Monday, October 5, 2015

                                                                                                       September 28,2015       ASTROS

Hello beautiful people :)
Just your favorite humble missionary here :)
coming to you from the hottest place ever..
yup that's right, Texas is still hot!
but hey, it's in the 90's..
kind of chilly...
 I don't know how I am gonna feel with the cold while biking my booty off..
hahaha but whatever the Lords wants, I will get with it :) hehe
Well, it's been like 4 days and I just wanted to THANK EVERYBODY FOR THEIR PRAYERS!!!
Our investigator ANGELO CAME TO CHURCH. praise the lord. haha
oh my gosh I was so excited,  it was the biggest miracle ever.
I don't think I have ever been so excited to have someone at church. He came and LOVED IT!!!! he calls us every night to read the Book of Mormon with us.
this guy.. haha
 This week went by quick. I went to an Astros game last Wednesday, it was kind of weird, super "worldly" so I am glad to have a normal pday today,  but hey, the pictures are legit hahahah
Just doing the lords work here in Texas, biking and talking to everyone and their mom.
We have this super cute lady we are teaching English too.  Her name is MAIRA, pray for her, she wants to know why the heck we leave home to bike around.. duh, because we have to gospel, that's why we do it :) hahah

It's a great opportunity to spread the gospel while biking, because people just think we are  crazy because we are biking in skirts :) we get asked lots of questions :)
We are working with a lot of investigators right now :)
Pray for RUDY! he is so funny, he is so curious, and loves learning! pray he will accept a date.. come on Rudy! haha
Then Simon.. oh man we had a lesson with him last night.. (he's from Africa and speaks Spanish and he said," I was baptized when I was three and the pope has the priesthood".. haha hmmm... no.. so pray he can understand, but it was a good bold lesson.. "no the Pope doesn't have the priesthood.." that kind of made him confused.. Silly Pope.. hahah

Oh, General Womens Conference, it was good.
but you know I am pumped for general conference.  I like to hear the priesthood holders talk. 
(the ladies are kind of.. boring.. that's okay.. they are all good :) 

Make sure you take a specific question into conference, and be thinking of it. Heavenly Father will answer it. It is awesome!
who will the next 3 apostles be?!
hmmm :)
Invite someone to watch conference :)
Spread the gospel people!
Save your brothers and sisters :)

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