Monday, October 26, 2015

                           October 26, 2015

Wind, Rain, Biking 


 Seems like everyone at home is hearing more about this hurricane than I am.. hahahah
We didn't know there was a hurricane until last night.. hahah shows how much we are in the loop!
We were getting a lot of flash flood warnings, but that was it! 
lots of rain.. lots.. lots of rain!!
Let me tell you about this amazing week we had :):)
On Monday we of course had to have more cakes smashed into our faces. An elder from our ward was getting transferred so they smashed the cake, and we all got a little bit of it :) haha

OH MY GOSH Hermana Sanchez cut her foot open. We were clear at the edge of our area, visiting some people and her foot got sliced open, so that made for quite an adventure in the Walgreens bathroom trying to figure out that situation.

We also had quite the adventure on the freeway feeder.. hahahaha This story will be saved til I get home MOM :) hehe

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to Hermanitas wedding, Eight years in the making and they finally got married :) she has been one of the people here in this area who I have been so blessed with to get such a close friendship with, I was so excited when she got married :) she is of course an eternagator, but I am so happy for her. :)  

This weekend was hard for us because of all the rain we got. The roads were just flooded, so biking was hard, and so we walked and walked and jumped in some puddles but made fun out of the time we had :):)

Oh and another adventure we had.. The power was out in church on Sunday due to the storm, so everyone was saying how it was like the catholic church, haha no lights.. so that was funny.. 


MAIRA CAME TO CHURCH! ahhhhhhh :) she brought her daughters,
she is so amazing, and I love teaching them. They have such an amazing desire and love for this gospel they are learning about.. and they LOVED LOVED LOVED CHURCH :) 
so blessed //
so grateful :):) 
We are just seriously having so much fun with these souls we are working with!!
Please continue to pray for our investigators. keep Angel in your prayers.

Also we have NORMA, who is the cutest lady and we teach her, and she is just like a sponge. I am so grateful for how Heavenly Father is preparing souls here for us in our little vineyard. NORMA is truly prepared. please pray for her. 

pray for Maira, and her daughters. :) 

We are also working with one our favorite less actives. His name is Melvin, and he is just our best friend! We had a really powerful lesson with him about repentance, and the spirit we had was so powerful and amazing!! I love teaching people about repentance and the atonement. The spirit of the people just changes and its just hope. Its amazing, so continue to pray for Melvin please. :) 

Hey and another miracle - Only one skirt was ripped this week.  Hermana Sanchez ran into a pole.. hahaha

LOVE YOU ALL HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK, and a safe Halloween :):)

PRAY FOR ME :) I am praying for y'all ;) 

Hermana Widdison :)

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