Sunday, October 4, 2015

                                                                                               September 14, 2015

Hello my beautiful people :)
another week here in good ol Texas.. hahaha

I have an amazing new companion. Her name is HERMANA SANCHEZ and we have so much fun together! We have so much fun, like to much fun, it's just fun!  Because we are just talking to everyone and we have already seen so many miracles! We are going to be so busy, it's really neat! :) 

As you can see from the millions of pictures below, she is obviously Hispanic. So hopefully my Spanish gets better.  :)
It was really neat, me and Hermana Sanchez just clicked and got right to work!!
We have some really neat investigators right now :)
We are working with a guy named Angelo, who is crazy (like kind of crazy) but he is so interested. He told us he is just so tired of trying to find the truth, and he is just ready to have it. Then we are like dude we have it. hahah HE IS AMAZING. it's funny, he had us put our hands on his shoulders and had us pray for him.. BAHAHA oh my gosh though, the spirit was so strong.. so strong.. he was like,"I can not breathe."  He can recognize the spirit so well.. its amazing!

We also have a cute girl that we had a super strong lesson with.  Her name is Karla and she just straight up moved here from El Salvador, with no one and nothing and she just wants help and wants to just feel the holy ghost always. She is ready to be baptized, its amazing.   Please pray that we can find somewhere for her to live. She's just lost and lonely and is only eighteen years old. Its crazy!!
 Also, we had a big ward party with about 300 Hispanics. CRAZY!  festiva de patrias! haha uh crazy. It was so fun, everyone from different countries brought all their food and was just so prideful about their country! They did different dances and just had a lot of culture. Hispanics can party.

We also had the privilege of taking our ward mission leaders daughter out teaching with us. Her name is Allison :) she's cute and wants to be a missionary, she is only eleven. Never too young to start em, right/:) hehe 

A week full of miracles, Jehovah Witnesses (ehhh so over them) old men giving us hugs, and biking, biking, biking!  :)
The weather is finally cooling down!! AMAZING!! feels like September.. well a little bit.. still hot. but it's like 70 degrees in the mornings :)

Thank you for all the prayers :)
I can truly feel them!!
enjoy the millions of pictures :)

Hermana Widdison :)

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