Monday, October 5, 2015

                                                                                                       October 5, 2015
Sike, we don't say "howdy" in this city!
anyways, well this week went by fast..
biking.. preaching.. sweating.. freezing!! 
all the fun things of Texas :)
first off, what a wonderful conference weekend it was,
except the fact President Monson is looking OLD. dang. 
but it was a good weekend :) 
We were blessed that our investigator MIGUEL ANGEL got to come and listen to the prophet! It was such a neat experience.
 (but you best believe I watched conference in English hahhaha)
It is such a blessing to invite others to listen to hear the prophet. :) It was cool to see my first mission president sit up there on the stand, you bet we were all freaking out when he was sustained 
(hahah it was cool :) President Ashton is a good man.
 I loved all the talks that were given, it's just cool how every six months we have the chance to listen to the leaders of this church, what a blessing.  This church is true!!

fun fact.. you can ride a bike .. well, I can ride a bike and drink hot chocolate! So on Saturday morning it was cold, so we wanted hot chocolate.. but we had to bike to the church for conference, (1 hour bike ride for those who were wondering) So we got hot chocolate and drank it as we rode to the church. We are some pretty talented hermanas :) jaja

As for gator talk!
We have a handful of some souls :)
Miguel Angel still just wont accept a baptismal date. He's killing me, but he loves the church and the Book of Mormon!!
We are teaching a family right now, Gina, Melanie, and Geraldine, and they are planning to get baptized on November 7th. It is so neat how Heavenly Father prepares souls!
We have had some really powerful lessons with Leonel this week, as well as Franz. (a cool kid from Bolivia) His friend called us from New York and told us to go teach him, so FRANZ is getting baptized November 7th. cool :)
We haven't been able to see Reyna, so pray for my girl!

I think that's all..
oh wait.. Joy to the World!!
In English class this week we taught about CHRISTMAS :)
and the cute students all stood around the piano and sang, Joy to the World :)
Cute little Hispanics :)
well, holla at your girl if you need anything :)
please send mail!
missionaries love mail ;)
hint hint for everyone hahaha

love ya girl,

 no pictures.. bummer
next week :)

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