Hello family :) 
Weeks in the mission tend to go by in a blink of an eye. Its kind of scary and sad! 
Transfers happened... but hey good news, I am staying in Bay City! So me and Hermana Villarreal are still together preaching the gospel for another transfer :) 
We made Papusas twice this week. Which of course  made me sick.. (funny how I get called to be a Spanish speaking missionary but all Hispanic food makes me sick..)  Papusas are El Salvadorian food! They are super easy to make! I will make them for you when I get home! They are fun to make and we had Hermana Sharp show us how to make them. We made them on Tuesday night with Hermana Sharp and Hermana Lozano. Then again on Saturday we were invited over to make more of them with Hermana Sharp and the Gonzales family.  It was a week of Papusas!!

As for gators... my goodness it was one of those weeks... not much to talk about with gators... :( but hey the work must go on!! We had to "Drop" a gator. What this means is since he basically isn't reading or praying or doing anything to progress, we had to drop him and cant  teach him anymore. We had a drop lesson, which means we tell him we cant teach him because he isn't making any progress. He has been taught for years and years and every time he is dropped he takes it really hard. He took it really hard this time as well. However, he calls us every single day ... asking us random questions.. like about Idaho, and the weather. haha funny old guy! 
seriously not much has happened..

Its rabbit breeding season here.. random fact for you all!

The members down here are amazing! we are so loved! So make sure you love your missionaries :)

Hermana Widdison
Making Papusas
She ate FOUR

He ate FIVE

Still making Papusas
I finally got a Chocolate muffin from Costco. I've been craving one for months!

Look Mom, I made special popcorn!

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