Monday, October 5, 2015

                                             September 23, 2015
DA ME 5 :)

another week..
oh wait, why is Hermana Widdison emailing on Wednesday?... BECAUSE YA GIRL IS GOING TO AN ASTROS BASEBALL GAME TODAY!! cool :)

We saw so many miracles this week, and we are just having so much fun doing it :) 

haha some fun moments this week!!
We are working with this bomb less active right now, and how are we working with him you might ask?  WELL SOCCER. obviously hahaha so we have been playing soccer this week :) and BOOM MIRACLE, HE CAME TO CHURCH!  what what.! hahah so cool! playing soccer is an amazing missionary opportunity here, hahaha funny, but it works :)
then oh my heck, I WENT WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING! hahahahahha with Hermanita!! and then  we were matching at church.. (don't worry pictures will be attached, like always) 

Hermana Sanchez and I are just talking to everyone.. EVERYONE.      
 We have been so blessed and have found some way cool new investigators :)

We of course are working with MIGUEL ANGELO.. or angel.. miguel..
legit, I don't even know what to call him, but, he is amazing!! He freaks out with the spirit and loves, loves, loves the lessons.
He just wont accept a baptismal date.. SO PRAY FOR HIM PLEASE!
It's so neat, he calls us every night to read the Book of Mormon with us over the phone, so cool!

Then we have a homeboy named RUDY.
ahw he is seriously the coolest cat I have ever met. 
 He just has such a desire to learn so much.

Then we have REYNA.
 She accepted a baptismal date for the 18th of October. It's crazy, she already has all this faith. Yesterday she told us how one of her friends told her she didn't want to be her friend anymore because she was learning about our church, so she basically just ended the friendship, because she knows this church is true... WHAT WHAT!! 

THEN this is crazy..
So we had this guy we got as a referral.. SIMON..
and we went and knocked on his door..
so that was a weird surprise. hahahah

 We just want to do so much, and just teach the world, but we have so little time!! We just are so busy, biking our booties off and preaching the gospel!!
It's so much fun!!
and hey, the weather is kind of..(not really) cooling down :) so grateful for that!!!!

It's such a blessing to be a missionary. 
I feel like I just got to my mission.
It is hard, but its been good :)
Love you all!!
love ya girl,
Hermana Widdison :)
Missionary work comes in all forms!

Wedding dress shopping with Maria

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