Monday, October 19, 2015

                                                                                        October 19, 2015

Murder in Madison Park

Looks like I love y'all so much, so many pictures this week :) you're blessed!! I will explain :)

Oh wait first,
Looks like your homegirl HERMANA WIDDISON IS STAYING AGAIN!! 
haha This is transfer number four in this area... I am so used to moving everywhere in the mission, so now I am finally staying somewhere!
I guess Heavenly Father thinks it's really good to have me biking around houston :) 
Oh my heck, I love that girl hahaha we have so much fun, these past six weeks went by so fast. WOW!
So same address.. hehe letters are good, letters are GREAT. :)

so.. onto this week :)
We had quite a busy week.. like holy cow!!
On Tuesday I was so blessed to be able to spend some time in a dental office.. WHAT WHAT :) 
It was a federal dental office in downtown and we did some service there! They had about 200 second graders come in and get sealant put on their molars (correct my spelling dad) but we got to help out as a zone with this project! It was so fun!! Alot of scared 2nd graders.. haha they told them they were going on a field trip.. then bused them to the dental office.. mean teachers if you ask me! hahaha (pictures in red safety vests.. )

then what else..
We were able to go to the TEMPLE,:) it was such a blessing! We were able to get taught by the temple president and his wife, then President and Sister Hall,it was so neat to be able to learn so much. The temple is so neat, I was able to truly learn so much, especially about my self worth in the eyes of God. Then of course we had a photo shoot outside :) hehe the blessings of the temple are amazing. (temple pictures)

We were also able to do more service.. hahah (this week we had 29 hrs of service... dang) We went and helped out with a 5k race! It was called the Brent Event!! It was a race for a man who passed away from cancer a few years ago! and of course President Hall ran in it.  (He is amazing, he runs iron mans. He is the coolest president ever, don't worry he didn't wear his spandex hahah) (and Sister Hall ran also ) (THEY ARE AWESOME) We got blessed to help with the kid carnival! It was so fun! plus it was neat, there were a lot of missionaries there! What a great and fun service we got to do :) (helping hands service shirts)

As for our gators..
We had a lot of break ups this week with our investigators.
It was awful.. literally awful.

It was a sad week... 
when we dropped ___ I felt so sad, I have never felt so sad about not being able to teach anyone before, but he just couldn't get rid of his doubts.
bummer for him, Because this church is true and he just wont accept it. 
 WE WERE BLESSED WITH LOTS OF MIRACLES:) We had an amazing lesson with MAIRA, she loves the plan of salvation, she freaked out again when she heard the plan of salvation! haha and also she invited us to her dads birthday, but unfortunately we didn't get to go. It started at 11. Then she slept in and missed church. bummer, hahaha Oh those party people!

Then Norma, our investigator came to church and loved it. I've never had someone love church so much, it was a blessing! She brought her super catholic husband and he really felt the spirit. #thankyouHeavenlyFather

We went and were able to teach them, and they were all reading in the Book of Mormon as a family. They were asking all about Lehi and Nephi... oh my gosh, so cool!!

We were able to see alot of miracles this week, I am so grateful for it!!
Cant wait to be biking for another 6 weeks... hopefully it starts to cool down soon!!

Oh my heck, this story is to scare my Mom! haha 
On Saturday night around ten, we were getting ready for bed and we heard "fireworks" and I told Hermana Sanchez they were straight up gunshots. She was like, "no no fireworks". So we just thought whatever and went to bed. The next day we had some people tell us there was a murder across the stress from our complex, some guy was shot 10 times.... OH MY HEAVENS. Houston is sketchy! but it's okay we cant be outside past 9:30. So don't worry!!  Hence the title "Murder in Madison Park".. (LOVE YOU MOM)


love your girl,

Hermana Widdison :)

P.S. My mission has a Facebook page... I think its called Texas Houston South Mission.. I'm not sure??  Lots of pictures there if you wanna see my cute face some more. :)

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